Why don’t you struggle?
Is it because you do
Not want to be free?
Do you not struggle
Because of your past
Your trials
Your tribulations?

Do you lack love?
Do you not love your
Mother, father, sister, brother?
Do you not love people?
Do you not love yourself?
Is there any love 
In your heart?

Why do you hate
Yourself and others?
Do you not feel
Any love
Any sympathy
Any compassion?
Or, do you not want that?

No, you’re a bad child
You are supposed to be
A gift, a special gift
Straight from God
Honor your mother
And do as you’re told!
Maybe you need something, else

You have no clue
How much you owe your
Mommy and your Daddy
You need to be taught
A lesson
Stay under this blanket
And count to ten
Feel that pressure?

The pressure is good
You are being reborn
You have to force 
Your way out
Back into this world
So you can face your parents
With joy in your new life

Go ahead
Squirm, fight, hit
It will do no good
You must push your way
Out and be reborn
You must become their 
Special gift

Cry and plead
I hear none of it
Puke and defecate
It does no good
Scream and shout
You learned nothing
Go ahead and die
You’re a quitter

Quitter, quitter, quitter, quitter, quitter, quitter, quitter, quitter!

You gave up on your own life.

*This poem was inspired by a true tragedy and I recommend taking a moment to look at the links down below and paying respects to the child who died from a treatment like the treatment depicted in this poem.*

Context:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candace_Newmaker


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