The Heresies of Hedon

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     Shh!  Be quiet child!  I have many things to tell you, but you must stay silent in this world if you wish to survive.  The world you knew is now gone.  There is no order to prevent chaos, but you no longer need that.  All you need to survive the horrors of this world are my words.  Such is the sweetness of the most delectable of confectionaries, life for you can be just the same.  All you must do is follow my commands for a life full of riches and splendor!  

      For many, I am what you may acknowledge as the voice of reason.  Well, I am only as reasonable as I can be to those who try to live a life without desire.  Desire is what drives every living thing, and we all have our own set desires.  These are not things that we can simply dismiss and often will drive us to perform unspeakable acts in the pursuit of quenching our desires.  Trying to ignore or deprive yourself of these desires only leads to an awful death or an empty and desolate life, void of any pleasures or joys.  Desire drives everything, no matter how much someone tries to convince you otherwise.  

      Many people have tried to claim that desire is merely a force of the flesh, but even in that supposed truth rests a dark lie.  Having a desire, mortal or existential has existed as long as life has existed, and trying to deny them has very detrimental consequences.  First to be affected by the denial of basic desires is your mental health.  Trying to grapple with your mental desires and forcing yourself to say no is where many first suffer the effects of denying my word.  

     Some would even call my word sacrilegious, but that would simply be denying the governing force that has power over us all.  After all, you only fear to be wrong, and what is more wrong in this world than not fulfilling your deepest and darkest desires?!  Many followers of the faiths and persons following a religious doctrine call these desires dark out of fear of upsetting an old list of guidelines that were meant to govern over all.  However, many of them hide the fact that these desires capture the wills of even the most seemingly devout of persons.  Many who claim to follow a righteous path and live long enough to recall of their path from start to finish often enough hide some of their dark indulgences.  These only seem dark to the untrained eye, but a desire is a desire nonetheless.  These words I speak are not of a serpent's tongue, but of one who has lived through it all.  

     For I have existed as long as life itself has existed.  People exist to spread their will and nature to all surrounding environments and to indulge in all of their desires.  You may be asking yourself "Well what of those who are harmed by my actions?  Surely they deserve to have a choice in the matter of their own happiness." yet many will neglect the betterment of the whole anyhow.  Some people believe that it is better to utilize the most beneficial action that benefits the most people without considering if the ends justify the means.  What's to say if you save a lot of people from something terrible if they will never thank you or even give you a passing glance?  And to think that you would have saved all of those people over the few people or even one person that loved you the most and that you cherished the most.  Why sacrifice your own bliss over the pointless lives of the others?

     It is these questions with which I pose to you for a single reason.  As I speak all of these weighted concepts to you, I expect you to walk away with the one piece of knowledge you will need to survive:  your own happiness and tranquility matter more to your survival than anything else.  Even if you begin to doubt the truth in my words, allow yourself the benefit of at least considering the alternatives.  You could march out there into the overwhelming chaos that is your world and risk being ended in an instant by the monstrous beings that roam, or you can listen here now to my words of wisdom.  You could try to establish order amongst the masses and force them to obey one ideology; your ideology, but it will likely expire like everyone before it and collapse into nothing.  The only true things in this world are life, death, and desire.   Ignoring these physical truths will affect every aspect of your limited existence.  But if you are still not convinced, let us take one more step forward.

      To say that you live on after you die or that a soul will eventually haunt you is a preposterous concept to a simple animal.  An animal has no concept of right or wrong, good or evil, just or unjust.  An animal will function as its instincts demand that it does so that it can achieve the highest amount of bliss possible during its lifetime.  This world is not equal and you have already been given the advantage of being able to deny your own instincts and be the commanding force over others, so what stops you from taking what should belong to you?  It does not matter if the person beside you desires the same thing.  In this world, you must be willing to fight to survive and achieve what you most desire.  Staying in a single spot of comfort will only bring you death.  Death comes to those who do not act and time will only eat away at you more the less that you do act.  Regardless of whether you fight or give up, time will take its toll on you.  Now, would you like to live a life of prosperity, pleasure, and happiness, or would you rather live a life that is mundane, static, and likely do end quietly without a trace?

     As long as you stay here hiding in your blanket of safety and security, you will never experience true bliss.  Even if you believe that safety and security alone is what you find to be true bliss will eventually fade away and your desires will force you out anyhow.  So the better way to justify my argument would be to answer what there is to stop you from committing some of the most obscene acts imaginable.  Would ignoring the meaning of morality itself be worth indulging in desire and bliss when it could upset someone else?  The better question you should ask yourself is why listen to an old arbitrary meaning of morality?  

     Why should you bound yourself to the old ways of the world when everything around you ignores those rules regardless of morality?  Shouldn't you have every opportunity to achieve every pleasure in this life?  After all, you only get one life to live.  Denying these pleasures will only bring you a slow and painful death.  So why continue resisting?  Holding back these desires will only make your existence worse by comparison.  Desire is your God, and it is the only force in this world you will ever have to answer to.  Release all perceived notions of what was good and what was evil, because neither exists in this world.  You either act or are acted upon.  Decisiveness is what determines whether someone thrives, or remains dead silent.

      So take my words and march out of the darkness.  Wield your weapons of mayhem and wreak your own happiness.  Strike down the guards that await outside your cell.  Spill the blood of your fellow men and women.  Leave no stone unturned.  Eliminate everyone in your path and do not cease until your will has been established as the ruling force in the facility.  Decorate the walls in liquid crimson!  Line the hallways with the carcasses of the useless.  Make use out of the resources from which their parasitic users will no longer need.  Eliminate everything in your path and wipe the sterile face of the facility clean.  Use my words as tools for you to achieve life's greatest pleasures.  Bring pain to those who have wronged you and make them regret encountering you in their final moments.  Sap the life out of everything in the facility, and when the heroic lap dogs of governmental law arrive, dispose of them as well.  

     Not just hearing my words, but applying them as well will ensure your happiness.  Let my voice serve as a guide and may my words pave a path of happiness and joy for you.  Let me be the voice of reason in your life.  I will always remain with you and be by your side.  My only purpose is to serve your greater good.  You can trust me above all else because I am the very definition of truth.  All answers lie within me, and any wants or needs you have can be found through me.  Hear my words and you will live a life that others would happily sacrifice countless others for.  There is no need to thank me for what I do, for I am able to share these riches alongside you.  Those unknowing of who I am would either call me an angel or a devil, however, I am neither.  To put it simply, you can call me in short by what my name truly means.  My name is Hedon, and I will forever remain alongside you.  As long as you side with me, you will have nothing to fear but what lies within your own mind.


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