Rush (Satirical Horror)

*Note:  This story is to be considered more as satire than it is actual horror.  Take the contents and the characters of this story with several grains of salt.

Part 1

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           I just woke up from the same nightmare.  I just can't get that week out of my head.  I've had a hard time trying to recover from this past week.  Everything went by so slowly and painfully, and they're still there.  I couldn't stop them.  The cops think that they stopped her, but they didn't!  I just need to calm down.  I'm safe for now, but I know that this isn't the last I'll see of her.  My psychiatrist told me to write down everything that has been on my mind, but I just can't get her face out of her mind......or the bath of blood.  ......... No!  I can't keep trying to force it to the back of my mind!  The only way they'll let me out is if I can get this experience behind me!  Only then will I find peace and be able to leave this facility.  I just need to write everything down.  I need to put this on paper and let everyone know what's been going on, otherwise they won't understand that I'm not really going through a mental breakdown, or that she's still out there....

            It all started last week.  I was originally trying to join one of the local sororities at my University, and there were a few that interested me, but most of them were just full of smug "holier-than-though" girls who really only acted high and mighty as long as the frat boys weren't around, then they quickly turned to the "good little girls" that any guy with half a brain would easily see through.  But not the frat boys.  No.  At my university, you either tried to fit in with a sorority and hope that you would find a guy that didn't have his head up his ass or his hand on a beer or some other girl's ass.  It probably wouldn't be too hard for someone like me, since I have as smart of a mind as I do an attractive body, but I quickly was proven otherwise.  Most sororities were looking for young, dumb, pretty, and impressionable girls to fit the bill, and I didn't fit their idea of a "perfect sorority sister".
I suppose having someone they could control would make their dumb and boring lives easier, but I just don't want to have to pledge loyalty to someone who's only going to use me for stupid chores and expect me to pay a large part of the payment on the sorority house.

           You would think that with a dumb and typical sorority-sounding girl name like Spring I would be one of the top picks for these girls, right?  Nope.  I seemed to float on by through the list of girls wanting to join the different sororities.  So....many....sororities.  You would think that after telling you how many there were, it would seem that my search would be pretty easy, but you would be proven wrong.  Most of them had the same message, the same rush week activities, the same kind of stupid criteria for incoming college students.  And I didn't fit in with any of them.  Regardless,  I still ended up writing my down on most of their rosters.  I didn't really care about belonging in a group, just as long as I could actually find a relationship.  Unfortunately for me, it seems like most of the guys at this university were almost brainwashed to fall only for girls in sororities.

             Just my luck!  The only guys who could carry on a conversation and listen were only interested in the "perfect" sorority girls.  How ridiculous!  Now that I write this down, the simple solution would seem to simply transfer to another school, but my scholarships required me to attend this university and this one only.  Just my luck!  A fully-paid education has more costs to it than volunteer hours, good grades, and tons of essays.  There's the restrictions that keep me stuck in this stupid school.  But whatever.  The classes weren't so bad, and I actually felt like I was learning, compared to my classes in high school.  Even dual credit classes paled in comparison to what I was learning here.  For the most part, college life was pretty simple, aside from the fact that nearly everyone was in a relationship, and there were no attractive guys available.

              I know I sound vain, and at the time I was, which is what drove me to make the choices that I did.  I came across a sorority that kind of stood out from the rest.  Not in the approachable and so fake and friendly that it made you cringe, but in a way that seemed reserve and respectable (for a fraternity that is).  Their sorority name was Xi Omicron Iota.  They stood out to me, because they weren't begging girls to come and visit their booth, but rather they spoke calmly and chatted with girls who just got curious.  And just like the other girls who went to their booth, their overall atmosphere and differentiating approach at bringing in new members got me to overlook any sense of concern or any possibility of this sorority being strange.....I couldn't have been more wrong.

               The president of the sorority was nice enough at first.  Her name was Serena, and I didn't get the same vibe of "you're not what we're looking for" off of her.  So I opened up to her.  "Uh....hi.  Are you looking for new members.

                She was subtle but kind, "Of course we are!  We're always looking for new members."  I didn't suspect the seriousness of her tone.  "Any new members need to sign our roster so we can keep track of the girls who want to join, because we do our rush week different from other sororities."  This part intrigued me above everything else.

