The Damned Swamp Dweller

~Character List~

Mr. Boss (Joel)
Victor (Vic)

Narrator:  The legends of the Swamp Dweller of Louisiana go far back to the final days of the American Mob's golden years.  The business of crime and murder was never one that many would live to see a ripe old age.  No.  The crime business that the mob ran exploited the lives of good and bad people alike.  No one was safe from their rampage, not even the members of the mob themselves.  Rival gangs tried to fight for the same power the mob had but were never cruel or vile enough to clamber to the top.  The mob was a cruel organization that profited off of the lives and well-being of everyone, alive or dead.  That was until the day that one of the biggest mob bosses, one who had served under Al Capone and survived the fallout of the mob when he was arrested.  He had been around for many years, and had weathered many monsters in his violent past, but not one like this.  Like Lazarus of Bethany, one of  the Boss's men came back to life after having died.  Unfortunately for the Boss, he had intended for that man to remain dead and thought that he would be safe once this killer was no longer amongst the living.  Bullets and gunfire rang through the damp marsh of Louisiana.  The fog that laid over the marshland blinded all sides from each other and echoed as bullets flew by passing heads, neither side hitting their mark.

Mr. Boss:  God damn it, Carl!  Why didn't you tell me before we got stuck out here in fuck all Louisiana that this deal smelled fishy?

Carl:  But Boss!  The lady seemed nice when she told me the deal and location.

Mr. Boss:  Well, niceness and all that shit ain't gonna do us any good now, is it?  Help me shoot these bastards!  This old shack can't hold up for much longer.

Narrator:  Bullets continued to fly as Carl joined his boss in fighting off the ambush outside of the shack they were stuck fighting in.  The mistakes The Boss had made were finally catching up to him.  But to better understand, we need to revisit a time before the final shootout.

Six Months Prior...

Narrator:  Six month's prior to The Boss getting stuck in a bad deal in the marshlands of Louisiana, he had a prosperous business venture up north in Chicago.  He sold liquor and firearms to the residents of the city.  The business strategy was simple.  Arrange to buy a large amount of liquor or firearms in bulk from an undisclosed dealer in a remote location, then surprise the supplier with a quick shot to the head from The Boss's best killer, Victor, or as everyone else knew him "Slick Vic, the slickest killer in all of Chicago."  Carl had been working with Vic for just over a year to plan out these ambushes for The Boss, but Carl started to become jealous.  He envied how The Boss would treat Vic every time we celebrated another shipment heist.

The Boss:  Vic!  My boy! *laughs* You always know how to make sure the competition's more dead than the boards in their coffins.

Victor:  Well, you know me, Joel!  If they can't catch a hint, they can catch a bullet!  Those guys deserve what they got, just like how we deserve what we got.

Narrator:  They greeted each other every time a new shipment had been captured.  Both Joel and Victor would live their lives in the moment; celebrate when they captured a new shipment, or when another gang surrendered to them.  But the tides were shifting.  Carl had been speaking with some new members about Victor, and had convinced them that Victor was not the gang member they could trust.

Mark:  Are you sure about this, Carl?  I mean, even if we don’t trust Vic, that doesn’t mean that The Boss is gonna take our advice.  The Boss is a smart man, and we could be killed for this-“

Carl:  Quit your stammering, Mark!  You’re either with us or against us.  This is for the gang, remember?

Mark:  Y-yeah.  You’re right, Carl.  We have to do this for the gang.

Carl:  Good.  Sam, you still in?

Sam:  I sure am!  We’ll be better off once we off that hitman!

Narrator:  Carl had been planning to expose Victor as a nefarious hitman who couldn’t be controlled or trusted.  He took Mark and Sam along with him on New Year’s Eve while everyone else was celebrating and snuck into The Boss’s main warehouse, where all gang members kept their “work” belongings and equipment.  They snuck inside and grabbed Victor’s notepad.  They wrote down The Boss’s name and took the notepad with them.  They grabbed his handgun and made their way to The Boss’s office.  They waited there until The Boss arrived alone.

The Boss:  Hey Carl, Sam, and Mark!  What are you boys doing here so late?

Narrator:  Carl was the first to speak, and the others soon followed.

Carl:  Boss!  Mark, Sammy, and I got something to say to you.

Mark:  Don’t trust Vic.

The Boss:  What do you mean “Don’t trust Vic?”

Sam:  We mean it, Boss!  We were hearing amongst the other boys that Vic planned on betraying you to become the new head honcho himself!  Don’t believe us?  Take a look at this!

Narrator:  Sam handed The Boss Victor’s journal, where he took note of the time, place, and method of execution he killed someone by.  Towards the back of the journal were a few pages dedicated to what Victor had written down as his “Kill List”.  Towards the end of the list, Carl had forged The Boss’s name into the journal and made the handwriting look convincingly similar to Victors.

The Boss:  Hmm…I see my name is written down here towards the end.

Narrator:  The boss saw before him a convincing forgery of his name in Victor’s journal.  As much as Joel admired and respected Victor both for his work and as a person, he could not ignore this threat, especially after having escaped the threat of a previous hitman he had hired.

