Lore of Chills

That feeling down your spine
That voice within your mind
That whisper coming from behind
Is all too familiar, isn't it?
You neglected his warnings
Ignored him for ages
And now what do you have?

His tales of terror
The many left in horror
Words that strike like a mortar
In the dreams of those
Treating their fears as foes
With his name on their nose
And they feel as they doze

It makes you feel uneasy
Almost quite queazy
Ignoring his words is sleazy
Your soul will be exorcised
When your fate is realized
The chance your friend
May have died brings

Sensations you must feel
You still cannot deal
With the ramifications
Loss of relations
With your faculty receptors
Monsters with scepters
Death's fine nectar brings

His voice is so incentive
Irregular and breaks argumentive
Attitudes, and forces listeners
To remain attentive
What he says is retentive
Learning brings fear
What comes next is not preventive

Your will cannot defy
A unique voice most high
No matter how much you try
You will fear his words
Until you die
His voice away you pry
But there's no escape, even if you cry

A voice seated in a booth
Speaks the dark underbelly
Of the truth
People want to avoid, uncouth
Is how people treated him
But did not understand
His voice leaves you hanging by a strand

His voice makes many tremble
Words unite others and make them assemble
To hear of tales and truth
That is nothing short of dreadful
Can bring more fear than the devil
What he says will make you mental
Listening to him can be detrimental, beware of


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