April's Last Supper

This is it, my last meal and an hour before I kick the bucket.  But, I'm not kicking the bucket out of my own free will.  I...murdered someone.  Well, killed and ate them to be specific, and I'm serving a sentence on death row.  I was having issues with my husband nearly a decade ago the day it all happened.  We had been having issues for years prior, but I had noticed something in me a few weeks prior that was changing.  The more and more I grew angry, the hungrier I got.  I continued to crave food and would binge eat, but over time, I started craving meatier snacks. I kept eating more meat out of the fridge.  Hot dogs, beef jerky, chicken, and other protein heavy meals, until I started to crave having my meat raw.

I began to notice the changes I had been going through at that point.  My aggression kept causing my appetite to build, and I tried to stop it.  But, my husband was so abusive and I had nowhere else to direct it.  I kept consuming raw meat and craving its scent.  I had nowhere else to direct my anger but into my consumption of raw meat.  I kept craving things like raw beef roast, bacon, turkey legs, and pork belly.  The meatier and fattier the meat, the tastier.  But, the more I ate, the more weight I started to gain, and my husband hated that I was getting fatter.  He wasn't a skinny fellow himself, but I knew how much he valued me being skinny, and made his desires known through his punches.

He would beat me day in and day out, and would hurt me more if he had a hard day at work.  He was easy to agitate and I found myself, for lack of a better term, walking on eggshells around him.  He was a hateful man and changed so much from being the man I fell in love with five years prior.  His job and his habits ate away at him.  He was an alcoholic, quick to anger, and a coward, meaning he would take out everything he had on me.  I tried to endure what he threw at me, but I started to notice a cycle, a cycle that was going to break, one way or another.  And on the day it all happened, I made probably my biggest mistake, and created my greatest reward for all the suffering I went through.

He came home early one day, having been fired from his job at the time and was ready to take it all out on me.  I was preparing him dinner, but the moment he knocked me off of my feet with his first swing filled me with so much fury, I was ready to do anything.  He picked me up off  of the floor and was ready to punch me in the face, but stopped mid motion as he felt the blade of the kitchen knife I had been using plunge into his right torso.  It had him in shock, as well as me, but I quickly acted on my mistake and finished what I should have done years ago.  I plunged that blade in him more and more until he fell on the floor and began to stab him repeatedly in the chest. I didn't stop until the entire floor was the color of blood, and until his face was the color of sheet paper.  In the midst of the act, my hunger started to kick in again, but I wasn't prepared to eat raw human flesh.  I knew the risks of raw flesh, and decided to go a safer route.  I was going to cook part of my husband and try the forbidden meat, human flesh.

I finished preparing the meal I was planning to cook for him, but instead of cooking beef tips in curry, I used tips of flesh from my husband as the meat.  The meat was quite good, almost as tender as veal surprisingly and I finished up most of the curry, but decided to save the last of it for a snack another time.  I put it in the backyard freezer save bag and stuffed it in the back of the freezer.  It wasn't long until another disturbance call had police on my front doorstep, only this time, I had no time to come up with an excuse for the officers as to what had transpired.  They hauled me off to the police station, and in a matter of weeks, I was convicted of murder in the first degree and my sentence was death.

Since that day, over the last ten years, I have waited long inside this prison cell to serve out my sentence.  I no longer fear death, especially knowing that I got rid of the one thing that brought me anger and suffering.  The only thing on my mind had nothing to do with facing up to my creator in the great beyond.  No, no!  My only concern was trying the best curry in the world one more time.  So, I had a friend of mine who still believed I was innocent save the meat from the freezer after they got it back from the evidence lab with it coming out negative for anything harmful, and saved it for me all of these years in a freezer safe container.  I wanted this meal more than anything to be my last, because I want to taste my husband one last time before I die, so I know the sweetest taste of his death once more, and can finally satisfy my cravings.


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