                "What kind of events do you do for rush week?"

                 "We have all new members of the sorority tell each other a bit about themselves, and we give the girls a chance to back out before they become members and have to pay the monthly housing fee."

                   It was too good to be true!  A sorority where I wouldn't have to go through a demeaning rush week, and I'd have the label of a sorority girl, and the housing was so cheap.  I finally had the ticket to a new relationship that I was looking for, where I would meet awesome girls who would care about more than just demeaning others.  I didn't see a long list of girls on the list, meaning the I would have a nearly guaranteed spot in the sorority, and I wasn't about to let it go so easily.

                  "Sign me up!  I would love to join!"

                   "Great!  Just sign your name here on our roster, and we will see you tomorrow at our house to begin the rush week festivities."

                 I signed my name down without question.  I wrote my name "Spring Mays" prominently in cursive on the roster.  I saw there were going to be twenty other girls showing up.  My mind was flooded with the hopes of finally not being single and alone, ironic now that I'm alone in a room in a mental hospital writing this down.  "I'll be there!"  I went off back to my classes, then back to my apartment that night, already ready to move out and into a sorority house.  My dreams of becoming a successful accountant and meeting the man of my dreams were about to come true.  Or so I thought.

                I drove to the sorority house the next night for their rush week celebration party.  The attire was to be elegant, but not over the top.  Serena corralled all of the new girls into groups, where we could talk in a speed date fashion and learn about the other girls who were competing for the same spot in the sorority.  As much as Serena made it seem like their way of conducting rush week was different, I didn't buy into that facade for a second.  I was gonna compete against these other girls, and I would be the one on top.  After the speed date had ended, everyone was brought in to stand in the main room of the house.  From above a second story set of stairs, Serena chimed a glass to get everyone's attention.

              "Can I get everyone's attention please?!"  We all quieted down.  "I'd like to welcome everyone to the rush week celebration of Xi Omicron Iota!'  Everyone started clapping and then quickly quieted down again. "Most of you are aware of our unusual traditions for rush week, but we assure you, anything that you've heard about us is not true.  We have a different rush week because we want to embrace as many new members of your sorority as we can.  The love you feel here at Xi Omicron Iota will feel stronger than any blood relationship you have with family members.  You will feel loved, valued, and accepted here.  Now.  Without a further ado, please welcome the owner and founder of the house of Xi Omicron Iota, Madam Lacroix!"

               All of the other girls were cheering in excitement, but I just had my mouth wide open as I gazed on the beautiful, but evil Madam Lacroix.  She had the body of someone in their mid to late twenties, yet she looked closer to being 21.  She had the body of a supermodel, and the face of an angel.  I was just in awe at the sight of her beauty.  I would later learn about her more than I wish to.  She didn't really speak much at that party.  "Welcome everyone to my lovely home.  Please make yourself at home, and be polite to your fellow women.   We are all sisters here, so be nice."  After that, she retreated back into the house.  I continued to chat with other girls for a few minutes before I decided to leave to my car.  On my way out, I thought I saw out of the corner of my eye three girls being taken out of the main room by force.  I would later be proven right in my assumption.  There was a lot I didn't understand about this house, or its traditions, and I didn't want to stick around for too long to find out.

              I stopped by my university to go pick up a printout at one of the printing stations, and on my way out I ran into some old janitor by accident as he was mopping.  "Hey, watch were your walking young lady!" I apologized to him quickly, but he wasn't about to let me off the hook so easily.  "Wait!"  I turned around and responded.

             "Yes?" I said as I was growing rather impatient, since it was late and I wanted to go home.
              "Were you over at the Xi Omicron Iota sorority house?"  He took me by surprise.  I hesitated in responding to him, unsure of whether or not I could trust him.

               "Yes.....How did you know that?"

              "Many young girls go to that sorority, hoping to find a good sorority to fit in.  They accept many new girls into that house, but only a few ever survive rush week to become members."

I responded smugly, "You've never been inside their house."

               This is when he became upset with me "Oh yes I have, and you should stay away from them!  I lost my daughter to that house years ago, and I have yet to find out what happened to my daughter.  If you value your life, you will not go back to that house."

