Bitter Winter

I tried to stop them
I tried to stop them
They told me what to do
They said they wouldn't
Hurt my family.

But they betrayed me
They betrayed their own boss
He betrayed his own father.
A simple job was all he had
For me.

Deliver the message
To the doctor they said
Release my family
They told me
Just finish the job and
They would be safe.

But the doctor,
He was cruel and
Rotten to the core.
He was no longer
A doctor, but was
Now a psychopath.

There was a problem.
He started attacking me
Telling me not to return
Telling me to destroy
The message before
Murdoch arrived.

But as soon as he spoke
He stopped fighting,
And asked for the message.
After receiving the message
He chuckled and told me
to leave his room.

It was too strange
to approach such a doctor
who was himself a patient
In a mental institution,
having broken down
from a past tragedy.

But he stood stern,
And said he could
Use the information.
I had no idea
What became of him
Or what he planned
To do with the message.

But I found myself
Quickly realizing
How he became
Who he was.
Those people, no!
Those things,
They destroyed everything.

They took my family
From me, in front
Of my very eyes.
My loving wife,
My only son,
And my two
Beautiful daughters,
All were taken.

I had returned home
But was no longer mine.
My home was destroyed
By the same people
Who destroyed him,
The doctor they
Claimed to depend on.
But it didn't make sense.

"Gidnash requires a catalyst,
one you will train at Greenwood."
That was the message,
One that took too long to deliver.

They destroyed my life
Because of a loss of time,
Time spent fighting nurses,
Who claimed he was gone.

That doctor, no!
That monster is responsible
For everything that happened!
I came home not to find those people
But to find him standing near my family.

He held a gun in his hand pointed
At their heads and told me to choose
Who would go out easy.
I couldn't choose, so he chose for me.
My wife was shot in the head.
He tossed his gun aside.

He signaled for two people to
Arrive and restrain me as he
Destroyed everything I loved.
He took my son next,
Revealed a scalpel,
Then began to slowly
Scalp his skull.

He moved on next to my youngest
Daughter and forced her to remove
Her clothing in front of me and
Her older sister.
She cried and pleaded for it
To all stop and to be let go.
He took a crowbar and beat her
Beat her and impaled her in front of me.

He licked the blood of my youngest daughter
And forced me to fight my restrainers.
I was stunned and forced to the ground.
I was furious and broken,
Desperately fighting to save my final child.
He took out a can of lighter fluid,
He took a sip out of the can,
Then kissed my oldest daughter,
Forcing the fluid down her throat.

He slapped her, forcing her to choke
On the fuel and swallow it.
He then proceeded to move away from us
And grab a blow torch.
He shoved the nozzle down her throat,
And pulled the trigger on the nozzle.
My daughter burned alive from the inside
Before my very eyes.
The last of my children,
Forced to suffer an unimaginable death.

He laughed as he watched
His destruction unfold,
As the flames consumed everything
Around me.  He laughed as he loomed
Over me, revealing his sickening grin
And the pleasure he took in taking
Everything I cared about in my life
And destroying innocent lives.

I understood now
Why he was
What he was.
He turned into this monster
Because of Gidnash,
Because of the followers of Gidnash.
What I witnessed was true darkness
And watched it swallow everything whole.

He kicked my face in and
My world went black.
When I awoke, I had the blowtorch
And gun in hand, and was under
Arrest for murdering my own family.
My jury ruled that I was insane
When my family was killed
And I was placed in that room.

I was placed in the same room
That I found the doctor.
To undergo rehabilitation
For my "actions".

There will be nothing
That could replace
What I had lost.
My year, and my life
Were coming to a close,
Because of a message.

A message I was ordered
To deliver to ensure
The safety of my family
From an enemy I couldn't fight.
I failed to save my family,
And as the fires died down,
My world grew cold.
The end will not come soon for me.

I pray for a bitter winter,
For one, for all, and especially for Dr. Murdoch.


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