Case File #5, The Lore of MeatLocker

The cameras are rolling, the microphones are set, and our perpetrator is properly seated and restrained.  Suspect 9 of the ten suspects that may have been involved in the release of the nuclear warheads contaminated with Volvox has been ordered by the acting general of the remaining government of the United States of America to be investigated and questioned for any information regarding Project Volvox and his intentions.  Suspect 9, a male by the name of Jake Diesler has been brought in today for further questioning as to his involvement with Project Volvox and with any of the other suspects that are suspect of helping orchestrate the release of the Volvox plague.  All information from this interrogation session will be recorded and held for archiving.  The questions begin now.
“Are you really going to read my rights like this?  Do you know any form of human decency anymore?  You sound like a fucking robot.  You couldn’t even get me a cup of water.” 
All requests will be fulfilled at the end of the interrogation session.  You currently face charges that will certainly warrant you the death penalty.  We are here to investigate your case and see if there is any information worth keeping you alive for.  
“Why the fuck would I wanna keep living?  I broke out of a mental institution to try and stop a madman hell bent on destroying the world, I aided the military even after I was medically discharged and tried to catch the guy responsible for creating this hell hole and you expect me to wanna live?  I would much rather die at this rate.  I don’t give a damn about what you want to know.”
You stated that you were pursuing the man responsible for creating and releasing the Volvox plague.  Would you please explain what you know about him and tell us whatever you can about him?
“Michael Farrell?  Ah, that scum fuck.  He was the one who injected me with an experimental vaccine for some unknown diseases.  It didn’t make me immune to Volvox, but it delayed its effects long enough for me to chop off part of my left bicep when I did get infected.  That guy was one of the worst people to ever live.  He continued on the work of that living piece of human garbage, Dr. Murdoch.  He tortured innocent people day in and day out, having them perform brutal acts for his and the nurses’ amusement.  They enjoyed watching us tear each other apart, rip off each other’s arms, tear at each other’s throats, use each other’s blood, flesh and bone to create artwork, and create weapons out of the carcasses of the dead to kill each other with.  And those who didn’t participate were put up in this thing called the ‘Freedomless Room’ where everyone had their arms and legs removed, nails hammered into their joints, and were suspended from the roof by industrial chains and were forced to spend their days locked away in a tiny room with other insane people, looking at a television screen and watching the facility cameras.”
I…see.  What happened after you left the facility?
“The entire place burned to the ground.  The whole facility was rigged to explode and burn when Michael set the burner room to the max.  He released malaria into the facility and left before everything went to hell.  I managed to escape with my life and managed not to be infected, but I couldn’t save anyone else.  After I found a note Murdoch left for Michael, I knew I had to chase both of those fuckers down.”
And this note, do you still have it?  
“No.  I tossed that shit out after the bombs were detonated.  I held onto it up until that day, looking at it every day to fuel myself with enough anger and rage to continue my pursuit.  But after the bombs were detonated, there wasn’t really a point to it anymore.  Besides, I had other things to focus on at the time, like keeping myself and MeatLocker alive.”
You refer to Suspect #5, Mason Willis as “MeatLocker”.  Can you please explain this nickname and your relation to him?
“Meaty?  Heh.  That guy’s the only damn reason I’m alive right now and why I can’t die just yet.  I needed to get his sorry broken ass to you guys for a reason.”
And what reason did you bring him to us and surrender yourself voluntarily?
*sigh* “Because he may be the only hope humanity has for a cure to Volvox.
Y-yes.  But he was hard to contain and restrain in his cell.  Are you sure that he is humanity’s best chance at survival?
“If you’ve got any damn hope left in that pathetic thing you call a soul, then yeah.  He’s your best shot, but he isn’t going to be easy to work with.”
Why would that be the case?
*sigh* “You guys ask way too much.  And I still haven’t gotten my cup of water.  Great!”
Answer these last few questions and we’ll get you water and whatever else you request.  How did you meet him and to what extent was he involved with Project Volvox?

