Path of Souls

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The pale clouded sky,
The feeling of cold water below my feet.
There's little more that I hate
Besides possibly defeat.
I have passed yet again
Back into limbo.
But this time around
I'm not quite sure which way to go.

I feel lost out here again.
This isn't the first time I've been here.
In limbo, waiting for my next destination,
But there's no clear path to walk across.
I've lived through many lives
But never found the answer
I still seek out the answer,
But I've never found it.

I feel that I've wasted my lives,
Wasted all of my chances,
Searching for this answer.
Even back when I believed
That the world would never end,
I still knew that finding Clarity
Would determine my fate.
It still will determine my fate.

Regardless of what comes next,
I must find Clarity first.
Even as I walk over this glossed surface,
There's nothing that will clear my path
Quite like Clarity.
But not only do I depend on it,
But every person, alive or dead
Depends on its answers.

Each of my lives follows me,
Portraying a mirror image of each path.
A huntsman, a princess, a merchant,
Every one of my lives went to waste,
My pursuit always just falling short.
No matter how many roads I took,
The precautions I made,
I could never find Clarity.

Truth be told, Clarity is more than salvation.
Clarity brings mutual destruction.
Clarity is both life and death.
And now that the doors have been opened,
Gidnash will not rest till the doors of life
Have been sealed forever.
He remains a product of Clarity,
Designed to close the door itself.

Past the twisted trees of fate,
And the pools of reflection and lost souls,
There is one more open door.
But the closer I get to the door,
The closer I feel the approach of Gidnash.
I must find the tools of Clarity
Before he devours everyone.
Just like he did Blake.

The struggle will be harder than ever
And Gidnash has his arm on my shoulder.
He will hang over me in my final life
And final attempt at saving humanity.
I have a gift, but it is nearly spent.
I remember my past lives but have wasted
far-far too many.  This is my final chance.
I must find Clarity before Gidnash devours us all.


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