               I figured he was some creepy old man who was telling me about how he lost his daughter in some tragic party accident or something along those lines.  "Yeah, well....I'm fine right now.  Thank you for the advice."  And with that, I left him there to continue mopping the floors in that building where I had printed out some papers for class.  I didn't listen to him then, and I regret that now.

             Ugh......writing this give me a headache.  I need to get some rest and retell the story when I can think clearly.  I'll continue writing as soon as I am able to.  I need to get this story out of my head, and to officially put an end to rush week.
End of Part 1

Part 2

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        I'm awake, but I still feel a bit queasy.  My mind, nor my stomach have been settled since that night.  I think I'm infected with something.  It wouldn't surprise me if that witch doomed me with some kind of poison or spell.  She was relentless.....but I digress.  I can't keep thinking about Lacroix without going into further detail about everything else.  So, I'll start from where I left off with the janitor and returning home.

       I had thought that the janitor was weird at first, but his advice was probably some of the most important advice that I simply ignored.  If I had listened to reason, instead of putting all of my trust on some stupid hope that I would be in a relationship, I would have left immediately.  But I didn't listen.  I went home that night, ready to get through my classes and homework for the week, and ready to head back to Xi Omicron Iota.  I was excited to head back to a place where I felt like I least I felt that I belonged back then.

       I got out of my classes at two, so there was going to be some time before I could head back to the sorority house, so I decided to go hang out with Serena and the other members of the sorority who were running the booth for the sorority on campus.  They were nice enough, but I always thought that the girls that would sit in chairs behind her always looked tired.  I'm not saying they didn't wear enough makeup!  They just looked tired...and drained.  Like something had drained the life out of them.  I should have been more suspicious than I was in that moment, but I shrugged it off, thinking that they were at some big party or concert the night before and were tired from partying all night.  I feel so sorry for those girls....being used the way they were.  I should have thought it was weird of them to be wearing long sleeve shirts in August.

       We chatted for hours on end about our classes and what plans we had after leaving college.  We talked about other clubs and church groups on campus, making jokes about the other clubs and how dumb they were.  Most of them wanted to have all of the same students in them, and would only want them to be dedicated to one club.  It was so ridiculous.  But now that I look back on that day......Xi Omicron Iota really wasn't much different.  They always looked for new members for their.....dark....plans.  I didn't realize it in that moment, I was sealing my fate by not only associating with those girls, but by being more than eager to go to their sorority house.

          Serena offered me a ride to and from the house for the second day of rush week.  I gladly accepted, hoping that it would make me seem better in her eyes.  She didn't seem to act any different, but that was probably just my assumption at the time.  We went to the sorority house and met up in regular attire this time.  Everyone was encouraged to participate in games where we got to learn more about each other, and where Serena And Lacroix got to learn more about us.  It started out simple:  taking an online personality test on our phones.  Easy enough, I told them mine, along with the other girls individually.  Then it started to get weird.  We began to do tests based on astrology, which is weird since most of it is utter bullshit.  We then did a test with blood testing kits where we were informed of our blood types, and what our personalities were roughly based off of due to our blood type.  They said it was a trend in Japan, but that thing was less accurate than the astrology test, and a lot more creepy.

            Some of the other girls tried to argue and complain about how boring everything was at the house, and those girls were quickly dragged out of the main room into some undisclosed location.  I thought that they were just being kicked out of the sorority, or they were gonna have to do some other activity if they were gonna stay in the running, but I never saw them again.  *chuckle*.....Well...if I said that, I'd be lying to everyone else and myself.  I didn't see them again that night or for the rest of rush week.  I didn't pay them much mind at the moment....but do I feel sorry for them now.  We continued on with the activities for the night, until it was time for Serena to take me back to my apartment.  We talked on the way in her car, mainly about the activities of that night, and what more were coming in the next few days.  Most of them sounded fun.  A pool party, game night, and a full ceremony to see who would be allowed in.  And from what Serena was telling me, I was likely to be a prime candidate for one of the newest members of Xi Omicron Iota.  I was so full of joy that night, thinking that I would have a dedicated spot in their sorority, well...that isn't quite far from the true.  I did have a dedicated spot in their fraternity.....but not one that I would expect.

