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Afterlife/Forever Dead

My life was never supposed to be anything special.  I wanted to live my life, make an impact, no matter how big or small it was, and then leave in peace.  But as anyone who knows me personally, peace and normality are never a given.  I remember what happened so vividly that night I was supposed to have died.  I was at a party for my daughter's wedding, having given my son in law permission to take the hand of my daughter.  He was a good boy, one that I felt at the time I could trust.  I had made the wedding a private affair in my hometown.  Many of my friends from around the world happened to make it to wish my daughter and her new husband well in the new journey they were about to embark on in their lives.  As my wife and I were about to leave the location at which we had the celebration, two unmarked vehicles drove into the front of the location and several masked men began to gun down everyone in sight.  I was struck first and fell to the ground.  I saw everyone else behind me …

Blue Oblivion

The Mariana Trench, otherwise known as the Challenger Deep, used to be the lowest point in the ocean.  Much of our ocean remains unexplored, and the lowest point we had ever found could fit the largest mountain inside of it, there would still be several thousands of feet left to travel before you reached the bottom of the trench.  This prospect is a daunting one to explore, and only three have ever been down to the bottom of the Challenger Deep.  However, I had an even larger goal in mind.  I myself am the CEO of my own company called “Dynamo” and became wealthy innovating the world and making most electronics wireless and wire free.  As much as I enjoyed the prospects of providing freedom to many around the world from the physical bounds that cords posed, I wanted to do more than just release people from physical limits like cables.  I wanted to free myself from limits, and I wanted to explore the Earth, but not in the sense that most people would think.  See, over 85% of the ocean r…


I'm in this room again
Everything feels familiar
The empty space, the simple chair
The bed and desk space
And the same window
The only question is
Why am I here again?

Was it something that I did wrong?
What is my crime this time?
How far down have I broken,
Or rather who have I broken?
Did someone die?
Or am I dead?
Is that even a question I can ask?

This room doesn't seem so bad
There seems to be at least some life
Aside from the dust that has accumulated
But something keeps calling to me
It's just beyond the walls, but I can't reach it
I become quieter and hear it tell me "It's not safe"
I ask the voice what I had to fear.

I continued to listen to the voice
Body pressed against the wall
The voice continued speaking
Almost as if it was a voice I recognized
"Be careful!  Don't let them know!
If they discover the truth, they'll throw
you out!  You'll become an outcast!"

I didn't know h…