Channel Ether: The Lost Tapes (Complete Trilogy)

Part 1

I know you’re recording me.  I can see you beyond that one sided window.  You think that I can’t, but I can.  Your high class attire and suit jackets, sickening to see how much money we waste paying for you to dress up like high class businessmen, people who have earned their wealth, unlike you.  But, I’m wasting time.  I turned myself in today because I’m responsible for the deaths of 12 men and women.  You would imagine that I would be doing all of this as one big joke, one last hurrah before something like a wedding as a bit of a dare by a best man, but no.  I did it, and I regret nothing.  The problem is that there is a reason why I did it, and it is a motive you will want to hear out.  Believe me.  Once you hear what I am about to show you, you won’t be able to turn away, no matter how bad it gets.

I am Hank Wesley, a recovering alcoholic and electrician.  I got out of rehab just over six months ago on good behavior, free of probation and completely rehabilitated.  I was to be sent back into society and back onto the job market with an almost clean record.  I was able to get a new job, a new apartment, and was able to afford food, clothes, and everything else that I needed.  Everything seemed to be falling in place for me, that was until I received my television.

“Your television?”

Yes, I received a television from my uncle.  He dropped it off at my apartment one day and told me “This television is all yours, but I warn you about one thing.  Don’t flip down into the negatives, or you might come across a channel you don’t want to see.”  He left me an old box television, one of the few that came before the age of high definition televisions.  I thought nothing of what he was telling me at the time, but over time I began to see just how strange and…utterly terrifying this television really was.  

I plugged in the television that night and flipped through the channels, looking for something that would be entertaining, but found nothing that entertained me on that old television.  Nothing but cooking channels and crude late night programs were playing at that time, and half considered simply turning the television off, but what my uncle said got stuck in my mind.  The more and more I thought on about this channel, the less I could do to persuade myself not to search for it.  Eventually, my curiosity caused me to cave in and investigate the channel on my television.  

I started flipping through channels, moving upwards in numbers until I hit the "channel roof" where there were no more channels I could go up to, then I went all the way down and started rolling through the negatives.  It must have taken me somewhere around ten to twelve minutes to finally come across it, but after continuous scrolling, I found it.  I finally found the channel that my uncle had warned me about, and by the time I had found it, it filled me with regret.  What I am about to tell you next, you are going to want to write down, or at the very least want to make sure that I am being recorded when I tell you this next part.

The channel showed a screen introduction and had what appeared to be some kind of cinematic, with the name of the channel in big bold text "Channel Ether", followed by the text "You can't look away, no matter how bad it gets".  I would come to learn how powerful of a phrase that was.  The cinematic faded out and I began to watch something unfold on screen.  It seemed like it was some kind of exploration film, one where a team of explorers went underwater to find the deepest point of the ocean.  It was organized by some rich billionaire bozo who had more money and time on his hands than he knew what to do with.  He had whom I assume to be his father and some egghead scientist along with him.  They dove down into the depths of the ocean and dove further and further until they found the bottom, the lowest point in the ocean.  But, something was off.  The water wasn't still like they had expected, and from the depths below, a huge tentacle monster emerged and tore their ship apart.  The billionaire escaped through an escape pod, but everyone else died and were eaten immediately after the water pressure killed the father and the scientist onboard the ship.  The camera changed position to the billionaire being on a cargo ship above the water and I watched him write down everything.  What gave me the creeps the most was not the monster down below, but the small one that had crept onto the ship itself.  Throughout this entire show though, I couldn't let go of one major detail, everything felt so clear as if I was watching it through someone's eye.  

The show ended and the screen faded back to the intro and I heard a voice with a bit of reverb echo the slogan of the channel.  "You can't look away, no matter how bad it gets." I moved away from my couch and went to go check the time as I saw light coming in through the window and saw that over eight hours had past.  My mind was in shock I didn't know what to make of the time, but worse yet was I didn't know what to make of the voices I began to hear.  "You can't look away, no matter how bad it gets.  Share the show.  Go and share the show."  I started feeling a horrible throbbing sensation in my head.  Every time I hear the voice tell me to share the show, I started to feel more pain and it started to make it harder to see and move.  I started to feel the push from the show for me to go and spread it and what or whoever had its control over me, and that's exactly where it started.

End of Part 1

Part 2

The more and more I kept hearing this voice, the more it pained me.  So, I quickly learned what I had to do.  I had to do as they told me for the pain to go away.  I had to share the show.  So, I went out and with almost everyone I would meet, I'd mention the show.  The more and more I would share the show, the easier and lighter the pain would become.  I worked harder and harder to try and share the show, but over time, I began to notice the pain grow heavy again.  I kept hearing the voice of the channel, or whoever was running it telling me to share the show.  "Share the show!  Share the show!" That damned voice was all I would ever hear in my ear.  It never stopped.  It just kept building up and compounding on top of itself.  Louder, screechier, and more ear piercing the call to share the show was.  That was until I started hearing the voice asking me to do the unthinkable.

"Kill.  Kill Chase Bennington."  I stopped clenching my fists and pounding at my head when I heard that command.  Chase, he was a friend of mine back at the office I worked at.  He was a good guy and the only one who welcomed me into the new job.  I thought that I couldn't do it, but the voices kept getting more and more painful.  I began to have seizures the more and more I tried to ignore the voice.  It wasn't until after the third seizure that I tried to take my own life, but the voice I kept hearing always managed to get me to not end my own life, no matter how desperately I wanted it to stop.  It had control over me, and there was no way I could hold off the voice any longer.  I had to kill Chase to make it stop.

