The Strangle

There isn't a way out
There's no way out!
No shelter, no shelter
No safety, no safety
There's nowhere safe here!

It's too dark out
Too dark out, too dark out!
There's nothing left for me,
Nothing left, nothing left.
Not since I searched out Clarity.

Something came in
Something did, it did
It took my life
One life, personal strife
Pain lingers on with me

I was alone in a room
Alone, forget all I've known.
It continues to haunt me
Pursue me, pursue me.
I continue to carry on

Inside of the darkness
Swallowed up, swallowed up
By Gidnash.
Darkness personified, eyes opened wide
I can't hide from him.

I pursued after Clarity
And paid the price,
Not nice, never nice.
I served my cause well,
But not well enough.

Air is beginning to close
No pros, humanity owes.
My lungs burn with fire
Not desire, placed at a pyre.
I must finish my speech.

Finding Clarity was one part
Just a start, only a start
It has all answers within
Human sin, cannot win
No hope from Gidnash

We've opened a door
Cannot close anymore, no more
It cannot be done
We never won, overdone
Clarity cannot close the door

We searched out answers
Seek out, learn about
The truth of life and our creator
None greater, pray for a savior
Gidnash is coming

Fire is spreading throughout
Burning out, can't live without.
The air in my lungs,
The last song was sung, head remains hung.
Pray for a savior.

My body feels cold
This soul is old, the story is told.
Gidnash will find those who seek
Preys on the weak, future looks bleak.
Clarity is our only hope.

I can feel his breath,
Nothing left, nothing but death.
Death to me, death to us.
Cannot discuss, cannot discuss.
Clarity can save us from Gidnash.

Find Clarity before Gidnash finds us.


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