              The next two days rolled on by, with partying and games, there was just so much that happened that I barely payed attention for when Friday came along.  I had a lot of fun, and so did most of the girls.  There was another one who went to go use the restroom on Wednesday and was never seen again.  There seemed to be more and more girls who were seemingly vanishing, and I didn't know what was going on, all the while Serena and Lacroix were watching us all attentively, plotting....planning....for the events on Friday.  Friday came....along with the stress of what to wear, and what to do afterwards to celebrate.  I wanted to go out with the other girls to celebrate, but I didn't realize how deep I had fallen into their trap.....or how I would never really recover.

               I keep having headaches.  I need to finish this story tomorrow.  I can't keep holding everything back.  It's only a matter of time before they find me.  Lacroix doesn't give up easily, and I know that she won't stop until she has me.  I'll rest for tonight, but tomorrow, this story ends.  I need everyone to know about that house, and about Lacroix.  It all ends tomorrow....

End of Part 2


Part 3

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         I woke up again in a cold sweat.  It's pouring outside, but something doesn't feel right....I have that same sick feeling in my stomach....and I don't feel safe anymore.  I knew I wasn't safe, but at least I felt like I was safe in this facility, but not any longer.  I'm being watched, and I feel that it's only a matter of time before they arrive.  I need to finish this story tonight, before they come.....and take me.

             It was on Friday night.  The remaining 12 girls, including me, were invited back to Xi Omicron Iota to be congratulated for being the last ones to make it to the end of rush week.  Of course, we had already considered the possibility that some of us would be denied that night, so some of the girls brought tissues in their handbags or purses.  I didn't bring any that night, because I knew that I was already in.  I wasn't going to let doubt of my entrance into the sorority eat away at me, because I knew that Serena wasn't going to let a prime sister like me go to waste....well, that figure of speech is more closer to reality than I'd like to admit.

             We assembled into the sorority main room once more for drinks, pastries, and to talk with each other on who we thought would win.  After what felt like ten minutes had passed by, Serena, Madam Lacroix, and four other girls who we assumed to be sisters of the sorority emerged from the 2nd floor balcony.  Serena was the first to speak "Attention everyone!"  We all fell dead silent in anticipation of her words. "We thank you so much for participating in Xi Omicron Iota's rush week!"  Everyone started clapping their hands, but I felt that something was a bit off this time.  As I was clapping I took notice of two other girls, one who was standing guard to the left side of the room to avoid escaping through the kitchen, and one on the right who was standing in the way of the hallway that lead to the east side of the house.  I didn't like the feeling that this room was giving me, but it's not like I had a choice in the matter.  "And now, a few words from Madam Lacroix."

             Lacroix moved up to the front of the balcony, three girls assembling on each side of her as Serena backed up behind her.  They were almost presenting themselves as a uniformed team, ready to take us on.  How I wish I wasn't right.  "Thank you young ladies for coming into my home and participating in rush week."  She was handed a note from one of the girls.  "And now, to announce our new sisters into the sisterhood."  She looked down at the note, and then looked up at us and smiled, "everyone is now a member of Xi Omicron Iota!"  All of us started to jump and scream with joy, well everyone except me.  As much as I felt the danger that night, I felt a bit angered and jealous that I wasn't part of some exclusive group being accepted into this sorority.  As much as I thought exclusivity was garbage in terms of reasoning to join a group, I wanted it so bad in that moment.  ....And just like that, I got it.   "However, I would also like to announce one of the new head sisters in the sisterhood.  She is very new like the rest of you, but she has proven herself to be quite the sister in my eyes.  She will become one of the new head sisters in Xi Omicron Iota, and she will be receiving a special gift privately."  I didn't have to think overly hard to realize that she was talking about me.  "And that sister is.....Spring Mays!"

            In that moment, I jumped with glee, but if I had any idea what awaited me, I would not have been jumping, but rather I would be running.  "Please miss Mays, come up here so we can congratulate you."  I ran up the stairs, and into a large group hug from the other sisters that awaited on the second floor.  "Now as for the rest of you, please enjoy the food and drinks laid out.  It took a lot of work to prepare it all, so please enjoy."  Everyone shouted back a loud thank you, and I followed the sisters and Lacroix down a dark hallway to what I thought would be a private celebration party, but as I made my way further down the hallway, I began to smell something truly awful and retched.  I began to smell the scent of putrid blood, rotting flesh, decay, and fecal matter.  I tried to slow to a stop, but two of the sisters wrapped themselves around each of my arms and continued to march forward, As I started to complain and try to call for help, one of the sisters fell behind me and the other two and proceeded to then gag my mouth as to avoid bringing awareness to the other sisters.  What I saw next, I wasn't prepared for.

