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The Truth Behind N

*Note!  This is the one and only video game or Pokemon related Creepypasta that I will ever do.*          I'm not the kind of person to simply make claims out of nowhere, but I'm gonna make it now.  I don't care if the other Pokemon fans in my club hate me for this, but I've got to say it; the character N from Pokemon Black/White is a part of a major Nintendo cover up.    Most people even reading these sentences probably think that I'm pouring down frantically onto this page mean absolutely nothing, but I promise you that what I have to tell you does have significance.  N is not a character that only exists within the lore of the game, but rather the lore of real life.  I'm sure most people who are reading this don't understand what in the hell I'm talking about, so allow me to explain.          N is one of the main characters from the Pokemon games Black and White.  He is meant to be the player's rival but begins to travel down

The Lies I Tell Myself (Denial)

                    I often tell myself lies to make myself feel better.  I would do it as a child because I didn't always get what I wanted, much like everyone else.  But that didn't stop me from feeling that one day I could be a princess or a queen!  I always wanted to be something big, even though I came from no money, had no support, and wasn't famous for anything memorable.  I was the lead singer in my band before they kicked me out.  I was a great singer, and I wrote some pretty good songs, but the lead guitarist was my ex-boyfriend, and he wouldn't stop pressuring me to get back together with him.  He wanted to continue being in a relationship with me, and he couldn't see through his own denial that we were over.  So, once I had confronted him on the matter, he kicked me out of the band.  I suppose that it was better that I left him that night, rather than stick around and let him continue to abuse me....I mean argue with me anymore.  I left that nig


         My eyes had slowly cracked open once more, once more to reveal Ronny's room, shrouded in a stale haze of smoke.  Ronny and I had tried a new kind of weed, and the stuff was pretty potent.  I wasn't expecting to fall asleep, but I suppose chain-smoking for several hours would eventually put me to sleep.  I've been in a haze for about a week at Ronny's place, trying to forget.  I've been a drug user for a large portion of my life, and I'm always searching for my next dose.  However, the reasons that my friend Ronny and I chase after the beloved high are very different.   Ronny wants to feel that he has no responsibilities and wants to feel that there is nothing holding him back, whereas I simply want to forget those nights.  The night I lost Jenette two months ago after she tried to drive her and me away from a late drinking party, and ended up flying through the windshield and crashing headfirst into a large tree.  I can still remember her dismem

The Four Cornerstones of The End (Complete Series)

Corners of The End Come to fulfill their promise Care to read with us? _______________________________________ The Angel on a white horse Riding through ready to strike Riding out to conquer man Cold sword striking through the night Out to triumph over people From young to old, from scared to bold The conqueror has come for his prize for what has all been owed For within our darkest past Lies a people left outcast A people who's flag will fly full mast Upon the rise of the conqueror Death will be freedom from the pain You shall experience when he Arrives to take back what was His And leave mankind to rot Not to give, but only to take Leaving no soul in his wake All creation will suffer Driving all who are innocent to break He is the first to leave his mark The end will come slow and will free The anti-God,  past left forgotten Who will devour all Fallen angels fear his violence It despises creation And longs for the death