The Split Soul of Jeeps Creeps

     The legend of Jeeps Creeps is much darker than many will initially imagine.  With an innocent name such as Jeeps Creeps, most would initially perceive him to be the product of a young and wild imagination!  If that was true, then the lives of those who remember the cold, dark, and empty grasp of Jeeps Creeps would have nothing to say.  But the fact of the matter is that he will forever live on in a form much less than human.

      The earliest information anyone knows of the man was his previous name of Jordan Pryce, a man who was known by many of his peers to be a rather peculiar individual.  He always believed in the occult and found a bit of solidarity in things that were a bit more than dark and strange.  He never bothered making attempts to be an active member of society and often retreated into introverted isolation within his home.  Very few know of his true profession as a young man, but many believed he worked down at a local library.  His mother was supportive of his desire to interact with and encounter the dark and macabre.  He was often seen by his fellow peers as a freak and was often cast out of almost all social settings and social aspects.  In nearly any facet, he was seen as too strange and too "imperfect" in their eyes to be associated with them.  As a result, many of his peers would avoid him, almost making avoiding Jordan a game.

     He was constantly assaulted with verbal and physical abuse, both from his peers and from his abusive father.  Unlike his mother, his father was very unsupportive of him, and would often beat him and his mother for going against his wishes.  His father told him that he was worth less than nothing, and would do his very best to remind his son of this daily.  There was little more in the world than the hatred he saw in his father's eyes.  Never once did his father say that he loved him, and never once did he receive the respect from his father, not only as a son but as a human being.  The torment continued to plague him on for many years, slowly disheartening him.  He tried to convince himself that he could hold up under the struggles and strain of it all, but during his Senior year prom, he snapped.

      Jordan went without a date since he was unable to get the chance to ask someone to join him at the dance.  But to his surprise, he was announced Prom king.  He was so excited to have been chosen the king, after years of what felt to him like absolute torture from his peers, he finally felt some form of acceptance.  That was until a large bucket of warm tar was poured over him and a large back of synthetic feathers were thrown on top of him.   The announcer approached Jordan and teased him, making a face at him and throwing jazz hands in his face.  He danced around Jordan, making chicken noises and flapping his arms.  Jordan trudged his way through the tar and ran out of the main ballroom in which prom was taking place.  Feeling defeated, he ran home to his house and remained outside.

     He was often known to light fires in the woods behind his fence.  Many of his neighbors would watch him from a distance as he would sit around a fire.  And tonight was no exception.  He was followed out this time by some of the boys from the ballroom, who stalked him back to his house and to the woods where he would light fires.  They beat him into the ground, kicking in some of the bones in his ribcage, laughing as other bones in his body began to snap.  Three ribs, two of his fingers, his left wrist, and his jaw, all were broken as the boys stomped on his body in the woods.  They left Jordan there in tears, coughing up blood as the boys ran away from his broken body laughing with much-twisted merriment.

     Still wracked with pain from nearly every part of his body, Jordan began to sit up and stare at the flames, mind having finally fractured from the overwhelming reality that no one cared if he died, and would be happier if he was gone.  He snapped as the reality that he had no importance to anyone in his personal life and that his life meant nothing but an added weight to his community began to set in.  He withdrew a journal from within his suit jacket and began to recite a short spell.  The words within the journal began to summon forth a spirit through the smoke and flames that raged on in front of him.  He called forth to the entity that appeared within the flames to change him.  He no longer wanted to be human and wanted to become a dark force amongst men.

     As the flames from the other world washed over Jordan, bathing his body in a new light, the tar and feathers began to burn away from one side of his body, forever scarring him.  Jordan was no longer entirely human after having been affected by the entity he summoned forth to aid him.  He was a chimera; no longer fully human in body or soul.  His body and soul had merged with that of a demon, forever warping his mind and physicality.  He was no longer Jordan Pryce; and on that day forward, he was forever known, as Jeeps Creeps.  He began to rain down terror and horror within his community, first slaughtering the family and bullies that had abused him for many years, then slowly branching out to corrupt the minds, souls, and bodies of the other residents that surrounded his old home.  He hasn't been seen since that spring, all those years ago, and the scars from his rampage have not aged well on this community.  But having been one of the few survivors of his rage, I should count myself lucky.  After all, there are few who encounter Jeeps Creeps and are able to retell the tale.



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