Revenge For Tara

As a child, I ended up going through something that few kids should ever have to deal with at such an early point in their lives, but there was little that I could have done to prevent what happened.  But when I tried to shut out the past, it came back with a vengeance, and a taste for blood.  I lived in a small town with my parents in Nebraska.  There wasn’t much to do in our small town, and I spent most my time outside with my twin sister.  We would usually have fun out on the open grassland, playing about near a creek.  Our father would be out tending to the family farm and my mother was either working in town at one of the shops or at home sewing or finding things to keep her occupied.  My mother tended to worry too much, and we were only allowed to go to certain locations out past the house without her supervision.   And on the day that everything changed, everything that followed was my fault, and set in motion terrible things to come.  
My sister and I went out to the nearby creek and played in the water.  The creek was large enough that you could hop in from a swing and swim in the water, so we had fun swinging into the creek.  We were having fun and I came up with a contest for her.  We both had a crush on a boy named Nathan who was in our class and we wanted to decide who was going to “be his” with a rope swinging contest.  The rules were simple, we would swing on the swing and the person who could make the biggest splash in the creek would be Nathan’s, and the loser would have to carry our doll to school.  My mother initially made it for my sister after we lost track of her at a state fair, but the small knitted doll with button eyes and gave it to her to have on a keychain to tell us apart.  

“Make sure you have this at all times, Tara!  I don’t want to lose track of you or Hannah, so keep it on you.”  My mother was a caring person, but had very peculiar ways of keeping track of me and my sister and satiating her own anxiety.  As someone who ended up losing her own mother at such a young age, she was very paranoid about any time we were away from her.  A lot of her paranoia caused her to create strange things, but we still loved our mother, so we carried around the tiny doll as she requested.  The only problem we had with it was that it was absolutely hideous.  It had jet black strands of yarn for hair, a torn and tattered pale body made from old sheets that were dyed white.  It had a small dark black dress covering most of it’s frame.  It was stuffed with cotton from one of the nearby fields and had two large old black buttons for eyes.  They used to be the buttons on a tailor coat and had golden points in the center of the buttons, giving the eyes a menacing appearance when the doll is facing directly at you.  A simple painted smile and slight nose completed her features.  The doll was very creepy to look at and neither my sister or I particularly cared for it, so every time we had a competition of some sort, the loser would have to take possession of the doll.  And with this competition, we had the same plans as before, whoever lost would take possession of the doll and the winner would get to ask out Nathan.
We began to start practicing on the swing, looking for the best spots in the creek with the most deep regions so that we could make the biggest splash.  There was a part of the creek that extended down several feet in a large hole.  It was the perfect spot to jump into.  I went first and readied myself for the big jump.  When I finally make the plunge and emerged from the creek, I measured where the water had reached near the grass.  It was a good splash, but after watching my sister practice, I started to feel that I might lose.  I love my sister, but I let my jealousy get the better of me, and I pushed her when she went to take her turn.  I got behind her and pushed the swing up higher than she planned for her launch and she ended up falling at the edge of the hole, slamming her leg against the hard rocks in the creek as she made her splash.  My actions not only hurt my sister, but gave her the winning advantage of momentum to beat me.  I went over to help her as she screamed when she hit the rocks and got her out of the creek.  She was in shock and disbelief at my actions.  
“Why did you do that, Hannah?”
“I-I don’t know, Tara.  I-I’m sorry.”  
I helped her home and made sure to grab everything we brought with us before we left.  My mother was in a panic when she saw my sister’s leg and immediately went to take her to the hospital.  The doctor there determined after doing an X-Ray examination that she had broken her tibia and part of her patella as the doctor described it.  Her shin bone and kneecap had been broken with clearly defined cracks under the X-Ray scan, and my mother decided as punishment for me pushing her that I would care for her until she got better over the summer.  
Tara always liked to take her school year exams ahead of time so that she could take the last week off, and she made sure to remind me while I was at school to leave Nathan be.  She did still win the contest, and I had to keep the doll on my person at all times.  When I returned home the Friday that my school year ended, my mother told me that I would be making breakfast for both myself and my sister, and that I would bring her breakfast to her bed.  I was so angry every time I saw her.  She always smirked whenever I walked into the room with her food, and she would give me a hard time about how the food was made. 
“You burnt the toast again.  The toast is supposed to be toasted, not burnt to a crisp.  If I wanted something crispy, I would have asked for chips.”
