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My past js riddled  With torment and pain Culminating together into  A seething mass of  Torment and trauma I wish to delete it
I cannot change The events of Days past But I no longer Want them in my mind I am filled with regret
I regret having fallen In love with you And letting you take All that I had from me My love, My compassion I wish to forget
I wish to forget Everything we shared So that way I could Move on, without A single care I wish to delete it
I tried to get Away from you To gain my own freedom To be my own person Every time I failed And I regretted it
What you did to me I will never forgive I try to distance myself From you, you come back To take from me I wish to forget 
You would take my freedom Every time I tried to gain it You rape and take From me everything  That I have I wish to delete you
Your will to imprison And shackle me Permeates my  Very existence,  Our first encounter Fills me with regret
I had enough  Of my mistreatment I forced together  A plan, one that  I surely Will not forget
My plans were precise To de…

Born To Die

Burn.  That's all I want to feel and hear.  After what that asylum, no, after what that hellhole did to me, I never want to feel a good thing in my life again.  Because I know that anything that is good in life is only a false promise to cover up something bad that is about to come careening straight at your face like a runaway train!  I've had my fair share of hardships, but nothing could ever compare to what I have endured over the last several months.  I've done some horrific things to survive, and I never thought I'd want them to surface, but this is the only thing I can think to do, while this fire burns the rubble and wreckage that once stood as a barbaric cage.
I was a patient at the Greenwood Mental Asylum, and I was there for only a few months before this new "doctor" arrived.  I say the word "doctor" loosely because this man was more of a psychopathic monster than a doctor.  I was being treated for severe bipolar disorder inside the facilit…