I'm in this room again
Everything feels familiar
The empty space, the simple chair
The bed and desk space
And the same window
The only question is
Why am I here again?

Was it something that I did wrong?
What is my crime this time?
How far down have I broken,
Or rather who have I broken?
Did someone die?
Or am I dead?
Is that even a question I can ask?

This room doesn't seem so bad
There seems to be at least some life
Aside from the dust that has accumulated
But something keeps calling to me
It's just beyond the walls, but I can't reach it
I become quieter and hear it tell me "It's not safe"
I ask the voice what I had to fear.

I continued to listen to the voice
Body pressed against the wall
The voice continued speaking
Almost as if it was a voice I recognized
"Be careful!  Don't let them know!
If they discover the truth, they'll throw
you out!  You'll become an outcast!"

I didn't know how to respond to this
Constant stream of warnings and worries
The voice began to grow louder and louder
The messages echoing all around me and
The walls beginning to decay.
I wanted to hide under the bed,
Remove my head, anything to escape and find

The voice of reason was gone
And in its place was a far darker tone.
I continued to hear murmurs all around me
Slowly growing louder and louder
The speech growing less coherent
And beginning to sound like babble.
I tried to grasp for peace and longed for

The color of the walls began to fade away
From pristine white to decaying black
The wallpaper peeled like skin and ink
Oozed onto the floor in heaping clumps
The voices around me continued to echo
The context becoming toxic like the room
"There's no hope left! Give up and die!"

The voices grew hostile, trying to instill
More and more fear into me
They called out my worst regrets and worst nightmares
They told me how I should fear everything
And continued to ask why I had no fears
They began to mock me in a jumbled fashion
"If you fear nothing, then why are you afraid now?"

The air around me began to thicken like a blanket.
The air itself vibrated with the voices as they
Had risen to a vibrant roar
They bellowed fear into my ears
Forced the sounds down my throat and began to choke me
"If you're not afraid, then why don't you die?
Death is such a pleasant escape, why don't you take it?"

I cried in pain as the voices moved and commanded the air
They were all around me, and forced the room to fall
The walls began to crumble, stone cascading down.
The life from beyond the window was gone and pitch dark
The chair, bed, and floors were rotting away.
The voices continued to scream and shout
As the walls came down.

The room was gone.
The rubble I was in had vanished, and I stood alone
In an empty space with no light and no way out
The voices had faded now to a low hum
I could barely breathe, and felt myself suffocating
The voices were fading and so was I
The voices were about to grant me

The air began to fade
I gasped, hoping to provide my lungs relief
But it never came
The voices were gone, and so was everything else
There was nothing left to me but a void
And I feared it more than anything before it
What I feared now was not the calls of paranoia
What I feared now, was the silence...


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