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Don't Move

      I never really talk about this experience, as I never felt that many people would believe me if I ever told them the truth.  I admit to having hallucinations frequently, and I do admit to hearing voices occasionally, but they were nothing like this.  This happened to me about five years ago.  Most people don't believe that this is possible, but there is some truth to this experience.  People sometimes undergo a condition where they fall into a light sleep but end up waking during the phase of sleep where your body freezes itself in place and awake in a condition known as sleep paralysis.  Many people report experiencing strange phenomena whenever they awake during sleep paralysis, and I was no different.         During a night where I had very little sleep, I woke up for some reason but was incapable of movement.  It was the first time I had ever woken up during sleep paralysis, but it was an experience I surely wouldn't forget.  At the foot of my bed was

The Lies I Tell Myself (Bargaining)

         I still keep trying to lie to myself about my situation, and everything that's been happening around me.  But now I wish that I could trade anything for my old life back.  As much as I've lost, I still wish that I could exchange part of me for everything.  I've lost everything, my home, my friends, my boyfriend, and everyone and everything that I cared about.  And all that I have is the empty world laid out in front of me.  I made it safely to Amarillo, Texas, but not without having to mow down a few zombies before safely finding an area of the town to stop off in.  I found a decent rest stop outside of Amarillo and decided to stop off and try to relieve myself in one of the stalls.  I had found a shotgun in the back of one of the trucks I passed by on my way here and decided to bring it in with me.  The inside of the bathroom was mostly intact, but my instincts told me to stay on my guard.        With one hand on the door and the other

Daydream- A Collaboration

Today's story is a bit different.  This story was a collaboration between me and my good friend, Shainur Ullah.  He is a great writer, and if you haven't checked out his stories before, I highly suggest you do.  With that said, this story is called Daydream, and we hope you enjoy. Daydream by Shainur Ullah and Raener Lewington In this day and age, there aren’t many exciting souls enlightening jobs out there and it’s usually customer service based or some warehouse/factory job which requires a lot of hard labour. It’s funny really after completing my degree and going out into the real world there weren’t much a lot of opportunities and I was finding myself working alongside people who never really had a top education and being managed by someone less educated than I was. Could this be a failure of society for someone like me with a good education that can only get jobs that don’t really require a good education? In these days, most people can get jobs now that

The Lies I Tell Myself (Anger)

        Often enough, many of the lies that I try to tell myself are some that I never believe myself.   I try to delude myself from the horrible experiences that I have had in my past, but I just can't get them out of my mind.  Mr. Keen was a terrible man.  No, Mr. Keen wasn't just a terrible man.  He was a fucking pedophile!  He prayed on young women like me and referred to them as his children.  I found an old photo binder of his original family and realized that there was no resemblance between him and his so-called "daughter" who had died a few years prior.  Apparently that bastard had been kidnapping women even before the bombs were let loose.  Why do I have to deal with all of these fucking assholes!  Oh well!  At least I made it safely back to Dallas.  My only concern is how the hell I'm supposed to make it past all of these damn zombies!  Why did the apocalypse have to start now?! Of all the times in my life, I was supposed to be having fun, to b