Analytical Punishment

You're slow to grasp it
To comprehend it
To accept it
But there is no denying it
You killed someone

Their death wasn't quick 
No, no! 
Their death was slow,
Painful, antagonizing,
And especially agonizing
And you're responsible

You should be held
Accountable for your
Actions and be tried 
For the crimes you
Have committed 

But one thing
Is definitely for
Certain.  No matter
The case you will
Not be acquitted 

No, no! You will
Face a fate worse 
Than death for your 
Crimes and will 
Pay dearly

You shall not
Pay with your life 
No, no! That would
Be far too simple
And kind 

You deserve a 
Painful, spiteful,
Otherwise apprehensible
Analytical Punishment

When you are brought 
Down to your knees 
You will be commanded to 
Tell what it is
That you believe in

Because whatever god 
You pray to better come
For you now, for your fate
Shall be painful 
And will be prolonged

For as long as you live
You forget the things
That filled your victims with 
Pain and you will forever
Feel regret

For your punishment 
Shall last all of your days
For the child that you killed
You'll suffer in many,
Many ways

Your memory will
Be wiped, your record
Immortalized, and your
Crimes shall forever
Be rectified 

In the flames of hell
On Earth, the rage
Of the people you
Affected has been

Your fate is decided
You shall live out your days
Reliving a singular 
Drawn out day thinking
The world is gone

Thinking the world has ended
For within this 
You will live the lie of a world
Taken by an apocalypse
You'll be the joke of mankind 

You'll be laughed at
Ridiculed, tortured, tricked
Any onlookers will hiss and spit
You'll be forced to repeat 
The same day and never quit 

For your crimes of murder
You shall be forced to repeat
The same day and pain
Death would have tasted so sweet
To someone like you

Someone who doesn't value life
Enough to care for a little girl
You murdered as a dare 
Because your husband wouldn't compliment your new hair 

Styled is your punishment 
So intriguing to many they want
To stay awhile some will choose
To vacation and stay close enough
To help repeat the same day

You will not feel so tough
By the time you have reached
The last day 
You will live on this earth you 
Will beg and plead in dismay

For the mercy of release 
For the pain to cease 
To let your body fall and decease 
Your corpse shall be a warning
To those without remorse

For psychopaths like you
Should change their course
Less another of you stands
As a painful monument to our 
Nation's favorite past time 

Analytical Punishment


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