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Do My Bidding

Do my bidding
I command you now
As your master
And not as a subservient
Of a God
Or another creator
I created you
And you answer to me.

Do my bidding
For I was summoned forth
By the tools of Clarity
To do unto humanity
As they had done unto me
To strike not with blunt force
But to strike with forces
Very quickly

Do my bidding
Now, as I command my armies
To march forth upon all
Of modern civilization
To ignore the voices
That call you the season
Of damnation
We are a new nation

Do my bidding
As we spread out
In search of the tools
That summoned me.
Bring forth the tools
Of Clarity and make use
Of the time that has been
Gifted to us.

Do my bidding
Make haste in subduing
The human race.
Leave no stone unturned
And no place left unexplored.
We must defeat them
At all costs, before
They gain the opportunity.

Do my bidding
Before they can gain
The upper hand and strike
Us all down.
Do as I command you
For I am the great
Gidnash, and as your lord
You will obey.

The Eye of Torment

The baggage I carry now is a much larger weight than any anyone else shall ever hope to face.  For now, I serve as an eternal slave to the most powerful and cursed Jinn known to existence; Shaytan.  How did it come to this?  Well, it came to be through a series of rather terrible mistakes.  I was not blessed as a child and always had a fear of being cast an evil eye, so I would always wear the proper symbols to protect myself against the curses that arise out of such a thing.  And for many years, I believed I had been protected against such things, until recently.

     I was at the marketplace, escorting my sister around the various stands when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.  The shadow of a figure, face concealed in a hood, was staring directly at me as my sister picked out fresh produce from a stand.  I gripped onto my Hamsa Hand talisman and kept my head lowered, as to not make eye contact.  My sister continued to move from cart to cart, unaware of what was …

Fears of Devil Corp.

I can't talk much, but I need to get this message out.  I know I'm being watched and this message is being monitored, but I know I don't have time.  To put it simply, I don’t imagine myself living much longer.  My job started out a bit different from your conventional job.  The way my company pitched it to me, I was supposed to be a subsidiary under their syst

Just Your Typical Madman

Ah!  Look at it here!  Another typical madman case here for the state department to investigate.  I swear so many of these cases come to our office nowadays.  I swear, they just keep finding these guys left and right.  I don't know why the marked this file as urgent and this one guy as a priority to catch.  They're all bad if you ask me, but nothing is gonna change the mind of a guy who finds it all too easy to catch a madman.

     I mean, look at this guy!  He looks like a killer just from the suspect photos we've got on record for him!  I could pick this guy out from a crowd and just walk away with him, knowing no one would question that this guy had committed a crime.  This case is clearly textbook.  The only thing I don't get is why this guy hasn't been caught already.  I mean, just look at that face!  It just spells killer!  Ugh!  I'm getting ahead of myself!  I need to check the files on this guy.  Let's see what we already know.

     So this gu…

The Lone Hitch Hiker

Ah!  Freedom!  Finally!  I needed to get the fuck outta there!  Nothing adds up.  I woke up with my cell door wide open and everyone inside was dead and gone.  Old blood and rotten flesh had been discarded everywhere, but for some reason, I was perfectly fine.  Well, I was fine on the surface.  The first thing I noticed after actually leaving the damn place was that I can't feel my own heartbeat.  My skin is also a bit paler than I remember, but that's probably from not having done jack shit as long as I've been down in that place.  I just..I can't remember why the hell I was down there in the first place.  I made my way up to the warden's office, door left open, before leaving and grabbed a manila folder that was laid out on the front of the desk.  I've been reading it out as I walked away from that old prison, but nothing seems to make sense.

      This thing was written in April, but from the surrounding wild grass and trees in the distance, it's a…

The Origins of Freaky Faith

The tale of Freaky Faith can only be traced back to the early 80s.  Not much is known of her current whereabouts, but the urban legends that surround her name are certainly not to be forgotten.  Little documentation remains of her to this day, but local authorities who investigated her case were only able to get a brief eyewitness account of what occurred the night that the Visage cult house burned to the ground.  Freaky Faith was a young woman, around the age of fifteen who's original name was Olivia Summers.  She lived a suburban lifestyle on the outskirts of Kearny, Nebraska, and spent most of her days outside hanging out with her friends.

