The Lone Hitch Hiker

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     Ah!  Freedom!  Finally!  I needed to get the fuck outta there!  Nothing adds up.  I woke up with my cell door wide open and everyone inside was dead and gone.  Old blood and rotten flesh had been discarded everywhere, but for some reason, I was perfectly fine.  Well, I was fine on the surface.  The first thing I noticed after actually leaving the damn place was that I can't feel my own heartbeat.  My skin is also a bit paler than I remember, but that's probably from not having done jack shit as long as I've been down in that place.  I just..I can't remember why the hell I was down there in the first place.  I made my way up to the warden's office, door left open, before leaving and grabbed a manila folder that was laid out on the front of the desk.  I've been reading it out as I walked away from that old prison, but nothing seems to make sense.

      This thing was written in April, but from the surrounding wild grass and trees in the distance, it's at least already fall.  I've been asleep for months and whatever happened to that place happened to me too.  Apparently, there was some outbreak of a government-created disease. that was made to better understand highly infectious diseases like HIV.  But it spread too quickly.  It made its way into the state penitentiaries through the food, and then it spread.  Spreading slowly at first, the American government tried to contain it, but it was like trying to shut the doors on an oncoming tsunami.  Like a wave, the country was swept in a matter of months, people getting sick and dying off.  The people who were sick ended up being left to die in there.  Some prisoners got so hungry that they broke out and consumed others.  The thing I don't get is why I was left alive.  My door was opened, so I should be dead, but I'm not.

      I continued to read on as I walked down the highway, away from the prison, reading the folder aloud.  I always had a bad habit of reading things aloud so I wouldn't miss out on any details of what I was reading.  I continued on for awhile down the road until an RV pulled over next to me.  I didn't have my thumb up, so the driver's first question to me made no fucking sense. "Ah!  Look what we got here, fellas!  Another hitchhiker!"

     I responded to them too quickly.  "What the fuck do you want?"

     "Oh!  We got a feisty one!"  The driver removed a silver revolver from the glove compartment and the windows on the side opened up to reveal five other people with handguns.  "Give us what you got those pockets, son!"

      I looked up at them sternly.  "Hey, look here man!  I just got out of that prison over there!  I don't have jack shit!"

       Something in the driver's face changed as he looked closer at me.  "Wait!  You're one of those walkers!  Shoot him!"

      They opened up on me, shooting a barrage of bullets at my body, sending me  back on the ground.  My vision quickly went black.  I was out for awhile, but when I woke back up, I was lying next to the RV, but all of the people who shot at me were laid out in the grass, shot dead.  The bullet holes in my body were gone and my shirt was tattered.  I got up and walked over to one of the bodies that had been shot in the head and took off his clothes.  I put on his jeans and hoodie.  Some clothing was better than nothing.  I made sure to bring along one of the handguns and picked back up the folder I was reading.  I found a pen off of one of the bodies and decided to start writing all of this down.

     Little of this makes any sense to me, but a few things have become clear.  The first thing is that I can't be killed because I'm already dead and without a pulse.  The second thing is people will be out to kill me because of what I've become.  And the third thing is that I need to stay hidden from all weary eyes.  Maybe I'll get a chance to read this out, and maybe read out some other people's stories, but for now, I'm just gonna keep going down this highway.  I'm the one Hitch Hiker who can't afford to look for help, so I'll just keep on going down this road, reciting this folder and any new stories I happen to find along the way.


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