The Midnight Butterfly

Everything from before
Has come down to this
No longer is my heart capable
Of ignorance and bliss.
No, now I must contend
With this mess
I blindly and ignorantly
Left to cause distress

Chaos is what birthed me
And to which I should return
Even the blind can see
The hell that has been unearthed
Beings of old 
Desire to destroy
Life, love, beings of new
To destroy happiness and joy

Their dominion is what 
They desire to regain
To destroy what grew but
What could possibly remain
After darkness and evil
Are released again
What could stand against
Those willing to kill to win?

Power demands worship
And worship demands will
Love demands courtship
And cannot remain still
The old gods demand control
Control over free will
And will not stop killing
Until they have their fill

Merciless as they are
Bound in books they stay
The Necronomicon
And similar bonds delay
Any attacks they could
Bring upon life
If released, they would
Create unending pain and strife

So a choice was made
The first choice was made
And with that choice
A sacrificed was paid
A human soul
One so pure and just
Willed for new gods
To love and to trust

The new fought the old
And the new had won
But to restrain this wish
And all could be undone
What created the new
Was free will
And so very few
Could live and remain still

If chaos trumps choice
Then all is lost
We gave the gods a voice
And made a line we cannot cross
For if we destroy free will
We strangle our own voice
Our protectors will wain 
And the old shall rejoice

We strangle each other
Choose an opposing side
Incapable of balance
Driven by foolish pride
We silence each other
As the old gods regain their stride
If the old gods silence us
Then all good will die

We created the gods
And can protect ourselves
Just as we dream of mythical
Beings like the elves
Our will saved us and gave
Us stories to tell
And our souls are bound to choice
And are more powerful than any spell

Defy those who silence others
Less we lose to evil
Pull back the covers
Of those who are deceitful
Protect free will 
And our right to a voice
Allow every being
To make their own choice

The gods guard the protector
Of freedom and will
And guard it’s wings they do
For the role it shall fulfill
Protect our free will
Protect our powerful voice
Guard the Midnight Butterfly

The guardian of free will and choice.


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