Do My Bidding

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Do my bidding
I command you now
As your master
And not as a subservient
Of a God
Or another creator
I created you
And you answer to me.

Do my bidding
For I was summoned forth
By the tools of Clarity
To do unto humanity
As they had done unto me
To strike not with blunt force
But to strike with forces
Very quickly

Do my bidding
Now, as I command my armies
To march forth upon all
Of modern civilization
To ignore the voices
That call you the season
Of damnation
We are a new nation

Do my bidding
As we spread out
In search of the tools
That summoned me.
Bring forth the tools
Of Clarity and make use
Of the time that has been
Gifted to us.

Do my bidding
Make haste in subduing
The human race.
Leave no stone unturned
And no place left unexplored.
We must defeat them
At all costs, before
They gain the opportunity.

Do my bidding
Before they can gain
The upper hand and strike
Us all down.
Do as I command you
For I am the great
Gidnash, and as your lord
You will obey.


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