I Keep Seeing Things....

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        Now....I know this sounds a bit crazy coming from someone like me, but I assure you that I'm in no way crazy.  But, I'm seeing things in my room.  My dumb parents thought that there was something fucking wrong with me, and they decided to take me to see a creepy doctor in a mental hospital.  Worse yet, that hospital bed was so cold and the person in the room next to mine wouldn't stop screaming.  But I digress.  What I need to talk about is that damn doctor.  He came into my room earlier today and tried to get information out of me.  As much as he tried to seem helpful, he only seemed creepy to me in appearance.  He had a fake smile worse than that of the Grinch.  He sat down with me and asked me how I was today, but I didn't want anything to do with that asshole.  After having a discussion and talking over a few things, he decided he wasn't going to keep me in that God awful place.  In exchange, he handed me a bottle of pills and told me to take them, once in the morning, and once at night.  

          I started my dose today in the morning at that facility, and they let me go within a few hours.  I was happy to be at home, and even happier that my family left me alone in the house.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to go online and chat with some of my friends.  I never really knew their names, but that didn't matter.  They showed more concern for me than my fucking family did.  Emokid and Doctor Rambunctious were online, and I had time, so I figured I would start chatting.  Doctor Rambunctious or Doctor R. as I like to refer to him, started off a Skype call, and as bored as I was, I didn't wanna seem like an asshole and deny the call, even when I didn't wanna talk to anyone.  I was already having a headache from those damn pills, but I didn't wanna seem like a jerk to Doctor R, so I answered his call.

           We talked, and he asked how my experience was at the hospital.  I only filled him in on the parts that I thought were important, and left out parts I'd rather forget.  He was asking me about what medication the doctor put me on, but my stupid ass scratched off the name of the medicine.  He knew a little bit about medicine and the side effects they can have, so I decided to listen.  He told me that since it was an antipsychotic, there was a chance it could really alter my perception, but I didn't really take him too seriously.  We kept on chatting, Skype call after Skype call failing, and we eventually decided to use another messaging app to call on, and also to invite in Emokid.  Emokid of course was available, but she was quiet as usual.  We continued on our chat for awhile until I turned off the lights in my room....and that's when I started to notice them.

            In the corner of my room, I saw a small shadow start to dart in and out of places.  It moved with inhuman speed, and it didn't like me looking at it.  And as I was looking around, my eyes accidentally fell upon a large figure standing in my closet.  It continued to change shape and move around in my closet.  I then noticed a third one slinking it's way around the corners of my room, and how it was slowly advancing closer towards me.  The small one didn't like for me to look at it, but it sure loved to stare at me.  The long one eventually merged with the one in the closet, and the large one began to take shape.  It started to stretch beyond the closet entrance and loom over me.  It's face became a clear mask with two clear red eyes peering down at me.  And the other small one was getting closer.  
           Both of them kept moving closer towards me, so I decided to hop onto my bed for safety. Emokid and Doctor R have been trying to calm me down, but these things kept moving closer towards me.  The smaller one began taking shape...it's face resembling a demonic expression.  I wasn't sure what to do, so I pulled out a piece of paper on my desk and started writing things down.  Emokid tried to tell me that, "It doesn't exist Spades!  You'll be fine!  You're just seeing things."   Doctor R tried to follow her up with similar assertions, but no amount of reassurance would help me in this situation.  These shadows were getting closer, and they did not look friendly.

            These things just kept moving slowly on their approach towards me.  The small one was now on my bed, and the one in my closet had extended it's head to now hover directly over me.  I saw a red smile cross across that wicked mask.  I was absolutely terrified to the core of my very being as I then saw the smaller shadow touch my leg and making every nerve in my legs go numb.  I was immobile and powerless to escape from them now.  Emokid and Doctor R are beginning to sound less and less.  I can hardly hear them now over loud squeaks and a low roar that is slowly getting louder in my room.  I can see the face on the small one now, and it is the most terrifying thing I have ever seen in my entire life.  If you find me or this paper, do not take these pills.  These pills only invite monsters, and it's only a matter of time before they take you as their next victim.  



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