Order and Chaos

Care, love, compassion
Empathy, emotion, passion
Liking, supporting, happiness,
Joy, sympathy, help, aid
What is considered good
Could be summed up like that
But what if I told you it didn’t matter?

What if I told you none of that mattered?
What if you waking up, going to work,
Attending school, doing chores,
Caring for family members, fighting for 
Family and friends back home,
Helping people you know and don’t,
What if I told you it didn’t matter?

Human nature and everything
That comes with it, good and bad
What do you think all of that
Will ever amount to in your lifetime?
Nothing matters in your world
Save for an ancient battle
Between Order and Chaos

Make a wish, do you desire power?
Do you want to never age?
To be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams?
To have sex with anyone you desire?
To take from others what you wanted?
To gorge until you could no longer?
To destroy everything that angered you?
Or do you desire to be relieved of all responsibilities? 

Whatever you desire, you can pursue
But what you pursue can consume you
If you feel someone has wronged you
And you destroy them
Is it truly justified?
Or does justice even matter?
Can you truly do something that makes a difference?

Or is what you pursue a facade?
Something you decided to chase 
To provide yourself a purpose?
What if everything you did
Wrong or right, never amounted 
To anything and never affected anything?
What purpose do you truly have
That is worth living for?

Can you even name your motivation?
Or does the lack of an answer suffocate 
Your throat and prevent an explanation?
Can you trust anything within your
Miserable and finite existence,
Or will you simply rot once your
Body has expired?

See, keeping your darkness
Secret is no less normal
Than to clothe yourself,
To bathe yourself,
To eat, or to breathe
You hide your darkness
Because within it lies the truth

Within it lies the truth of there
Being nothing but two things
Order and Chaos
And you are simply living an existence
That a balance between the two has allowed.
Chaos provides freedom, but brings anarchy.
Order provides unity, but controls and restricts you.

Both have the power to create and destroy
Both want something from you
Both want to have their way with you
Both will eventually be your demise
There is nothing you can do
To avoid this.
You will eventually be claimed

So, the choice is yours,
You can pursue whatever you desire,
But don’t be surprised when you are consumed
Sure, some never perish and ascend
Some become gods, and many others perish
But each choice has a consequence
And will demand a sacrifice

Order and Chaos are what everything comes from
And from them, everything shall soon return.
The entity that rules your world
And the others that rule other worlds.
They can not escape this balance.
For every Dogma is me, and whatever you believe

Whatever you wish, I create and I will consume. 


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