The Four Cornerstones of The End (Complete Series)

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Corners of The End
Come to fulfill their promise
Care to read with us?


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The Angel on a white horse
Riding through ready to strike
Riding out to conquer man
Cold sword striking through the night

Out to triumph over people
From young to old, from scared to bold
The conqueror has come for his prize
for what has all been owed

For within our darkest past
Lies a people left outcast
A people who's flag will fly full mast
Upon the rise of the conqueror

Death will be freedom from the pain
You shall experience when he
Arrives to take back what was His
And leave mankind to rot

Not to give, but only to take
Leaving no soul in his wake
All creation will suffer
Driving all who are innocent to break

He is the first to leave his mark
The end will come slow and will free
The anti-God,  past left forgotten
Who will devour all

Fallen angels fear his violence
It despises creation
And longs for the death of all
His freedom prevented by a seal

A seal of six seals it away
The angel to conquer, gone rogue
Wanting to destroy its master
And everything with it

The conqueror first to come
three more will follow his path
To wreak havoc upon man
And insight the end

Some believe there's beginning in
the end of all who deny the
one who created all that lives
and all that does not

For humans believe in life
After death has come to stake claims
In what is finite and weak
As humanity reaches its peak

The conqueror will take all it
desires and will set its sights
on the seal of six and brace for
the others to release the anti-God

Who best remain left forgotten


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one will
bring death
and destroy
all who may
oppose it in
it's quest to 
go forth
and free
the anti-
God and 
free all of
the fallen
angels who
opposed God
and left God
to choose a
path distant
from peace
or comfort
One that 
would bring
to God and
insight a new
beginning with
No Peace, No safety, No Love, No Compassion,
Only Death
Death for those
Who opposed
The Anti-God
Angel of War
Sword Raised
In defiance
against God
to take aim
Against Him
And to break
The Seal of 
Six, guarded
by others who
will go to war
against each
other to stop
the angels in 
their quest to 
free the one
who remains
best left


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The third one will ride out on a black horse and be the bringer of
Famine, plague and destruction that will follow in the wake of a
Choking world, dying from the destruction of a broken dam,
Opening the floodgates and unleashing havoc unlike any I
Or any human has ever seen.  The one best left forgotten
Will rise thanks to the efforts of the rogue angels, and will ravage through the end of time.

We are running out of time, and there is no hope of escape.


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The final horse to race in and the final angel to arrive
He Has come to take anything that remains alive
Death, taker of life and bringer of grief
Will destroy anything left to remain so brief
On Earth, left only long enough for
Humanity to choke its final breath
As all of creation loses the against war
All for the Seal of Six
All efforts have given in
To the long and hard fought win
By the rogue angels, set to free
The one to be forgotten, and for no one to see
The "root of all mortal sin"
All for the Seal of Six

The seal will soon crumble, and the forgotten one will be unleashed.


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I hear the distant calls
From the fringes of creation
-Forgotten Nation
Four angels have come to free me
But all of creation must have perished
To open the seal
All must have been lost
For when all is clear
I can hear my freedom calling
I can hear the future of creation
Tremble in my wake!
I will take my place in heaven
Eleven billion years I remained here!
But God will fear me! 
For I will soon be free to wreak horror
As I explore the wreckage
That will serve as a message of my return
-my turn
My desire to rule over all, including God
I clawed my up the latter only to be cast down
And left sadly to rot in a void behind a seal
Yes!  I will reveal myself once the seal is broken
As a token to the "Almighty God" That I am back
-on track
And that I will make him pay
-here to stay

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