The Lore of Dolly Vampira

~Artwork by Lil Sketchy:  @ALonleyNote~

*Here is a small birthday gift to a narrator and friend of mine, Dolly Vampira*

There once existed a fair maiden
Whose soul was laden
Heavily prayed and
Wished for a day where she could
Be free from the troubles that 
Be and be free to 
Be who she wanted to be
But that would never be, see

The soul of a duchess
Long forgotten
Once a beautiful landscape
Now left dead and rotten
After men came and tore it apart
With intentions so misbegotten
Old wars were fought in
Her land should never been trotten

By such horrible men
That kingdoms had sent
To ask for her hand
And take from her then
What land she had owned
Her efforts were spent
To protect her people
From warriors that were hell-bent

Sorrow filled her heart
Like a painful needle from a dart
Everything was taken so quick
By people so sick
And they didn’t care when it fell apart
But they never knew just how smart
And cunning, It was not wise for them
To part, so start running

When the men had tried to depart
She slaughtered them and enjoyed
Their blood, so tart.
Her vengeance was swift and pure
Yet remained a demeanor so demure 
If left her enemies stunned
One monster left them all outgunned
So in shame, the survivors left shunned

And ever since then she has remained
Up in her castle, so plain and restrained
Never give any hassle, unless
You’d like to be left bloodstained
Do not gaze upon her 
With even the edge of your schlera
Beware the vengeful wrath

Of the one, Dolly Vampira. 


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