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Deep Breath

Take a deep breath
Breathe in, breath out
You can sense it in
The air, but you
Can't seem to make
It out.

Breathe in, breathe out
You can feel it just
Above you, looming,
Patiently waiting for
An opportunity
To pounce down
On your cold flesh.

Breathe in, breathe out
It hangs over you like
A cold, rough hand.
Its grip firm on
Your shoulder, pressing down
Hoping that you choke

Breathe in, breathe out
His blade is just under
Your chin, ready to split
Your skin and spill
Your blood out on
The pavement.  A slow
And cold death is what
He likes to see.

Breathe in, breathe out
Your skin becomes cold
As ice as his blade
Caresses your skin,
Wiping it's cold steel
Up against your exposed neck

Breathe in, breathe out
Escape from this is futile
What binds you more
Than the ropes around your
Ankles and the ropes around
Your feet is the presence
The thing that looms over you.

Breathe in, breathe out
You can feel that now
Can't you?
You can feel his cold breath
Looming over your neck

The Tale of Tony2Metal

Years ago, there was a metal musician, no a true rockstar who went by the name of Tony, the Destroyer of Atonement in the metal community, but was later referred to as Tony2metal by his newer and younger fans before he passed.Ever since metal made a resurgence in America with the mainstream, his name has been talked about by many, but few ever really knew the tragic…and rather evil truth behind Tony and his fame.So, I suppose as one of his last remaining original fans who had been following him since I first heard his first album and know most of his personal life before he passed, I suppose it’s up to me to tell his story.
Tony Maverick was a young man when he joined on the main metal scene.He was with a band known at the time as Tool, but they kicked him out for a “better” vocalist and a different style of music.Disheartened, he went home to an angry girlfriend who kept asking him how he was ever going to pay the bills without any effort on his own part.She forced him to make a choic…

Lore of Chills

That feeling down your spine
That voice within your mind
That whisper coming from behind
Is all too familiar, isn't it?
You neglected his warnings
Ignored him for ages
And now what do you have?

His tales of terror
The many left in horror
Words that strike like a mortar
In the dreams of those
Treating their fears as foes
With his name on their nose
And they feel as they doze

It makes you feel uneasy
Almost quite queazy
Ignoring his words is sleazy
Your soul will be exorcised
When your fate is realized
The chance your friend
May have died brings

Sensations you must feel
You still cannot deal
With the ramifications
Loss of relations
With your faculty receptors
Monsters with scepters
Death's fine nectar brings

His voice is so incentive
Irregular and breaks argumentive
Attitudes, and forces listeners
To remain attentive
What he says is retentive
Learning brings fear
What comes next is not preventive

Your will cannot defy
A unique voice most high

The Tale of Duchess Dark

In the early days of the city of Detroit, there were rumors of a huntress, a sinister succubus if you will who would lure away undesirable and rather cold-hearted and selfish men who preyed on women in the dark, only to kill them where wary eyes could not see.  Every one of her victims was left with a signature kiss on their necks, sealing their fate in the color of crimson.  Any man who had been laid a target by her would meet a horrific fate.  This is the tale of Duchess Dark.

It was late Friday evening in the cold walls of the Detroit Institute of Arts.  A young woman by the name of Beth Halls was hard at work on restoring art pieces and vases that were gathered from Egypt.  A few of the vases had been brought in to be restored before the exhibit was supposed to open in the coming months.  She was not paid much for her work, but it helped her to escape her small project apartment.  As she continued along with her work that night, finalizing one of the vases, she noticed a large tabl…


Why don’t you struggle? Is it because you do Not want to be free? Do you not struggle Because of your past Your trials Your tribulations? Quitter
Do you lack love? Do you not love your Mother, father, sister, brother? Do you not love people? Do you not love yourself? Is there any love In your heart? Quitter
Why do you hate Yourself and others? Do you not feel Any love Any sympathy Any compassion? Or, do you not want that? Quitter
No, you’re a bad child You are supposed to be A gift, a special gift Straight from God Honor your mother And do as you’re told! Maybe you need something, else Quitter
You have no clue How much you owe your Mommy and your Daddy You need to be taught A lesson Stay under this blanket And count to ten Feel that pressure? Quitter
The pressure is good You are being reborn You have to force Your way out Back into this world So you can face your parents With joy in your new life Quitter
Go ahead

Case File #5, The Lore of MeatLocker

The cameras are rolling, the microphones are set, and our perpetrator is properly seated and restrained.Suspect 9 of the ten suspects that may have been involved in the release of the nuclear warheads contaminated with Volvox has been ordered by the acting general of the remaining government of the United States of America to be investigated and questioned for any information regarding Project Volvox and his intentions.Suspect 9, a male by the name of Jake Diesler has been brought in today for further questioning as to his involvement with Project Volvox and with any of the other suspects that are suspect of helping orchestrate the release of the Volvox plague.All information from this interrogation session will be recorded and held for archiving.The questions begin now. “Are you really going to read my rights like this?Do you know any form of human decency anymore?You sound like a fucking robot.You couldn’t even get me a cup of water.” All requests will be fulfilled at the end of the i…

The Lore of Dolly Vampira

~Artwork by Lil Sketchy:  @ALonleyNote~

*Here is a small birthday gift to a narrator and friend of mine, Dolly Vampira*

There once existed a fair maiden Whose soul was laden Heavily prayed and Wished for a day where she could Be free from the troubles that Be and be free to Be who she wanted to be But that would never be, see
The soul of a duchess Long forgotten Once a beautiful landscape Now left dead and rotten After men came and tore it apart With intentions so misbegotten Old wars were fought in Her land should never been trotten
By such horrible men That kingdoms had sent To ask for her hand And take from her then What land she had owned Her efforts were spent To protect her people From warriors that were hell-bent
Sorrow filled her heart Like a painful needle from a dart Everything was taken so quick By people so sick And they didn’t care when it fell apart But they never knew just how smart And cunning, It was not wise for them To part, so start running
When the men had tried to depart She slaughtered them and …

The Midnight Butterfly

Everything from before Has come down to this No longer is my heart capable Of ignorance and bliss. No, now I must contend With this mess I blindly and ignorantly Left to cause distress
Chaos is what birthed me And to which I should return Even the blind can see The hell that has been unearthed Beings of old Desire to destroy Life, love, beings of new To destroy happiness and joy
Their dominion is what They desire to regain To destroy what grew but What could possibly remain After darkness and evil Are released again What could stand against Those willing to kill to win?
Power demands worship And worship demands will Love demands courtship And cannot remain still The old gods demand control Control over free will And will not stop killing Until they have their fill
Merciless as they are Bound in books they stay The Necronomicon And similar bonds delay Any attacks they could Bring upon life If released, they would Create unending pain and strife
So a choice was made The first choice was made And with that choice A sacrificed was…