The Boss:  Well, it’s clear to me that we can no longer rely on Vic for his services.  Carl, Sam, I leave it to you to see that he’s dealt with.

Narrator:  The boss began writing down a quick note on a piece of paper.

The Boss:  Take him to this location, and once you get there-

Narrator:  The boss motioned with his thumb across his neck, indicating his intentions for Victor.

The Boss:  Cut our ties with him, permanently.

Carl:  Yes sir!

Narrator:  Carl and Sam approached Victor the next morning and told him of the boss’s change of plans for him.  They made the long drive from Boston all the way down to the marshes of Louisiana.  They arrived in Houma as the night began to show it’s frightening grimace across the bayou waters.  Carl and Sam drove Victor to the docks and got out of the car with him.

Victor:  So, what are we doing out here fellas?  The Boss told us that we were supposed to pick up a special package.

Sam:  Yeah?

Victor:  So where’s the package?

Carl:  You are, Vic.

Narrator:  Victor was very intelligent, but was not quick enough to be able to protect himself.  Right as Carl had finished his statement, he had already pulled out a long knife and had slashed Victor’s neck wide open.  Blood began to gush out of the exposed gash in his neck.  Victor sputtered, choking on his own blood.  He started backing away from Carl towards the edge of the docks, but Carl was quick to kick him into the waters.

Carl:  *laughs* Sorry Vic!  You were just too close to the Boss for your own good.

Narrator:  Carl and Sam returned to the car and began to remove a large sand bag from within the trunk and tossed the bag down into the water, making sure the bag landed on top of Victor and weighted his body at the bottom of the marsh.

Carl:  There!  That’ll make sure his body doesn’t float to the surface.

Sam:  Serves that traitor right.  Let’s get the hell outta here.  This place is fucking dead.

Three Months Prior…

Narrator:  Three months had gone by since Victor was killed and left abandoned in the bayou, and the Boss had appointed Carl in his place for doing such a great job at killing off Victor.  Or so they thought.  As the months went by, a new gang down in the South had been killing off the competition and was making a name for itself in the illegal alcohol business.  The threat of new competition loomed over the boss’s head.  Worse yet, a lot of his men who had head down South on previous missions never came back.  Some of the locals noticed that travelers were randomly disappearing near Houma in Louisiana.

Lisa:  Are these the last two intruders you found in our territory?

Jessie:  Yes, ma’am!
Mark:  Look!  Johnny and I were just here to send a message to you from our boss up in Boston.

Johnny:  Yeah!  Our boss sent us down here to try and work out a trade agreement.

Narrator:  Jessie placed her gun up against Johnny’s temple.

Jessie:  Then what are you doing out here in the middle of the night near our refinery?

Mark:  Look, can you please cut us a deal or let us go?

Narrator:  Lisa had had enough of listening to Mark and Johnny beg for their lives and fired her gun at Mark’s head, killing him instantly.  Jessie followed suit with her gun, killing Johnny.  Both of the ladies dragged their bodies to the pond and tossed their bodies in.  Jessie gave a sigh of relief after the deed was done and began to speak her mind to Lisa.

Jessie:  You know, miss Lisa, we could go after those men in Boston and kill their Boss?

Narrator:  Lisa let out a light chuckle at the thought of storming in on the gang up north and shooting Mark’s boss in the head.

Lisa:  That would be fun wouldn’t it?  However, I have a better idea.

Narrator:  Lisa began motioning her gun in the air, as she began to tell in detail her orchestrated plan to expand her growing criminal empire.

Lisa:  The leader of the two men we killed earlier, a man by the name Joel, used to be an old friend of mine, before he betrayed me and shot my father in the chest.  I have no doubt that he’s probably fearing that I will soon overtake his criminal organization and will either overthrow him or kill him.  He likely sent these two men to try and assassinate me, but we both know how that turned out.

Jessie:  We sure do, miss!

Lisa:  Therefore, we’ll send one of our own and invite Joel down here to Houma.  I’ll set up a few of our weaker guards to make sure no funny business happens while Joel and I sign a contract.  Once it’s signed, I’ll reach over with my trusty blade, Vernice, and make sure Joel tastes the revenge I’ve been waiting to feed to him for years.  Once that’s done, the rest of our gang will surround Joel’s men and kill them all.  There will be little to interfere, and if anything does happen, I feel that the Swamp Dweller will take care of the visitors.

Jessie:  How do you know the Swamp Dweller is on our side, miss Lisa?

Lisa:  I just know it’s on our side.  I can feel it.

The Present…
Narrator:  This brings us to the present of when these events took place.  As was planned, Joel and Lisa were to meet in Houma, but something started happening outside of the cabin where the agreements were being signed.  A scream was heard and then a series of shots went off.  The members of both gangs began firing off in a frenzy.  It was enough for Lisa to exit the cabin and see what was going on.  Jessie ran to her side to fill her in on the situation.

Jessie:  It’s madness, miss Lisa!  One of Joel’s men freaked out and started firing off his gun like a chicken with no head!  Everybody’s been shooting and it hasn’t stopped.