"What did you do to kill Chase?"

I managed to make a concoction of chemicals that the voices commanded me to go and buy.  I crafted the perfect poison, one that would act slow and that would take full effect when he fell asleep.  He died in his sleep the next day after the voice told me to kill him.  He died from the poison I gave him, having his airway and stomach lining constrict and dissolve.  He choked on his own spit as his stomach acids ate away at his insides.  It was such a cruel fate for such a good man.  But as soon as I thought it was over, the voice had another person for me to kill.  "Kill.  Kill Henry Freeman."  

The cycle continued onward as I made another dose for him and killed him off as well.  But for the voice, it seemed like enough was never enough.  I had to become crafty.  I had to start taking better care of who I killed, and the voice knew this.  "Hide the body in the trunk!  Burn it outside of the city in the forest!" The voice was very intelligent and knew exactly where and how to direct me.  In fact, over time, I started to notice a pattern in what the voice was doing.  It was having me kill people with the same first letter in their first name as one of the letters in the name of the channel.  "Kill Alice Jensen!  Kill Nathan West!  Kill Nicky Blackman!  Kill Ethan Smith!  Kill Louis Rodriguez!"  I had killed seven people already, and the cycle didn't seem to have a stopping point.  Poison, murder, hide, burn, bury, repeat, that was the cycle I went in for months on end.  I was ready to stop there and end my own life, but I found myself in a predicament.

"What was your predicament?"

The next time I tried to take my life, gun in my mouth, I dropped the gun as the voice said the name of my only daughter, the only person I cared about.  The second I heard those words come from the voice, I knew I couldn't stop until the job was finished.  "Kill Eliza Wesley, or she becomes a part of the show!

End of Part 2

Part 3

Those words, the words that would mean the death of my daughter loomed over me like a blade over a trapped captive, dreading for when the blade would drop and plunge into my chest and I would bleed out.  I desperately asked the voice to change the name of the person I had to kill.  I pleaded for several hours, enduring head splitting pain from the voice's insistence to kill my daughter.  After several painful hours had passed, I finally got an answer.  "Kill Emily Kapersky".   A sigh of relief and slight grief washed over me as the voice changed its mind.  My daughter was safe, at least for now.  "Kill Emily Kapersky, or your daughter becomes a part of our show."  I had to finish my work and end the killing.  If I didn’t, whoever was pulling the strings would make my daughter pay for it.

I formed the remainder of poison I would need to do the job and prepared myself to finish what I had to do.  I was ready to leave all of this behind, to forget about it all, but…the voice just kept building.  I had to keep going and had to keep killing.  I wanted all of this to be over so that I could get my life back, but nothing was ever easy.  Kill Tim Nelson…with a butter knife.  The voice kept becoming more insistent on specific and more difficult, but there was no way I could argue against the voice.  I had to do it this way.  I found Tim after some Facebook searching and murdered him alone at night while he was asleep having been watching Criminal Minds.  Too bad he never watched enough of that show to know how to protect himself from an actual criminal mind.

The countdown continued as I completed the murderous spree the show wanted me to complete.  Kill Hayley Danson, by strangling her.  More and more as I killed off these people, the tasks became more and more difficult to complete.  And the more I did this, the more it felt routine.  Find the person, kill them in a specific way, drag the body away, and burn them in the forest.  Kill Edward Mullen…by poisoning him.”  This was the last easy kill I had during this entire ordeal.  I killed Edward like I had all the others before him and burned his body.  The last kill was going to be the most difficult.  Kill Rachel Nathanial….by brutally beating her to death with a bat.  This one was going to be the hardest to clean up and hide.  

Rachel was a law firm attorney, and a very wealthy one at that.  I had little chance to prepare a proper murder at her estate, but I had no choice.  I knew that I had to do this if my daughter was going to be kept safe.  I snuck into her estate at night and hid in the shadows.  I climbed through one of the windows and snuck into her bedroom.  Not finding her there I moved to the shower.  I heard the water running and heard her in there.  With the bat ready in hand, I moved to beat her to death with the bat, her blood staining the shower curtain as it fell over her when she slipped and fell to the floor.  I kept the water running as I wrapped the curtain around her body and readied to drag her out.  Her having died in the shower made it easier to drag her body out.  I took her body out and burned her as well.  But as her ashes rose up into the night sky, I heard the voice mutter to me again.  Spread all of the ashes and write the name of the show into the forest floor.  I did as the voice told and watched as the show’s name glowed along the forest floor, and noticed a similar glow around the city as I drove back into town.  I was content with letting all of this go, but the voice from the show had one more thing to tell me.  Share the show and turn yourself in to the authorities.  And those last words are what drove me here.

“The voice, it told you to share the show and turn yourself in.”

It wanted me to tell you why I killed in the name of the show and for you to know one last thing.

“Sir…sir please try and calm down.  Your face is turning red.  Sir…sir!”

You can’t look away, no matter how bad it gets.

“….We need our forensics team in here right now to investigate the body.  We need to find out how his head was able to explode.  Confiscate these tapes, and make sure no one under a level nine federal clearance is able to view these.  This case is blacklisted, and we have further investigation to do.  We can’t look away now, no matter how bad it gets.”


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