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"Did you get the new computer, John", asked Anna.
"Yeah!  Just bringing it in!" John said through gritted teeth as he carried the heavy box full of expensive technology over to the kitchen counter.  
"Great! The box isn't dented and the entire thing looks intact.  Let's get the computer set up."  Anna was beaming with enthusiasm over the new computer that they had purchased to have in their apartment.  "Let's get everything out and we can get started setting up." They began to take out the major parts together.  
John was a bit concerned with Anna's safety and asked her to let him do it.  "Can you move over, Anna.  I need to make sure I place this down safely."  They began to plug in the cables to the back of the computer itself, connect the monitor, mouse, and power cable.  Once everything was set up, they began to try and turn on the computer.  
The computer started up with the signature company logo and began to download…

Just Keep Listening

Welcome one and all, to Deadly Radio!  The only radio station bringing you the most bizarre, strange, exciting things going on in the middle of nowhere!  This is the only broadcasting station from far and wide that brings you sports, weather reports, and incoming news, unlike any other station you've heard before.  And with that, let's dive into some local sports.  The local softball league has been having a rather strong winning streak this season.  After having lost the first game, they made a rather strong comeback and have scored back twelve games in a row.  Our minor league team may have what it takes to move up into the big leagues someday.  And with that, we move on to the weather.
          The weather outside is a scorching 108 degrees Fahrenheit folks, so be sure to stay indoors and stay cool.  The weather has been scorching hot as of recent days.  The weather service advises everyone to either stay indoors and keep the fans on or to make your way down to t…

Do You Think I'm Beautiful?

There's no easy way to say this, but I want to end my life.  That may sound a bit extreme coming from a man who had so much potential....well, at least people tell me that I had potential.  I have always doubted myself.  I never really gravitated towards anything besides amazing and entertaining others by being a bit of a freak.  And no, I'm not referring to being a freak in bed.  I want to get any notions of that squared away immediately.  No, I'm a bit of a disturbed fellow who loves to entertain others through performing bizarre acts.  Swallowing swords, breathing fire, sitting on a mat of spikes, and performing extreme acrobatics were just a few of the tricks I had up my sleeve.  Others would have called me a fool for wishing to be such a person, but I ignored them.  I only found comfort in being bizarre, and fortunately for me, I was able to grow up with a father who ran a successful circus.

        I never felt that I belonged in school, nor did I feel that …

The Lies I Tell Myself (Acceptance)

The shot rang loud in my ears, but the loud thud of Eli's body hitting the asphalt rung louder in my ears.  Free had won and had killed Eli.  There was nothing left to be fought over, and we had managed to get Eli to the facility.  We slowly made our way to Eli's slumped-over body and began to carry him into the courtyard of the facility.  During our entire battle with the beast, and Free's battle with Eli, we neglected to notice the true magnitude of the facility.  The entire complex was enormous but remained unguarded from the outside.  We made our way up to the main entrance and saw how the doors were guarded by iron bars.  We heard a raspy voice coming from a speaker box that that was set aside a large screen that was placed just outside of the entrance.  We saw two cameras angled at us that both stared at us from above our heads.  "I can see you!"  It took both Free and me by surprise.  Free was first to speak up.

       "We're here to drop …

The Lies I Tell Myself (Depression)

Continuing on away from everything is beginning to take a toll on me.  I haven't been able to escape all of the hell of the world, and now I'm surrounded by the worst monsters and the absolute destruction of the world I once knew.  I was about to leave across the border of Texas when I noticed a man in work overalls and a buttoned up shirt, sleeves rolled up, and obviously looking for a ride.  His right thumb was held outstretched towards the road, hoping that I would stop and give him a ride.  I didn't plan on giving him a ride after my experience with Murdoch, or whoever he was, that was until I saw his face.  His face didn't have a smile, nor a frown.  There was no sorrow, no regret.  It was the face of a man who wanted to leave Texas, just as much as I did.  I let him sit on the passenger side and continued on.  He wasn't a person for small talk, but I figured I would ask him what his name was.  "I don't want to bother you too much, but I'd…

The Love I Once Had

The love I once had for you was gone, and now, with the tears from the skies up above weep of our love in your final moments.  I wanted to save you from my torment, but you never listened.  You always stepped in for me, telling me that you would always be there for me no matter what happened to me...or how far the madness dragged me down.  I had told you that I was getting worse, but you never listened to me.  I....I say this through gritted tears that I'm sorry for what I did.  
       "Please....don't blame yourself.  Your madness is what drove my life to its end."
        And as I hold you in my arms, I only wonder why I did what I did.  You had come home tonight of all nights to find my frustrated, maddened self-slumped over a cooked steak that I had failed to prepare properly for you as you wanted.  I only wanted to make you happy after having come home from a hard day at work but the madness overtook me "You're no good!  You call yourself a coo…

I Can't Take It!

I.....I just can't keep doing this anymore!  Every time that I travel from group to group in this wasteland, I just end up being knocked down or beaten by some...thing!  and every group that I decide to help out here in the wasteland just end up dying off!  All because of me!  I....I just need to try to calm down.  This isn't the first time I've had spilled blood on my hands.  I just need to think back to what happened.  I was still on a trip down the old Route 66 road, heading down with my group towards Los Angeles.  We hoped to find refuge along the West Coast, but we were ambushed.  Another pack of survivors ambushed us in their cars and had us forced off on the side of the road.  They popped our tires on our vehicle and forced us off of the road.  In the open and desolate desert, we were left with two options:  give up our supplies and die of starvation and dehydration or to die and they take our supplies anyways.

      Our group's leader, Ron was very hesi…

The Soil Beneath My Feet

I've always loved the smell of grass on the open plain, just before the fall of a heavy rain.  The beautiful autumn breeze and the dry air that whistles between my teeth bring forth a fresh air of relief.  This moment I feel now will likely be the last free moment I see for awhile, but any fate that I have from here on forward will be better than dealing with them.  I grew up in a Southern home and lived a harder lifestyle, so adjusting to new situations was not always my "cup of tea" as my wife would always refer to preference, but I continued to tolerate it anyways. I worked in town as a rancher, and would maintain the local livestock.  I took pride in my job, and everyone in town could count on me to round up any loose animals or to take care of pe