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Drops of BellaDonna Black

A poison, long forgotten to the history of time, but still one that is in the back of the minds of many, would have to be the poison belladonna.  Belladonna, otherwise known as deadly nightshade used to be the poison used by many assassins to eliminate their targets. But what is more interesting than the history of belladonna is it's origins.  Today I shall tell you the tale of the origins of this toxin, and retell the tale of a lost love that should never have been forgotten to the memories of time.  This is the tale of BellaDonna Black. BellaDonna Black started out as a young noble woman who went by the name Catriona Alli, and we find ourselves encapsulated in a love affair that she was entrapped in during the Elizabethan era.  Catriona had a love for Shakespearean wordplay and romanticism, but was unable to share her love with the one and only Shakespeare himself, so she set about to find a man who would swoon her in a similar fashion.  She came across many suitors, but n

Soul Friendship

Friendship, that was the one thing that mattered most to me in my life.  Friendship was what allowed me to escape my everyday life, allowed me to be more of myself, and allowed me to escape my awful family.  My mother is an alcoholic, my brother abuses me when she isn’t looking, and my father left my mother years ago.  My mother is unemployed, and both my brother and I work for the money we need to buy food and pay for gas for the truck.  Every time I would come home, my mother would ask me for money so she could go and “get herself something nice” or “go and get more eggs”.  Every time I gave her money, she would come back home, drunk with a bottle in hand.  Every day was the same, that was until I met my friend Kacey at the bar I worked at.  She took up the job to earn tips while she was in high school so she’d have an easier time paying for her college tuition once she graduated and started going to college.  Few people ever understood me or were willing to listen to me, and Ka

Analytical Punishment

You're slow to grasp it To comprehend it To accept it But there is no denying it You killed someone Their death wasn't quick  No, no!  Their death was slow, Painful, antagonizing, And especially agonizing And you're responsible You should be held Accountable for your Actions and be tried  For the crimes you Have committed  But one thing Is definitely for Certain.  No matter The case you will Not be acquitted  No, no! You will Face a fate worse  Than death for your  Crimes and will  Pay dearly You shall not Pay with your life  No, no! That would Be far too simple And kind  You deserve a  Painful, spiteful, Diabolical,  Otherwise apprehensible Analytical Punishment When you are brought  Down to your knees  You will be commanded to  Tell what it is That you believe in Because whatever god  You pray to better come For you now, for your fate Shall be painful  And wil

Black-eyed Children in Seoul

     My grand master, who was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea once told me of his experience as a child with black eyed children, and it was more disturbing than I could have ever imagined.  He was about nine years old and was out with his family at a festival in Seoul.  He was passing by some carts that held fireworks, toys, and food.  And as he was passing by some of the festival carts and stands, he noticed two children from an alleyway some distance from him, a boy and a girl, two children with black eyes were staring back at him, just out of full view.  He was distracted by them momentarily, but his parents urged him onward through the festival area.      Later that night, he noticed something outside of the door to his room where he slept.  The same two black-eyed children had been watching him intently.  He stared at them for quite some time before blinking and realized they had vanished.  The next night went by and he saw them again, but further away this time, hid