*Credit:  PitClover Draws*

“I met him at the facility I ended up volunteering at and later getting a job.  My job was to take care of and monitor the lab rats that Michael and the other scientists were testing on.  I had plotted, waited, schemed for the day where I’d be able to kill him, but the right moment never came.  He was always in that lab, working, studying, toying with life and the very idea of death and creation itself.  I could never get close enough to do it, but there was one guy I knew who could, and that was MeatLocker.  Mason, as you call him, was a soldier who had done four tours in Afghanistan and had PTSD from witnessing an acid attack and would always be seen wearing a gas mask in the facility, not because he needed it, but because he was always paranoid about something happening to him in the facility or him having flashbacks that caused him to start breathing heavy.  I tried to have him do the deed for me since he was a lot closer to Michael than I was, but it was no use.  He was too blind to see Michael’s evil and Michael had done a good job of manipulating his sorry ass.  Part of the reason he’s probably so damn crazy is because of how much time he spent with Michael.”
Did you ever see Murdoch at the facility?
“No.  I never saw that bastard there, and it made me angrier.  I wanted to kill Michael, but I also wanted to kill the man responsible for turning Michael into the monster that created Volvox.  I know Michael was responsible for creating it, but Murdoch created Michael.  It wasn’t some strange coincidence that Michael went to the facility I was in for an internship and a few years later rained down hellfire and plague on the world.  Murdoch is the one who turned him into this, is there any info left on that sick fuck?”
The last information we were able to gather on Dr. Murdoch was from a young woman who arrived with a man and a supposed vaccine for Volvox.  Murdoch died in a tornado storm when huge debris obliterated him according to the young woman.  
“I see.  I would test that vaccine to see if it works, but I still know that MeatLocker is your best bet at making a cure for this shit.”
How did you two make it out of the initial launch zone alive?  One of the bombs was set to detonate within the facility after the others launched.  How are you still alive?
“That’s kinda simple really.  MeatLocker was always a disaster nut.  He had a bunker set up and an entire meat locker full of frozen meats he either bought or hunted down.  We were down in the bunker the night everything happened.  He had a large flat screen and other nice shit down there and we were watching a football game down there.  The Patriots vs the Broncos.  The Broncos were 21-7 when the bombs went off.  We felt the ground start to shake and MeatLocker immediately went to lock up all of the hatches to the outside and switched all of the systems like electricity and water to emergency mode.  Everything went onto backup resources and he started freaking out once everything was locked up and collapsed.  I helped him come to and he immediately smacked me and ran into his meat locker and shut the door behind him.  I wanted to lock him in, but I decided to play 'nice guy' and leave it unlocked for whenever he was ready to come out.  That locker was his ‘safe room’ if you will.  Didn’t realize then just how crazy the fucker was.”
How insane was, or rather is MeatLocker?
“Well, for starters he had an underground garage that he kept a truck in with enough fuel to get us across the country and that was a good thing seeing as how we had to travel all the way from Texas to California.  Or at least, I thought then the fuel was all for the truck.  As it turns out, he had so much fuel not because he needed to travel across the country, but rather he needed enough to get around…and to power his fucking chainsaw.”
His chainsaw?

*Credit:  Lil Sketchy*

“Yeah.  His chainsaw named Bessie was his weapon of choice in the apocalypse and mine was a revolver I had since I served in the military named Louise. Together, we traveled the Apocalypse ridden landscape of the southern and western states of the United States, or rather what was left.  We never really needed much food or water since MeatLocker’s truck was always full of meat and enough water from his bunker.  He was ready to head out west and find what remained of the government.  It gave him a purpose to fight for a cause, but he would be pretty willing to fight almost anything.  Anytime he got frustrated with me or with our situation or seemed to just have something building up inside of him, he’d get out of the car, rev up his chainsaw and start slaughtering zombies and mutants left and right with it.  I once saw him pick up a mutated pig’s head and wear it as a mask as he laughed and cut through an entire herd of them.  In his psychotic states, he was horrifying to watch, but when he was sane, he was a decent enough guy to be around.  We drove day and night to get here once we started to run low on our supplies in the bunker.  We were in there for a few weeks before we started to run low and we decided to leave with two weeks worth of supplies in the truck and drove straight here.”
Did you know you were going to be asked to surrender when you arrived?
“I figured I would have to, but I knew no matter what happened, MeatLocker wasn’t going to be agreeable in his state of mind.  Here’s my advice if you want to have him work for you again, make sure you have antipsychotics and enough of them on hand at all times and make sure he takes them regularly.  Do that and he’ll be fine, but if you don’t, he may look for your ass first to slice in half with Bessie.”
U-understood.  We will test his blood and see if he is immune to Volvox.
“You don’t have to test that shit!  I saw that guy get bitten, bruised, cut, and slashed by the damn mutants that he fought with and killed and not once did he get infected.  I can’t say the same for myself.  He tried to give me some of his blood, but I wasn’t gonna do anything other than let him drop some of it on my arm where I got slashed.  I’m a goner without the cure, but to me, that doesn’t really fucking matter.  Both Murdoch and Michael are dead and MeatLocker got here to you safely.  That’s all that matters.”
Is there any other requests we can grant you aside from a glass of water?  You have your freedom as well.  You will not be charged with any crimes.  You have proven yourself to be worthy of whatever you may like.  What are your requests?
“All I want is a cup of water, Louise, a single bullet, and for you to promise me something.”
What would that promise be?
“Keep MeatLocker alive.”


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