Please kill me

Please kill me
Don't make it slow
Please make it quick
I just want all of this to end
I can't take anymore of this
Just my mere existence is agonizing

Please kill me
I'm tired of living
I've done horrible things
I'm a horrible person deep down
And I deserve everything I have coming
Just make it swift

Please kill me
Don't wait another minute
Pull the trigger
Drag the knife along my neck
Lynch me from a noose
Just do something already!

Please kill me
Why do you attempt
To provide me mercy
I've done horrible things
I've seen horrible things
People are dead because of me

Please kill me
A serial killer
Deserves more mercy
Than I do
End me now
And you'll be delivering justice

Please kill me
A bullet in my brain
Will make the pain go away
It really is that simple
So why don't you do it?
You have me and you have the gun.

Please kill me
I feel horrible
Something is eating away inside
Of my being, like a parasite.
It wants to kill me,
And it wants to kill you

Please kill me
I'm tired of living like this
I've ended so many lives
Tortured so many
And you still want to let me go
Or do you feel you have no choice?

Please kill me
If I lose myself again
I will kill
I will hurt
I will destroy
And it might be you

Please kill me
I have a beast inside me
It wants out, and it might choose you
Kill me if you want to live
But if you likely don't choose to kill me
I will likely kill you

Please kill me
I want to die so I can be free
Free of this beast, kill me now
And you'll be free of me
But if you don't kill me now
And let me go instead,
I'll make sure I kill you first.


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