Freedom Day

Little things, little steps, little movements forward, those were the instructions I’ve been given by the doctor.  But why?  I can run, I can sing, I can dance, why does he hold me back?  I can walk on my own now, and mom told me I could go home with her soon.  So why am I stuck here?  My legs were tied down before, but now I can move them!  I can go and run free if I want to, right?  It hurts a bit to stand, but I can work through the pain if I want to.  That’s what dad always told me before he took me here.  I can leave my bed whenever I want.  So why am I held here?  My wrist is tied down and I can’t seem to move it.  My legs are restrained.  Why can’t I run free?  Maybe the white board in front of my bed will give me an answer.  There appear to be some words on it.  Maybe if I can squint hard enough, I can make out the words.  I can see them now!  The words say “Severe head trauma and a severe case of memory loss from a car crash.  The injury was sustained five years ago and the patient has yet to recover. The patient is scheduled to be put to sleep today. The patient is easily agitated and should remain restrained. Approach with caution.”

This made little sense to me.  I am just fine!  I am in perfect health!  I can leave if I want to!  Maybe if you can just move these restraints, I can break free!

A man seems to be coming!  Maybe he can help!  "Sir.  Try to relax. We will be trying a new medication on you to see if it will help."

This did not sound like the sound of freedom.  "Let me free, sir!  Let me run to freedom!" 

He told me he would free me. "You'll be free soon I promise.  Once you take your medicine, you will be free."

His smile hid a lie. I could tell he did not want to free me, so I continued to scream at him for freedom.  But before I could tell him to free my any further, more men entered my room and made everything go dark. Maybe when I awake, I can try to find freedom again. Maybe when I wake up, I can find my freedom. I guess I will just have to wait until tomorrow. 


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