My past js riddled 
With torment and pain
Culminating together into 
A seething mass of 
Torment and trauma
I wish to delete it

I cannot change
The events of
Days past
But I no longer
Want them in my mind
I am filled with regret

I regret having fallen
In love with you
And letting you take
All that I had from me
My love, My compassion
I wish to forget

I wish to forget
Everything we shared
So that way I could
Move on, without
A single care
I wish to delete it

I tried to get
Away from you
To gain my own freedom
To be my own person
Every time I failed
And I regretted it

What you did to me
I will never forgive
I try to distance myself
From you, you come back
To take from me
I wish to forget 

You would take my freedom
Every time I tried to gain it
You rape and take
From me everything 
That I have
I wish to delete you

Your will to imprison
And shackle me
Permeates my 
Very existence, 
Our first encounter
Fills me with regret

I had enough 
Of my mistreatment
I forced together 
A plan, one that 
I surely
Will not forget

My plans were precise
To despise of you
With a slice to your neck,
And to finish you with my knife
My plans were simple
To delete you

Disposing of your body 
Was very simple
Bury you out in the woods
And cancel all of your plans
Killing you is the one thing
I do not regret

You had no family
No friends, no one
Who relied on you
But you relied on me
So it’ll be easy for the world

To forget about you.


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