A Demon In A Hard Place

This encounter happened back when I was in middle school.  I was inside of a locker room at the time and I and the rest of my class were changing out of our gym clothes and preparing to head home.  One of my classmates had been planning what he considered to be a "great prank" and schemed with another one of my classmates to summon a demon inside of the locker room.  I had heard of their plans a week before but had my doubts as to whether or not they would be able to summon a demon but had no idea how serious my classmate was about summoning this demon.

I was rushing to finish getting dressed, so I entered one of the bathroom stalls so I could relieve myself and quickly change clothing inside of the stall.  My classmate entered the bathroom section of the locker room and pulled out a Necronomicon he had sneaked inside of the room.  He signaled over to his friend to shut off the lights and plunged the entire room into darkness.  I heard my classmate begin to shout out some form of chant in front of the bathroom mirrors and winced as I heard screams echo inside of the room.  

I had finished getting dressed and decided it was better to try and leave before anything got worse.  But as my hand reached up to grab my gym bag that was hanging from a hook on the stall door, I winced and fell back as I felt a sharp stabbing pain across my left index finger.  I thought that maybe I had scratched myself across the metal hook that held up my gym bag, and in that moment it seemed very possible.  But my theories about what had scratched me quickly faded away as I left the stall and the lights were turned back on.  

Everyone, including both of my classmates who were responsible for both summoning and later banishing this demon, had been slashed across their backs, chests, and across their necks.  I was in a hurry to try and leave before the demon could attack me next, but as the lights came on, the demon had vanished, only leaving behind the marks of its presence on everyone in the room.  I had not even noticed the extent of the damage to my finger until I was sitting in my bus seat and struggling to stop it from bleeding all over the floor and bus seat.  The scratch on my finger healed over in a rather prominent and clear scar on my finger and looked similar to the scars that my friends had on their backs and chests.  But what was strange to me was that I was only attacked on my index finger, the only part of me that extended out beyond the door of the stall when I lifted my gym bag off of the hook on the door.

I've kept in touch with some of my friends from my class and they still say that they have the scars from that day across their skin and the marks look very similar to mine.  What we have never understood was why the demon never slashed me across my back or chest but ended up slashing me across my finger.  Some of them said that the stall was somehow blessed or protected from malevolent spirits.   One of my other classmates suggested that it had a physical reach like an animal or some creature.  That theory seemed rather implausible since it was inconsistent with our knowledge of spirits.   One of my friends thinks it was all just a wicked prank constructed by our classmates so that they could get away with slashing people across their backs and chests in the dark.  It seemed plausible, but no blade or blunt object was ever found in the locker room or on their person.  I have never found out the real reason I wasn't fully attacked, but my class learned that day the consequence of summoning a demon in a hard place.  The marks from a demon last forever, and serve as a harsh reminder for those who mess with malevolent spirits.


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