Make The Right Choice

Make the right choice
I am not saying now
But it will not be never
You must make a choice
And you must make it eventually

Make the right choice
The paths before you are simple
Left or right
Yes or no
Good or evil
Right or wrong
You will need to make a choice

Make the right choice
You delayed this long enough
Betrayed all of your friends
Abandoned those you trusted
And left behind all that mattered

Make the right choice
Your old life is gone
Nothing to go back to
No home, no family
No one to care for you
No one to remember you by
Choose already

Make the right choice
Everyone who trusted you
Is now your enemy
And they march,
Ready to smite you down.
You know what is coming
And you know what you must do.

Make the right choice
You have only two options here
You can take your own life,
Or kill them all now.
They have nothing left
After you took everything from them
All that is left is a choice.

Make the right choice
You can end this madness now!
Choose what's right!
These scum do not deserve mercy!
They took your son, your daughter,
They took the love of your life.
End them now.
Or they'll end us both.
You have a gun to your head and
A button you can press.

Make the right choice
End them now!
Kill them all!
Sacrifice them already!
You know what you must do!
The will of the Creator above
Commands that you do.

Make the right choice
You do not deserve
To live anymore.
You do not deserve your life
Anymore and should just choose.
I no longer care if you die.
Die or kill them all.



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