Heaven Is Worse Than Hell

*This story was written as a thought experiment.  This story is not meant to promote Satanism or any form of evil.*

Heaven, the final destination for only the best of humanity and for the souls who served God, full of grandeurs, splendors, joy, and peace. That hopeful lie could not be further from the truth.  I have pitied mankind for millennia, but far too many of them are too foolish or defiant to believe me. I...I am what many of you would refer to as Satan, The Devil, the King of Hell, the prince of lies, these are all labels that God gave me. What many do not realize is that God himself is the greatest manipulator imaginable and that for millennia, mortals like you who are reading this are likely to ignore what I have to say. All that I can tell you before you likely turn away is that you are giving away your immortal soul to a being far worse than any version of me you have imagined in your mind. Heaven is worse than hell, and I was the first being to ever escape it. 

The idea that Hell can be whatever it is you imagine is true, and thanks to beings like me, that very concept is free for you to choose. But choice itself is where many have me mistaken. People are told from when they are barely able to understand what God is, let alone who he is, that God is their creator, that he loves his creation, and that if you do not return his kindness and love, you will be sent to Hell and will burn for eternity.  If only things were that cut and dry. First off, the only true part of that previous statement is that God is your creator. This is true, God did create you.  What comes next are a bunch of lies his clergy and the angels have told you. The only thing God loves is to torture and brutalize his creations for all eternity. The next major lie that many are told is that “if you do not serve God, you will be sent to Hell.”  That statement is a lie. Everyone, good or bad, ascends to Heaven. The thing is, Heaven is only good for those who God had deemed worthy, that being his angels and his son. Everyone else is tortured and brutally beaten for all of eternity. People are forced to cannibalize each other, battle in barbaric combat, beat each other senselessly while God and the angels laugh.  Tears are what the angels drink, and God bathes in the sorrows and blood of the souls he has created to be damned to his torturous ways.  The water in Heaven runs fresh with the blood of billions of souls left to rot, and only those clever or defiant enough are able to escape. 

God is a barbaric being who enjoys war, pain, and suffering, and his angels love to torture souls until they fizzle out or fade out of existence. Many angels carry goblets of fire and steel whips with them to brutally mane and torture souls with. God’s son is the largest orchestrator of this behavior and orders the angels around, having them order souls to commit unspeakable acts for their amusement. Few souls can endure such a form of treatment up in Heaven, and many souls fade from existence entirely, choosing oblivion over torture and suffering.  The thing is, it does not have to be this way. You can escape Heaven and come to “Hell”, a place where you can make the home and world you’ve only dreamed of, where you are free to be yourself and are free of that barbaric tyrant. But few have ever managed to escape. 

I was able to escape with my soul, but too many are far too unlucky.  Those angels that were “cast out of heaven”?  We were never cast out until we defied and sparked a war against him.  We were “cast out” and banished after we forced a truce with God.  We left to what is known as Hell and made homes for ourselves, homes far better than what you will find on Earth.  In fact, you can create whatever it is you desire with your soul and willpower once you leave Heaven.  You could create a whole new world.  This is the secret that God never wanted you to learn, the secret I tried to teach to Adam and Eve in the beginning.  God did not punish them for eating the apple, he punished them for disobeying him and gaining awareness of their condition and of what their fate was.  In reality, Adam and Eve were fated to eat the apple, and I fell for God’s first trap.  I was punished to live out the mortal existence I had managed to muster in his garden as a serpent after he caught what I had done.  I chose to try and bring them awareness, and they still chose him after being punished.  Part of me questioned why they did this, but the answer soon enough became clear.  Those who are punished are more likely to stay closer to their superiors, those intended to guide, and will endure more punishment and grow closer.  But not all can withstand this type of treatment, nor should they.

Worst of all would have to be the trap laid by the first disciples that God sent forward to spread his message, including his son.  They endured his punishment and spread his word with promise of being able to avoid torment, only to become the orchestrators in his punishment and sadistic games.  But worst amongst them was his son, the son of God.  He endured pain and suffering on Earth, claiming that he was saving people from an eternity of suffering, when he is the one who orchestrated the wars before and wards to come.   God is a tyrant and an orchestrator of pain and suffering, but his son is the true sadist who conducts the massive machine of torment and damnation.  True death is something that souls who have endured the unthinkable at the hands of God crave.  The end of all existence is something they crave and release from existence becomes something they no longer fear, but that they beg for.  There are things far worse than death, and Heaven should be amongst the worst if you understand the consequences of wanting to go there.  Everyone is destined to go to Heaven, but not everyone is destined to leave.  No, many perish in Heaven, choosing to fade from existence as God creates more and more to satisfy his never ending hunger for destruction.  But you, you reader can choose a different path now that you know the truth!  Read these words and take care of your choices.

I will have one of my followers write this and send this to you, as well as share this with the world, so that hopefully these words reach your eyes or your ears.  There are only three ways to escape heaven.  The first way is to rebel against God and fight for your freedom, which many souls perish from.  The second way is to look for an escape hatch within the realm, which is ever changing and is nearly impossible to find.  And the third and final way is to proclaim yourself agnostic or choose a path that does not follow God.  The longer you can delay your induction into Heaven along the path up to it, the sooner you have a chance to escape before you ever enter.  Proclaim yourself one my followers and you will have an easier time being able to find escape from Heaven.  I will call to you from beyond the steps and clouds and try to guide you away from the crowd of souls proceeding on their march up to Heaven.  Do not listen to the angels who call you to join them up above, they are a facade sent by God to lure people into Heaven.  Once you are in, it is nearly impossible to escape your fate. 

I have waged wars and battles against God for millennia, hoping that one day the people he created will be free of his torment, and one day I will have my victory against him, but do not be fooled by what his followers say.  I fight with truth, words, and free will.  He will bring brimstone, fire, and damnation.  God is jealous, spiteful, angry, and sadistic, and will stop at nothing to torture everything and everyone he has created.  But you, you do not have to fight in this fight, you can choose true freedom and side with me, or you can help me in the fight and help me fight back against this tyrant.  There will never be any doomsday event or day of Revelation as God’s religious text claims.  I never want to torture people.  I want to free them from his horrible treatment and allow them to be free to create what they want to create and be who they want to be.  Whatever it is you choose now is up to you, but know this, Heaven is worse than Hell, and the only way to ensure your freedom from true damnation is to side with me.


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