     There came one October night in the year of 1983 where all of Olivia's friends dared her to enter the nearby woods as part of a prank.  There had already been talks of strange ongoings out there, and rumors of a cult that only went by the name of Visage conducting the occult rituals, but this didn't discourage Olivia.  She…

Dead Track

It was a quarter to midnight and the club was barely starting to become active.  Electronic music played from speakers all across the club and people from all backgrounds were dancing in mass on the dance floor.  The blaring sounds of electronic synths and flashing lights that danced around the otherwise dark insides briefly illuminated individuals in the crowd, exposing blurred expressions and beaming smiles.  Few people stood outside of the dance floor, mainly enjoying themselves with drinks or staying out of the way of the light.  This large dance floor was alive with people from all walks of life dancing to the music that emanated from the speakers that surrounded them.  
     At the helm of the DJ set, Victor had just set the track playlist to play for the last two hours before closing.  Just in time for him to hit the bar and bathroom before he ended his shift.  He would have enough time to gather his weekly check and pay off his debt before it was too late.  He ran straight…

Path of Souls

The pale clouded sky,
The feeling of cold water below my feet.
There's little more that I hate
Besides possibly defeat.
I have passed yet again
Back into limbo.
But this time around
I'm not quite sure which way to go.

I feel lost out here again.
This isn't the first time I've been here.
In limbo, waiting for my next destination,
But there's no clear path to walk across.
I've lived through many lives
But never found the answer
I still seek out the answer,
But I've never found it.

I feel that I've wasted my lives,
Wasted all of my chances,
Searching for this answer.
Even back when I believed
That the world would never end,
I still knew that finding Clarity
Would determine my fate.
It still will determine my fate.

Regardless of what comes next,
I must find Clarity first.
Even as I walk over this glossed surface,
There's nothing that will clear my path
Quite like Clarity.
But not only do I depend on it,
But every person, alive or dead
Depends on its an…

The Perfect Birthday

The presents were laid out, the stage was set, young Matthew Cooper's birthday party was perfectly laid out by his father.  All that remained was the evening entertainment.  Matthew's father had not yet called in the entertainer, but he ensured his son that it would be a day he wouldn't forget once the entertainer had arrived.  The children who came that day had all taken their seats and were eager for the arrival of that evening's entertainment.  The energy of everyone present was high, and everyone present had long awaited that evening's entertainment.  The Cooper household was a large mansion, with the festivities being held out in the courtyard and everyone was dressed accordingly.  Drink and dessert fountains had flowed with sweet liquid, fresh platters of the finest foods were available for all guests who were present, and the parents of the children present partook of the finest wine and champagne.  After all, Matthew was the only Cooper child to live to…

The Strangle

There isn't a way out
There's no way out!
No shelter, no shelter
No safety, no safety
There's nowhere safe here!

It's too dark out
Too dark out, too dark out!
There's nothing left for me,
Nothing left, nothing left.
Not since I searched out Clarity.

Something came in
Something did, it did
It took my life
One life, personal strife
Pain lingers on with me

I was alone in a room
Alone, forget all I've known.
It continues to haunt me
Pursue me, pursue me.
I continue to carry on

Inside of the darkness
Swallowed up, swallowed up
By Gidnash.
Darkness personified, eyes opened wide
I can't hide from him.

I pursued after Clarity
And paid the price,
Not nice, never nice.
I served my cause well,
But not well enough.

Air is beginning to close
No pros, humanity owes.
My lungs burn with fire
Not desire, placed at a pyre.
I must finish my speech.

Finding Clarity was one part
Just a start, only a start
It has all answers within
Human sin, cannot win
No hope from Gidnash


Project #0176

*This story is a collaboration