I found her demeanor more than infuriating, but there was nothing I could do about it.  This continued on for two weeks until one day, I made the mistake of leaving the stove on.  My mother wanted me to go to the fair with her and my father, and she told me to hurry in making my sister breakfast.  I didn’t like going to the fare, so my sister made sure to tease me on the way out.  
“Have fun at the fair, Hannah.  Try not to get corn or mud in your hair.”
I couldn’t stand her anymore.  I decided to take her phone secretly before leaving the room so she couldn’t keep texting Nathan like she had been, and in it’s place, I lied down the doll.  The phone was on an elevated dresser just out of her line of sight, so she wouldn’t notice that I had taken the phone unless she got up with her crutches to go and get it.  I left the house and went with my parents to the fair.  After being out there in the heat for hours, we began to notice a large cloud of smoke coming from where our house was.  My father immediately called the county fire department and asked that they send out a truck to help.  We thought that part of the field had caught fire, but that was only a fraction of what had been damaged in the flames.  Engulfed in a huge ball of fire, our entire house had been set on fire and parts of the house had already stopped burning due to the fire having been going for so long.  The fire department arrived out to our house as quickly as they could and my father and I walked through the house, trying to find remnants of anything.  When we went up to my sister’s room.  We found her dead, having tried to crawl across the floor to escape the flames with the doll in hand.  Her eyelids had burnt away, revealing her terrified and pain stricken eyes, frozen in time.  Her body was severely burnt, the flames having burnt her alive.  An ambulance was called to take away Tara’s body.  Nearly everything save for a few pans, tools, and the doll was burned, and my father couldn’t bear to live on that farm anymore, so we moved to a new house just outside of Omaha.  
Over the course of nearly a year, I slowly began to forgive myself and relinquish the guilt I felt for leaving the stove on and for taking Tara’s phone.  It was a hard process, but I slowly began to erase my sister from my life, forgetting that she was ever there for me.  I had put everything I had to remember me of her away and had almost completely forgotten her.  That was until I brought over a friend named Natalie one day to hang out.  We ended up going through my old belongings and found that same doll that Tara and I used to pawn off on each other.  Natalie wanted to explore it further.
“What is this doll, Hannah?  It looks kind of cool, but also really creepy.”
“That’s the doll my mother made for me and my sister to make sure we never got lost.”
Natalie and I had become close friends over a fairly short amount of time, so I had already told her about what had happened to Tara.  She understood why I never talked about her much and respected that.  However, her desire for the doll was one that I couldn’t ignore.  
“Hannah, is it alright if I take this old doll?  I really like it for some reason.”
Natalie was into things that appeared to have a gothic style, and this doll certainly fit the style, and she had a lot of stressful things in her life, so I figured I’d let her have it if it made her happy.
“Sure!  I was never that fond of it, so if you like it more than I do, by all means!  Take it!”
Natalie was so happy with the new gift and hugged me.  She is often busy helping out her family a lot, and her boyfriend is just short of being abusive towards her.  So I figured the doll would give her at least some comfort.  We decided to go back to her house since her family was out for the day and continued to hang out there, but on our way over, I kept noticing something strange.  Natalie had clipped the doll to her backpack and it had turned it’s eyes to face directly at me.  I thought I kept hearing it whisper to me.
“…remember me, hannah?  The one you left in the fire?”
The whisper brought back flashbacks of when I found Tara’s body, burnt on the floor.  It unnerved me and made me uneasy.  Natalie noticed it and stopped to check on me.
“Hey, are you alright?”
I lied to her and pretended that I just felt queasy for some reason.  “Yeah, I’m fine.  I just feel queasy for some reason.  Hey, can you take the doll off of your bag for just a second?  I wanna check something on it.”
“Yeah, just give me a second.  I’ve gotta grab my keys anyways.”  She let me grab the doll and it went limp when I took hold of it.  It was looking directly at me before, the head held stiffly, staring directly at me as the bag kept swaying as we made our way back to Natalie’s house.  Now it remained limp and lifeless.  It was unnerving to me, but seemed to have just been something I imagined.  I handed the doll back to Natalie and she opened up the door to let us in.
When we arrived inside, Natalie got a text from her boyfriend, telling her that he wanted to come over.  She told him no because she wasn’t home and he responded by telling her that he was watching.  She began to get nervous and her started to panic when her boyfriend started to knock on the door.  We had forgotten to lock the door so he opened it up and marched inside.  He walked right past me and backhanded Natalie, sending her tumbling to the floor.
