Being Stalked On My Vacation Nearly Got Me Killed

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I was once on a trip to Washington D.C., as part of a business trip my mother had to go on for about a week, and I made the trip alongside the rest of my family. My father designed the week as a vacation for us and work for my mother. We spent most of our times visiting museums and local restaurants while we were there, but there was something off about my trip. I always felt like I was being followed. Anywhere I went, I always felt that there was this one man watching me just beyond view. I couldn’t always see him, but I knew he was there, staring at me.
We were never in a place too long. We were constantly moving from museum to museum, place to place, and were always riding the metro. But when we were stopped off at one of the museums, while my father was examining an exhibit on the Hope Diamond, I could see my stalker clearly, watching me just beyond a hall. He was a large man who was overweight and had a combover. His glasses were boxy and the lenses made his eyes appear huge. He wore a button up shirt and worn khakis everywhere and was now in clear view.
I decided to act smart and asked my father if I could go and find a restroom, and made sure to weave my way through the crowd. I went in there to wash off my hands and hid in one of the stalls as I felt the man approach. I heard him knock outside of the bathroom door. He first asked if anyone was in there, then he proceeded to knock harder and tell me he knew I was in there. He began to describe my appearance in every detail, from my shirt, all the way down to the colors of my shoelaces. He told me that he knew who I was and that he wanted me to come with him. I stood up on the toilet seat just out of reach and watched as he reached with his large arms underneath the stall door for my legs. He then tried to coax me out of the stall by saying that he just wanted someone to keep him company. As young as I was, I knew that this man wanted to take me for his deviant acts, and would not be letting go of me so easily. I stood my ground and said no. He walked out of the room whispering as he left “you will be mine, piglet”.
I was on edge the entire day as I went to the museum. After about another hour of being there, my father decided it was finally time for us to leave. We were on our way to the metro when I saw him across the street. The same creep who was after me was following me again. I hastened my pace down to the metro station that would lead back to our hotel and away from him but our train was being delayed. I was waiting towards the edge of the station sidewalk. If I stepped in any further, I would land several feet down onto the tracks and run the risk of being run over. I grew excited when I heard the station manager signal that there would be one more minute before the train arrived. I was so relieved to hear the train coming but froze when I heard my stalker’s voice again. His whisper made my blood run cold and sent chills down my spine.
“If I can’t have you piglet, no one will.”
After finishing that whisper, he shoved me forward, nearly knocking me off my balance and sending me straight into the oncoming train. I held my ground and was able to avoid falling in. He stepped towards me but stopped in his tracks when my father had finally taken notice of him and began to reach for his firearm. The man began to step back slowly and after having made a sizable distance out of reach from my father, he ran out of the station, leaving the train behind and my family with it. I finally felt safe heading back to my hotel and was more relieved when I remembered it was my last day in Washington D.C. I headed home on a plane and didn’t see that man again on my way back. I narrowly escaped death that day thanks to my father having been present. The vacation itself was one I never enjoyed, but if there were any gripes to be had, it would certainly have to have been the man who stalked me the entire time. As cliche as it sounds to say this, I sincerely hope I never meet that man again.


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