Beyond the Reveal


This poem contains very disturbing content and horrific topics.  If you do not feel that you can withstand torture, then please leave this post now.  

I awoke in the night,
Surrounded by dark walls.
In the center of the room,
I saw you on a white blanket,
The one I loved.

I watched you from beyond,
From beyond the barrier.
You cut yourself and,
through gritted teeth,
smiled as the blood flowed.

"Why?  Why would you do this?"
My questions fell on deaf ears.
Every time I knocked on the barrier
She picked up the knife,
Carving another mark.

"Please stop!  You're killing yourself!"
She continued on.  Every time...
Every time I begged, she sliced.
Every tear that fell, she diced.
She continued cutting her flesh.

The blood continued to pour out.
Tears formed in my eyes, 
And through the barrier,
She showed a smile through her tears.
Always smiling, even through the pain.

Her happy expression only grew, 
Her torment increasing her appetite.
"Please...stop."  My pleas grew hushed.
I watched on in horror as she grabbed a lighter.
She held the flame up to meet my gaze.

Her wounds were now infected,
Yellow puss seeped out of the gashes.
She took the flame and jabbed it in,
shrieking in pain, but remaining smiling.
Our tears grew stronger now. 

I banged on the barrier, hoping it would break.
I wanted these walls to shatter and let me in.
But every time I tried, she grabbed something new.
She grabbed a hammer, held it up to me.
She slammed it down with force enough to shatter bone.

Her grin was now ear to ear, never breaking.
The tears fell in great rivers across her face.
Her eyes told me to stop, but I couldn't.
I continued to slam my body against the wall.
She began to tear at her flesh.

She started slow, scratching herself.
She raked her nails slowly and painfully.
Each nail tore past skin and flesh, seeping blood.
Her cries became laughter.  
The one I loved was losing herself.

"See.  This is who I am.  Who I've always been."
These words caused my heart to sink.
My body slammed against the barrier.
The wall separating us remained, 
And now her entire body was bloodstained.

I punched, kicked, slammed,
I did all I could to shatter the walls.
To no avail, I couldn't lift the veil.
And as I stared back in again,
I heard her wail.

I could see her now,
Flesh and bone all exposed.
The floor a crimson red.
She approached me from beyond.
"See?  This is who I am."

She walked back to the blanket.
The color was now the color of blood.
She sat down in the center and revealed a gun.
"And now I must go."
My heart sank and I fell.

I was helpless to stop her.
To help her from ending it all.  
She aimed the gun to her forehead.
"Now you'll see my true reveal."
And as I closed my eyes, the gun fired.

I slowly opened my eyes to find her,
lying dead on the blanket, 
a smile spread across her face.
I watched the life escape her eyes.
In her death, I truly saw her.

Her eyes were blank.
Her smile and expression said freedom.
Beyond these walls, she was free.
Within her trapped walls, beyond the reveal

She had finally found release.


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