Fears of Devil Corp.

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     I can't talk much, but I need to get this message out.  I know I'm being watched and this message is being monitored, but I know I don't have time.  To put it simply, I don’t imagine myself living much longer.  My job started out a bit different from your conventional job.  The way my company pitched it to me, I was supposed to be a subsidiary under their system while owning my own business.  I got a starter kit and planned on working my way up the ranks independently, but I quickly came to realize how that would become an absolute nightmare.  

     For starters alone, I should’ve seen how the contract in itself was me practically signing my mortal soul away to them.  In truth, I was selling myself to them for slave work and receiving little pay from it.  I worked my ass off for them, only to be asked of more when my results were falling too short for them.  I should’ve seen it coming.  I worked ten hours every day filling quotas for them while working on my own stuff, but I wasn’t making as many sales as they liked.  They kept pressuring me to work harder and began to dock what little pay I had.  There were some weeks where myself and my other coworkers were hardly receiving any payback and went on the few measly dollars we were able to manage.  I had been tricked into believing that I could work my way up in ranks to becoming a higher paid employee on the basis of my own efforts, but that quickly began to seem less and less likely.  Simultaneously, my debts began to pile up.

     But unlike a normal company, Devil Corp was very different in how they recruited new employees, and how they “promoted” you.  They have a system of titles they appoint you the more hours you work and the more sales you make, but there’s no raise in salary or real change in occupation.  You gain a new title at each milestone, and nothing else comes from it.  The only thing that changes the more and more you climb is the fewer freedoms as an individual.  You work less for yourself the more and more you clock in hours for them, and you lose less of an identity of self in your work the higher up in “rank” you go.  There came a point when I was working where I wanted to question the authority of the looming corporation that had my name in contract, but that’s the tricky part, they do not allow any of their employees to speak bad of them.  Unlike a normal employee, who would normally get fired for speaking bad or trying to lower the image of  a major corporation, Devil Corp likes to make you suffer while they still have a grip on you.

     I slowly watched my savings dwindle as I worked over the course of a year for Devil Corp.  There were hidden fees everywhere, potholes that would result in a deduction of my pay, and if they felt I didn’t meet their quotas for that week, they’d refuse to pay me.  I tried to keep some form of hope in my mind that I would make it through my contract, but my hope began to dwindle.  I reached out to my friends to help me, but I could never reveal to them who I really worked for.  My “supervisor”, if you could call him that, warned me of one of the few known cases of an employee who left before their contract was terminated.  He actually didn’t live that far from me.  He was found dead on his front lawn, having been shot in the head with a silenced handgun.  No one heard him die, and his body was found with no evidence to trace back to a killer.  His body was a message to all of the other employees who worked in the same area; don’t piss off Devil Corp.  

     The only problem for me is I gave up and left one week before my contract was terminated.  Normally, I wouldn’t be too concerned with leaving a company, but Devil Corp is different.  They were afraid that I was going to speak about them, and have been monitoring me.  I keep seeing unmarked vans drive by my house.  Sometimes I see people in shades and dark clothing at night, just staring at my house from down the street.  I live alone, and few of my friends would believe what is going on.  None of my old coworkers can help me, and Devil Corp has already convinced the police, who I called in to monitor my situation, that my case was a hoax, and that they would not be returning to my house to investigate the people who have been watching me.  I’m writing this all down from my upstairs bedroom as fast as I can because one of them is waiting outside my front door and there is a van right behind him across the street.  I know I don’t have much time left, so to anyone who may find this paper, share my story.  Warn everyone about the power and evils of Devil Corp, and make sure that they know the danger they could be walking into before it’s too late.  


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