Narrator:  Both Lisa and Joel emerged from the cabin to quell the fighting.

The Boss:  Stop shooting you fucking idiots!

Lisa:  Cease fire!

Narrator:  But despite their best efforts to quell the violent outburst, they were unable to avoid beingdetected by the authorities.  The local sheriff arrived with five of his deputies to try and stop the fighting, but they were far outnumbered.  Jessie handed Lisa her tommy gun as she confronted the sheriff.

Sheriff:  Stop!  Don’t move any closer, Elizabeth Moreau, or we’ll shoot!

Narrator:  Lisa responded in a coy manner, mocking their authority.

Lisa:  What seems to be the problem, officer?

Sheriff:  The problem is that we have a warrant for your arrest, as well as for Joel McEvvoy

Lisa:  But what is it that we’ve done wrong, officer?

Sheriff:  Don’t play dumb with me!  Your little liquor operation here is going under, and we’re taking you all in.

Narrator:  Lisa grew tired of listening to the sheriff and pulled out her tommy gun.  She began to fire a flurry of rounds at the officers, killing the Sheriff and his deputies almost instantly.  From behind everyone, the same man who had been freaking out was dragged off of the dock and sank beneath the water.  Joel’s men moved away from the docks out of fear and Lisa seized this moment to begin firing again at Joel and his men.  Joel and Carl rushed back to the shack, trying to avoid the bullets that were flying everywhere.  Bodies began to line the dock, bullets having landed a mark and the lives of both gangs quickly began to dwindle.  Lisa made her way through the gunfire towards the shack, aiming to end Joel’s life like she had planned to all of those years ago.  But Carl got a well placed shot at her abdomen, and landed a shot there.  Blood began to pour out of her side as she tried to make her way towards the shack through the gunfire.  Through all of the gunfire, no one heard the screams that had been coming from the edge of the docks.  Men from both gangs were being dragged into the water by an unknown being.  Finally, as Lisa arrived at the front of the shack she aimed her gun through the exposed window at Joel, but the gun didn’t fire.

Lisa:  What?!  I’m out?

Narrator:  Carl and Joel emerged from the shack, both guns aimed at Lisa’s head.  Lisa turned her head, looking for any of her men or Jessie who could help her, but all of them were either killed or had fled.

The Boss:  Now that that’s over, let me take care of something first.

Narrator:  Joel turned his gun to face Carl and promptly shot him in the head.

The Boss:  *sigh* now with that incompetent bastard out of my way, it’s time to deal with you, like I should have when I dealt with your father all of those years ago, Elizabeth.

Narrator:  Joel aimed the gun at Lisa’s hair, readying himself to fire, but he had run out of bullets as well.

The Boss:  I’m out?  Shit!  How the hell can I be out of bullets?

Narrator:  Joel threw his gun down in disbelief, but froze as he saw something moving behind Lisa.

The Boss:  Elizabeth, what’s that green thing behind you?

Narrator:  Lisa turned herself around and found herself facing the Swamp Dweller, the mysterious monster she had entrusted to eliminate Joel’s men.

Lisa:  The Swamp Dweller has arrived!  Please get rid of this awful man once and for all, great Swamp Dweller.

Narrator:  But in a rather gruesome turn of events, the Swamp Dweller placed an arm on her left shoulder, and proceeded to tear her head off of his neck with it’s other arm.  The act caused Joel to jump back in fear.  He could see the Swamp Dweller’s full figure now.  It was a large humanoid figure with moss covering it’s entire body.  It wore the simplest of clothing and had a large mask covering it’s face.   The Swamp Dweller began to utter in a deep and gritty tone.

Victor:  Hey Boss, did you miss me?

Narrator:  The Swamp Dweller tackled Joel to the ground and loomed over Joel’s face.

The Boss:  Victor is that you?

Victor:  I was once Victor, but now I am the Swamp Dweller.

Narrator:  Joel began to stammer.

The Boss:  Hey, um.  Look!  This is all crazy!  Let’s just head back home and you can have everything else that I have left of my empire.  I want to share it with you, or what’s left of you.

Narrator:  The Swamp Dweller started to chuckle, and it slowly grew into a long and frightening laugh.

Victor:  There’s nothing left for me boss.  And soon there will be nothing left for you too!

Mr. Boss:  I don’t understand!  Please, Vic!  I promise we can work this out.

Victor:  *laughs again, showing signs of insanity* There’s nothing to work out, Joel.  You tried to kill me when you damn knew well you couldn’t do it yourself, and now I’m going to drag you down beneath the dark waters with me.

Narrator:  Joel was dragged by his feet, clawing at the wood docks, trying his best not to be dragged into the water with the Swamp Dweller, but his struggles were no match for the sheer might of the Swamp Dweller.  The Swamp Dweller dragged Joel down into the waters along with him, vanishing, never to be seen or heard from again.  It has been quite some time since I told this tale to anyone.  With Grandma Jessie having just passed away a couple of years back, I find it only fitting to share this story, that way the legend of the Swamp Dweller never dies.  As old as the story is, I still think that the Swamp Dweller still dwells deep in the marshes of Houma, waiting for his next victim to pass by.


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