Gidnash's Inner Thoughts

    I have waited for millennia to feast upon mortal flesh, and now, I finally have my opportunity.  I often pondered what freedom amongst men would be like, but now, I can feel it just beyond the veil.  My time to reign above the surface of the Earth is nearly upon us, and I can sense it with every part of my being.  But I am not there just yet.  No! No!  I must wait for my loyal servants to bring to me Clarity before I can venture forth.  As much as I wish I could rip humans limb from limb, I must wait before I am fully tangible to venture into the real world.  But it will not be long now.

     Oh, how long it has been since I last walked upon the Earth!  I have always loved claiming mortal lives before, but no other worlds have had such loud voices, such piercing screams, such violent and beautiful cries of terror than that of the humans of Earth.  Oh, how I long for the days when all you had were simple sticks and fire to play with.  Now, you've carved out the surface of the Earth and made special homes for yourselves.  You may think that you are the ruling force in the universe, but you could not be any further from the truth.  I am Gidnash, and I love to devour those with the largest fears.

     Everyone fears something.  It may be something as simple as arachnids, or something as large as a fall off of a mountain.  In either case, both can result in an event that steals the life from a human.  You may fear death from a serial killer or crazed psychopath.  You may fear malevolent souls coming back to haunt you or cause you harm.  You may even have fears of things that could not possibly harm you like dolls or sentient robots.  Anything with an unfriendly face can strike fear in someone, but not everyone. Any sound that isn't familiar can sound threatening.  The laugh of a clown, the shriek of a young woman, the growl of an unknown beast, all of these things can strike fear in even the strongest and bravest of humans.  Fear is subjective, so I have made myself quite the connoisseur of the emotion itself.  And I am more than hungry for a fresh dose of it.

    For some, they fear gut-wrenching gore and blood, for others they fear soulless eyes or demonic curses, and for others, they fear the unknown and what might lie beyond it.  I have become an entity that thrives off of fear and, for some, causes it.  Fear, regardless of whether or not we are aware of any possible danger, can present itself to us in various ways.  I say us, for I do have fears of my own.  Even the embodiment of fear can have fears that it holds dear as well.  If I am unable to utilize the tools of Clarity and the humans reach them, they shall be able to dispose of me and erase me from existence.  Above all else, I must reach the tools of Clarity and use them to not only create a physical form for myself but to create a bridge from my realm to the realm of the humans so that I may have my fun and my feast.

     Part of what has kept me going, and will prove to be humanity's downfall if I exceed, is that they know I'm coming, and the fear of my release from my prison serves as a great appetizer to the beautiful banquet that will result from all of humanity fearing for their lives.  To do this, I must confide within the humans who oppose me, find what terrified them as children and exploit it maliciously.  Humans may be unimpressionable as adults, but as children, they were easy prey and had to be wary of any danger that could befall them.  This will be the tool of their destruction and my eventual victory over humanity, but it will all have to wait.  My loyal subjects have done well in finding information on the tools of Clarity and my opponents' worst fears, but this war is just beginning.  To achieve my victory I will have to find what they fear the most and destroy them once I have found it, and this I can assure you I will do.  After all, not everyone is afraid of everything, but everyone is afraid of something.


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