No Answer

I called out to you during your
Time of need.  Strung my heart
Out for you, bore it on my sleeve.
You broke it.

I trusted you with my life,
Sacrificed what I would need for you.
I gave you everything I had.
No response.

I called you for a date
I took the time to set it all up
Everything was ready, but you.
You left no answer

I went to your house.
I hoped somewhere in your heart,
You hadn't betrayed my trust.
You broke it.

In your bed, you were lying
With another man, trust was gone.
I stared in disbelief at you
No response.

I was infuriated, you lied with him,
My best friend, someone I trusted.
I asked you both why.
No answer.

He forced me out of the room
He asked my reasons for being here
You never told him about me.
My ribcage, he broke it.

My best friend was beating me to death
Someone I knew all my life
Now wanted me dead.
You gave no response.

You watched on and smiled
A smile so wicked that it changed me
A smile that was devoid of any sympathy.
You left me with no answer.

I left your home in tears, blood pouring out.
My body, limp and near death.
All love and admiration for you,
You broke it.

I snapped! I no longer cared for you.
All that I cared about was that you paid.
I asked myself if there was a better option.
I received no response.

With my mind on the brink of collapse, I left.
I went out and bought tools, tools of destruction.
I continued as I worked to ask myself if this was right.
I received no answer.

I forged on for hours, in the garage of my home.
I continued to work until I had it!
The tool to end my suffering!
The tool to break you.

I sharpened the edge, making sure it was clean.
I wasn't content with hurting my friend.
I wanted you to hurt too.
Till you could give no response.

I made my way back to your house.
I kept to the shadows of the night.
Concealed myself till I arrived and revealed myself.
You could not give me an answer.

In shock and horror of your predicament,
You called my friend to aid you.
But he was of no use.
I broke him.

And as you tried to call for help,
I muffled your screams.
So that no one could hear out.
No one could provide a response.

I slammed my blade brutally down,
Turning your smooth and beautiful body,
Turning it into a grotesque mess of flesh and bone.
Your calls for help mustered no answer.

I cleaned your bodies up, carrying you out.
I packed up both of you in my trunk.
I drove out beyond the city and beyond viewing eyes.
So no one could see the law broken.

After your body was burned, no one knew.
No one but me will remember you.
When people ask for your name,
There will be no response.

Just as you murdered me,
Destroying everything I was,
I made sure to leave you the same.
Left alone and gone, with no answer to why.


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