Kola: The Forgotten Door To Hell

     "The Kola Hole", this was the place my father warned me in his final moments to never travel to.  Ever since I was a little girl, I always had to look out for my father.  He was one of the workers who helped in drilling the Kola hole in West Siberia, one of the biggest projects ever conducted by man.  During the later years of the Kola Hole project, my father joined on as one of the technicians helping to drill down into the Earth's crust, further exposing the rock and water that lay kilometers below the surface of the earth.  

     More than twelve kilometers down, a hole made by Russian scientists was made to try to make it to the center of the Earth.  The project itself was the most daring expedition ever devised by a government to dig down into the Earth.  New instruments for drilling into the Earth's crust had to be invented, entire systems and towns were built to keep the hole from collapsing and to keep the project ongoing.  Over the course of nearly two decades, Russian scientists had dug down below the largest known locations in the world and had made it well below the Earth's surface.  However, as they began to drill, many strange things began to occur.  

     The rock they were drilling into became much hotter than they had previously predicted, causing the rocks below to act in a strange fashion as they drilled.  The Earth itself reacted to the drills as if it were made of plastic.  The rock had become something almost organic, and would not move, as hard as the scientists tried to extract the rock.  The heat below the surface exceeded temperatures of 180 degrees celsius and the heat became too hot to continue drilling.  But something else that no one has been able to explain to me happened.  

     As my father was one of the drill technicians, responsible for monitoring the process of the drill, he was first on hand when an accident occurred.  Heat below had caused the drill to malfunction and he was harmed in the removal process.  He walked away injured from the operation and retired on the grounds of an inability to continue his work.  However, I always noticed a strange mark that traced itself up my father's left arm.  He told me not to touch it, as it would hurt him.  The skin there was scarred by a large burn, but he never explained how he got it.  He had been asked before about the incident, but he never gave the same story.   The story would change often and was never consistent.  He first claimed that the equipment when it was extracted burned him, later claiming that he was burned by petroleum at the site of extraction, and even later said that one of the homes the workers would stay in caught fire and he was burned as a result.  None of this made sense, but I never questioned my father on his injuries from his work on the Kola Hole project.  However, with the recent passing of my father, the Kola Hole has resurfaced as a topic of concern in my life.  

     My father was doomed after his accident to live a short life due to low blood circulation and a weakened heart.  I stayed by my father's side throughout his final moments.  What disturbed me was not how feared death or feared to be away from his family, what disturbed me was how he feared the thing that gave him his scars and ultimately ended his life.  "Valeria, please do not go to the Kola Hole.  Whatever you do, never go to the Kola Hole."  I was puzzled for a brief second but forgot about it that night.  We had the funeral for him a few days after his passing.  Quite a few people came, but not much was said about him.  My father became quite a recluse according to a few of his past coworkers, always obsessing over the old Kola project.  With the new revelation about some of my father's secret works, I went back home and began to look around his old office room.  I looked for some hidden files or possible books I hadn't read before, but nothing came up, that was until I flipped a switch on the side of one of our bookshelves.  The shelf rotated out and revealed a hidden room that was masked away from the rest of the house.

     There was a short staircase that led to it.  As I walked in, there was a clear leather comfort chair in the corner of the room, and on the opposite side was a large television with what looked like an old VHS tape player.  I looked over at the shelf of tapes and found one called "The Incident".  I took it off of the shelf and placed it into the tape player.  The film started off and showed some clips of my father working at the main machine on helping to lift up the drill, but something was glowing from the entrance of the hole.  Smoke was billowing up from the hole in the background and a deep red glow was emanating from several kilometers below.  There were shouts and screams coming from just beyond view as  scientists ran off in all directions away from the hole.  I saw my father try to pull up the drill as quickly as possible, hoping to bring it out in time.  But as he pulled it out, something horrifying happened.  

