Drops of BellaDonna Black

A poison, long forgotten to the history of time, but still one that is in the back of the minds of many, would have to be the poison belladonna.  Belladonna, otherwise known as deadly nightshade used to be the poison used by many assassins to eliminate their targets. But what is more interesting than the history of belladonna is it's origins.  Today I shall tell you the tale of the origins of this toxin, and retell the tale of a lost love that should never have been forgotten to the memories of time.  This is the tale of BellaDonna Black.

BellaDonna Black started out as a young noble woman who went by the name Catriona Alli, and we find ourselves encapsulated in a love affair that she was entrapped in during the Elizabethan era.  Catriona had a love for Shakespearean wordplay and romanticism, but was unable to share her love with the one and only Shakespeare himself, so she set about to find a man who would swoon her in a similar fashion.  She came across many suitors, but none captured her fancy or affections quite like a young man from York.  This man was able to capture her feelings like none other, but alas, he was betrothed to another.  He was supposed to marry a woman from Scotland, but he much preferred noble women from England, or Catriona thought.

The man had swooned Catriona's affections, but was only after her for a lustful interest.  The night they became encapsulated in lovemaking, his wife to be caught them and threw out Catriona in shame, having torn up all of her belongings and having her removed at the end of a sword.   Heartbroken and left hurt by the man she had fallen for, she sought out means of revenge for her sensibilities as a noble woman.  She had her servants search the kingdom far and wide for something to provide her vengeance against her lover and his wife to be.  After several nights of searching, they had found it.  A tool by which to bring vengeance for the disgrace that was brought upon her.  A branch of nightshade and a book from a witch up north was brought to her and she knew in that moment what she must do.  She read through the book until she came across a spell that would allow her to create the concoction that she desired.  She began to piece together a spell that would allow her to create the deadliest form of nightshade, belladonna black.

From the darkest depths
From where there is no light
I call for the darkest 
Shade of night
The most toxic shadows
Dripping poison in plain sight
I call for belladonna black
The deepest shade of night

As Catriona chanted this spell, the color of the berries along the branch she had changed.  The berries had turned to the darkest shade of black.  She plucked one of the berries from the branch and instructed her servants to go and plant it on the estate of her ex-lover amongst the blueberry bushes they owned.  The following evening, tales were running around the town that the duke of York had passed due to a deadly case of food poisoning, but no one could ever find the culprit.  Little did they know that belladonna black could appear as the same shade and shape of any kind of fruit.  Word of this came back to Catriona and it filled her with a deep sense of joy to have gotten vengeance against her ex-lover, but....there was a hole that needed to be filled still.  She felt that something needed to be fulfilled.  One thing her servants never told her about the book that she used was that anyone who created a spell that was not within the book would forever have their soul bound to the book and to the spell they had created.

So, to this day, no one truly knows what became of Catriona Alli, but one thing is for certain, her soul is eternal so long as that book exists, and the deadliest shade of nightshade could be looming on any bush or branch, just waiting to be picked by any passerby.  They say she is still alive and well and that her berries now cover the world, waiting for people to pick them off and eat them by mistake, and she takes great pleasure in watching bad people eat her fruit, for once they have perished, their souls are hers to manipulate and control.  As the saying goes, the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, and the darker the berry, the deadlier the drops of BellaDonna Black.


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