Pursuit Of Victory (Chapter Summaries 1 & 2)

     Hello everyone!  It has been quite some time since I did any form of a proper update post, but I wanted to share a few creative workings that I am currently working on.  I am in the process of writing my first ever novel titled "Pursuit of Victory".  I will be working on this for the next few weeks and will hopefully have it done and ready for you around mid-2018 to enjoy for yourself!  I will be making more posts and sharing more details on the book as the project unfolds.  I may livestream as well over on my YouTube channel and livestream the writing process live for everyone to see.  Here are the summaries of the first two chapters, which I will post soon on this website for you to enjoy.  I hope you are looking forward to this book as much as I am, and I look forward to bringing this to you in 2018.

Chapter 1 - The New Lead
Philip Newman and Mary Winstead are hot on a new lead in the ongoing case of “Jack The Ripper” when the new investigator that Mary paged from America arrives.  Philip insists that they don’t need anymore help over dinner, but Mary insists that the American investigator had helped solve many homicide cases in the past.  With doubts in his heart, Philip welcomes the new investigator to their team.  His name is Tom Sweeny.  Tom’s first observation that he makes while in London about the case is how each of the murders seems to be done in an almost inhuman way as if some beast or form of unknown technology had destroyed the bodies of the young women.  As this goes on, a crate is dropped, leaving the same train that Tom was on, shocking the group by the loud thud, and Tom alludes to suspicions of the crate being filled with Egyptian artifacts and that there was something not right about that crate.

Chapter 2 - A Cold Trail Emerges

The trio follow a trail of blood the next night searching after the third murder in the case, and a mysterious figure just beyond view was visible near the crime scene.  They give chase, trying to track down the figure, but the figure runs across building rooftops and escapes.  They take notes as to the leftover scene of the crime and go home trying to unravel the details they found on scene and took a lone strand of twine that was found at the scene of the crime, trying to unravel the mystery behind the twine being there.


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