     Out from the bottom of the hole a hand engulfed in flames reached for and grabbed my father's left arm, burning his arm in the process of trying to drag him down into it, but he held on to the machine, gripping for dear life.  As he extracted the burning hot drill, one of the pieces fell down the hole, hitting whoever was reaching for him and releasing their grip on him long enough for him to escape.  From below, the hole bellowed out in a deep and frightening tone at my father.  "You will be our Joseph.  We have marked you, and you will find a swift path to Hell soon enough."  As the smoke continued to rise, other workers rushed in with a large cap and placed it over the hole, drilling in several bolts to hold it in place. 

     I could see on the far left of the frame my father, panting on the floor having just escaped an early grave by a supernatural force within the Earth.  His arm had now cooled down and the mark I had always seen on his arm had now formed.  I paused the tape and became even more curious as to what the being below the surface said to my father.  "You will find a swift path to Hell soon enough."  I wondered what could have caused my father to have been marked and began to search through the tapes again for any further insight as to this terrifying incident.  I eventually came across a tape titled "My Biggest Mistake".  I took out the tape from the old Kola Hole facility and placed on the second tape.  The tape started slow, but something was already off.  My father had the camera aimed at someone who wasn't my mother, and the marking on his left arm was clearly visible as he held the camera with his right.  The woman slowly began to undress, talking in a seductive tone to my father.  As I watched a bit more of the tape before inevitably stopping it to avoid the cruel fact that faced me on the television screen.  My father was having an affair behind my mother's back, and he had videotaped one of the times him and this other woman had sex.  

     The being from beyond the Kola Hole had marked my father for dead.  I searched around the room for more documents and came across a note that my father made just two days before his passing.  "I can feel myself beginning to fade.  My mistakes have finally cost me my life, and I will now be paying for my mistakes.  I only hope that if my wife or daughter find this, that they can forgive me.  I am doomed to Hell, and I have no one to blame but myself.  Being cursed by that being just beyond the gate of hell simply sealed a sooner death date for me.  I do not deserve forgiveness or salvation and will rot for my actions, but if there was some chance I could be saved, I would take that chance.  However, I fear that is too late now to seek salvation.  I will suffer forever in a blaze of fire for my actions, and there is no one who can save me."

     There was something in my father's tone that drove me to my breaking point.  I wanted my father back more than anything and decided to pack several days worth of food and water, packed several tools that would help me break the iron seal, and invited one of my friends with me to help me make it to the old Kola drilling site.  A day after making preparations, we made our way from my home in Moscow to the edges of the facility, stopping in one of the nearby towns.  From there, we went out on foot and made our way through the blistering cold and raging winds to the old building that housed the drilling site.  It took us awhile to finally arrive at the site, but once we were there, we set up camp for the night.  

     However, as we arrived, there were many messages strewn across the walls.  "Turn back!", "Cursed", "Hell awaits beyond the seal", and other messages like them were all over the old and collapsed building.  We had decided to open the seal as soon as night had fully arrived.  I laid out the tools in front of the seal and made sure every one of them was working properly.  The messages filled me with fear of the possibility of being dragged down to hell, but I had brought these supplies and tools all this way out here, and I wasn't about to give up on my father yet.  I knocked on the seal first with a hammer, hearing the metal seal roar with the loud pound of the hammer.  The hammer did nothing to dent the seal, so we looked at other tools that would help to crack this thing open.  But as my friend and I reached for our drill, we heard a voice from below.  It spoke in a raspy tone, but its message was clear.  "Turn back now Valeria, and you will be safe."  It was my dad.  He was trapped down below the surface in Hell, and he could hear me. 

     I froze in fear and excitement.  My father could hear me from below, but I could only free him if I broke the seal.  So I made sure to adjust the end pieces of the drill to be able to remove the bolts keeping the seal in place.  But as soon as I finished this, the thought of my mortal danger brought me to a halt.  "What if this venture to save my father backfires and I end up dragged down to Hell?"  I am one to believe in forgiveness, and believe my father deserves salvation, so I will still attempt to free him.  I am making this final note to detail my final moments before breaking the seal.  My friend moved a fair distance away as I told him the possibilities that awaited me.  I have accepted my possible fate and will attempt to open the seal.  I seal my fate in this message, and if I am forever lost to Hell, I leave you with this:  do not be afraid to explore, even if it seems death may be awaiting just beyond the edge.


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