“Nobody lies to me, bitch!  I called you three times already and you never answered, and when I asked if you were home, I expected an honest response.  Stay down, or there’ll be a lot more of that where it came from.”  He walked over towards the doll that fell out of her hands and picked it up.  “What’s this shit, babe?  Why do you keep collecting this random bullshit?”
After he picked up the doll, that same whisper I heard before became clearly audible.  
“You’re going to regret that..”
“Huh?  What is this crap?”
After Natalie’s boyfriend uttered that last statement, his face began to freeze up, mouth agape and gasping for air.  His entire body began to shudder violently, his face vibrating and a mixture of tears and blood began to stream down his cheeks.  He tried to speak, but he could only manage small yelps.  He was in a lot of pain by whatever it was that was causing him to act like this.  Natalie had crawled away from him and the doll and I walked over to her and helped her up off of the floor.  Natalie’s boyfriend began to speak again, but his voice sounded like it was merging with the voice of the doll.  And as he spoke, I became even more terrified, hearing Tara’s voice coming out of his mouth.  “Wanna-wanna see a magic trick?!”  His body began to contort itself, his arms reaching around his back and resting the doll on top of his head.  His legs and joints elsewhere began to pop as he knelt down.  The doll was lifted above his head as his head began to rotate a near 360 degrees around to face me and Natalie.  I could hear Tara’s voice through his mouth screaming at us.  “YOU’RE GOING TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING!”
Both Natalie and I screamed when her boyfriend’s head exploded like a melon, spewing brain matter everywhere and causing his body to collapse.  Natalie ran to the kitchen and I followed her.  She started looking through her cabinets for something.  I tried to help but I didn’t know what she was looking for.  
“What are you looking for?”
“Salt!  We need lots of it!  That doll is possessed and we need salt to trap it.”
We kept looking around the cabinets until I finally came across a large jar full of salt.  
I tossed the jar to her and she caught it and ran back to where the doll was.  I followed her but stopped dead in my tracks as I saw the doll standing upright.  It was shaking and shuttering violently on the floor, it’s head and arms flailing about as some dark substance started trying to bubble out of the seams.  Natalie began to quickly lay salt in a circle around the doll, making sure it had a thick ring around it before running away and hiding behind me.  The doll had something peaking out from underneath the dress.  It appeared small until it fully extended and started flailing around like a demented garden hose.  A long arm made out of shadows emerged from underneath the dress and began to try and slash at us.  It hit nearby dishes and broke the table in the living room.  Fortunately the salt limited the arm’s reach, but that didn’t stop it from scaring us by destroying everything in it’s reach.  
“What do we do, Natalie!  That thing is gonna destroy everything!”
Natalie began to throw handfuls of salt at it, causing the doll to recoil and hiss.  “Salt will cleanse it.  Help me throw salt at it!  We’ve gotta bury this thing in salt before we can contain it.”
The doll began to laugh.  It’s voice was gurgled and distorted, and it caused me to freeze up as I tried to help Natalie contain it.  
“You think stop me?  Those fires burned me alive, Hannah, but I can still get my revenge in this body.  Hope you like curses, because I’m not gonna stop until I get my revenge.”
I began to throw salt at it frantically, burying the doll in salt and scooping it into the jar.  I sealed it shut and handed it to Natalie.  “Thanks.  How did you know salt would work?”
“I had read about creepy dolls before and remembered that salt helps to cleanse and imprison the spirits.  But we can’t keep this doll, Hannah, we’ve gotta burn it.”
“That would be a great idea Natalie, the only problem is that the doll was one of the few things that didn’t burn when my house burned down a year ago.”
Natalie looked down at the jar with disappointment, knowing there was no good way to destroy the doll.  “Then we’ll have to bury it or hide it.”

There was no good place nearby to bury it where someone wouldn’t find it since we couldn’t travel far enough away to bury it, so we went to the storage unit my parents had with all of our old stuff in it and put it in there.  But after a month of it being in storage, my family kept having too many bad things happening to us.  My parents got into a car crash after going on a trip together, I ended up having to hide when someone broke into my house, and we kept hearing things in our house and seeing things fly around our house.  Tara’s soul had cursed us, so I convinced my parents to sell the storage unit and for us to move again.  As for Natalie’s boyfriend, we lied and said that he was suicidal and shot himself with the gun he always carried on him.  I’m leaving this story here with the jar now, as this is the last time I will visit this storage unit.  For anyone who finds or buys this unit, I have but one warning for you, don’t let the doll free.  Tara is still inside, and unless you can exorcise her, you will suffer the consequences.  Not even death will stop her from trying to get her revenge.


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