Losing the Fight

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      I just can't beat them back.  Not even when the fight's in my court.  I've done everything to hold them back from taking my client's life, but there's no hope for him now.  The false accusations against him will lead to his eventual demise, and with all of my efforts, I was still unable to save him from execution.  But I guess that's just the nature of our world now.

      Ever since the "visitors" arrived, with their new perspectives and outspoken demands towards humanity, our world has been spiraling out of control.  Everyone believes that those in power are corrupt and have lost all power to these newcomers and massive attacks have been taking place.  Everyone is at war with each other.  Serial killers used to be the most feared danger that people in the world wished to never encounter, But mass killings and entire demonstrations of pain and destruction are conducted every single day by people some may have once called friends.

       Humanity used to be a force to be reckoned with.  My old Nana would have put any newcomer in place, but the "visitors" said that her status and supposed power over the newcomers caused the government to take action against her, and during her arrest, she lost her life.  She was suffocated under the might of officers who once stood outside of her neighborhood and protected our family and the other families of their friends.  My Nana died at the hands of those who were once instructed to defend and protect and have been looking for more supposed "people who stand to kill the newcomers".

        I defend people, good people, as a lawyer, but more judges have been bending to the will of the newcomers.  Even without evidence to back up their claims, the newcomers will accuse the judges of being impartial, unfair, and evil towards them for not choosing their side, for not giving in to their demands.  Entire governments and elected political groups have been forced to bend to the will of the "visitors".  Every American's perspectives have been bent to the will and demands of the "visitors".  They wear strange articles of clothing and have facial features, hair of varying lengths and colors and all demand that no one replicate their looks.  Most of them call for horrible events of the past as justification for what happens now, and they use this to force good people to feel guilty.  Real people have been forced into this new reality where they must feel guilty and change what they believe about them or think about others.

       Freedom of speech has been taken away from Americans.  Anyone who says something that does not agree with the "visitors" insights their fury and wrath.  Even the president of the United States, who told the people that they would be unbreakable, unshakable, and wanted to do great things for America bent to the will of the "visitors".  Their power seems inescapable.  Even as I fight for the life of this young man, a man who was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, and was accused of murdering a young woman based on "prejudice".  The "visitors" claim that there is a system built against them that they wish to destroy, but there's nothing left to destroy but the American people themselves.

       The "visitors" claim that the man I tried to defend, Mr. Kyle Donnovan, killed a poor woman that I will not mention here, out of fear of the "visitors" wrath.  They claimed that Mr. Donnovan had promised the young lady a date and he requested to take her back to his apartment after dinner was finished.  She gave him permission to take her back to his apartment in his car.  However, when they arrived outside of his apartment, they were both attacked by men in masks and the young woman was kidnapped.  They claimed that the attack was planned by the young man, in spite of his mortified expressions throughout the trial and fear of what they claimed he did.  He was clearly in shock and in despair over losing his date who he acknowledged he had deep-set feelings for.  Her body was found in an abandoned warehouse two days after the kidnapping incident, with male DNA being found in semen that had been laced across the woman's body, along with several slash marks and a bullet hole that had been made in the center of her forehead.

      The girl's parents were mortified at the loss of their daughter and placed blame on Mr. Donnovan.  In spite of the messages, documents, calls, and traffic footage that documented the events of that fateful night, which all pointed towards Mr. Donnovan's innocence, they claimed he had planned this attack.  The young woman's parents had been tricked by the "visitors" into believing that Mr. Donnovan had been the one who planned their daughter's kidnapping, rape, and murder.  None of the claims made against Mr. Donnovan were ever backed up by evidence, but this did not stop the judge, nor jury from making their decision to declare Mr. Donnovan to be guilty.

        The "visitors", with their strange appearances and shrieking voices, demanded death as his punishment.  They wanted to watch Mr. Donnovan, an innocent young man who was at the wrong place at the wrong time, to live his life out in prison and suffer a slow death on execution day.  They demanded he be given a slow-acting poison on execution day, and that he suffer for hours.  The "visitors" shrieked at him saying things like, "you got what you deserve", and "your privileges are no more", and "we wanna see him die slow and suffer".  They claimed he had some power over them and wanted to see him suffer.  The "visitors" had taken control of the court system and, in their demands, they were rewarded with an especially slow and painful death for a young man who barely knew what love was.  This young man had never had a chance to live his life, and on the one night he had an opportunity to enjoy companionship, it was taken from him by true criminals, and he now suffers for their crimes.

      Ever since the "visitors" arrived, they have been demanding for death and punishment for those who oppose or disagree with them.  Every good client I try to defend has been attacked with the demands and ideology of the "visitors".  I have not one a single case since their arrival and power in my city, and I do not forsee myself winning a new case anytime soon.  I also suspect that many of the same "visitors" who sit and watch the cases I work on want me to suffer as well.  Many of them look for days when I try to defend an innocent defendant, and they arrive in dozens to protest me.

      I am a good lawyer and a good man, trying to do honest work in an otherwise dishonest business, but not even now can I win an honest court case thanks to the "visitors".  I often feel like I'm being watched as I head home as if they are watching me from a distance.  I come home at night and find that people have left me posters saying "liar!" outside the fence of my home.  I receive death and court threats in my mail for defending innocent people from anonymous senders.  The worst part comes when I'm trying to go to sleep and outside of my window on the second floor of my house, I sometimes see a light being reflected back at me from not one, but sets of binoculars.  I have been watching a van that sits at the edge of my street every night I come home.  I no longer feel safe, and with more and more of the "visitors" coming to silence me in the court as I try to defend innocent people, I feel that they have made me their next target.  With their power over the judicial system and over the public eye, I feel that my own life is in danger of being extinguished by the same people I rely on to protect me and everyone else that I know.

       I wanted to write my thoughts down on this piece of paper because I feel they might be my last chance to convey my thoughts.  The "visitors" are not honest people, and will target anyone who disagrees with them.  They are masters of manipulation, and will use anyone against their targets.  The "visitors" have likely chosen me to be their next target, and will make sure that I do not leave alive.  They will make some false claim, saying that my killing was unjust and blame someone else who was innocent of the crime and demand for them to lose their job, livelihood, or to lose their life.  This life was never fair, but it becomes less fair when the people claiming to stand for everyone take everything you care about from you.  Even now, as I write this, wary for my own life, I feel that they have already claimed my life for their cause.  In my own home, I feel that I've lost my own safety and that the "visitors" are here to stay.


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