           I was lead into a small room on the far east side of the house.  The room was small and dark, but I could tell that I didn't want to be in here.  Everyone proceeded in, and then proceeded to close the door behind us.  A light switch was flipped to illuminate the lights held within a chandelier that dangled from the roof of the room.  What I saw next was absolutely appalling, and made me question everything I knew about people, or humanity for that matter.

         The room was painted a deep shade of red, much different from the white walls of nearly every other room in the house. On both sides, there were girls chained to the wall, stripped down to only their bras and panties, waste disposal bins having been placed below them, and their arms and legs littered with what appeared to be razor markings and holes where a needle had been.  These weren't just any girls though.  These were the eight girls that went missing during the week, and were assumed to have just left the sorority.  They were bound at their hands and feet to the walls, four on each side.  All of them sobbing or trying to beg for mercy.  And that's when I noticed it.....directly in front of me were five steps that lead up to a large white porcelain bathtub that awaited at the end of the room.  The other girls tried to point with their heads at the trail of blood that lead up to the bathtub.  I went from being a little worried to being fully panicked.  I began to try to resist and scream, but Lacroix's voice stopped me dead cold.  It went from being this calm, warm, and welcoming voice to being something dark, cold, calculating, and wicked.

          "Now! Now! Spring, there is no use in resisting.  None of the other girls can hear you from here.  You do not have the strength to fight back against my will, and neither do the other girls that have been brought in.  They will not suffer the same fate as you, but rather will become good and obedient sisters to the sisterhood."

           My love and respect for her quickly became a seething hatred.  The girl who gagged me removed the gag.  It was then that I began to gag on the full retched stench that entered both my nose, and my mouth.  The taste of rotting flesh and blood became layered on my tongue like a mist, and it was absolutely dreadful.  I still cannot get that taste out of my memory.  I replied to her in a very defiant tone, "and what about the other girls who DON'T obey your every command?"

           She laughed at this remark, unfazed by growing resentment for her.  "Girls, bring her forward with me to the tub."  The two girls who held me by my arms made me march up those dreadful stairs, and that's when I saw it......inside the bathtub was not water or something else that this wicked witch could bathe herself in as she watched the relentless torture these other girls experienced.  No.  Inside the bathtub was a deep crimson red, so dark that it appeared almost black.  Lacroix stuck her wicked index finger into her mouth, and then place it into the blood.  As she removed her finger slowly, the parting of the liquid almost surrounded her finger like it was paint.  "Any girls who are defiant against my will..."she gave a quick chuckle as she thought about the method of which they obtained the blood "are then drained of their life force and become one with the bath of blood.  I grew more and more terrified as I heard the woman speak.

           "You see, I started this sorority over a century ago as a means of providing equality and unity amongst women, but I began to age, and having an old woman as the figurehead of such an esteemed sorority was vile and disgusting.  So, I decided to go and search for the fountain of youth.  What I came to discover through some ancient spells and practices done by the darkest of witches is that blood from the prettiest of young women has anti-aging properties that not only help to keep your body young and healthy, but also have the properties to make the user have the ability to regenerate parts of their body...."she gave another wicked chuckle "..well after the blood has been treated with the right spell."

            This was all absolutely insane.  Here was a woman who didn't look much older than me or the rest of the girls in this hell house who was claiming to be over a century old and credited her youthful appearance to dark magic and the blood of young girls.  To any normal person, this would seem like pure insanity, but as I began to glance around the room, I noticed the other girls were nodding their head and sobbing much more loudly.  After what I had just heard, I had so many questions for this woman.  But besides asking her how old she really was, I asked her some more pressing questions.  "Why does it have to be the blood of young girls?"

           "In truth, it doesn't have to be just young girls.  Just young people in general.  The emotions and chemicals that dictate a young teenager make for a powerful elixir against aging, and as long as the subject's blood is young, then the potion will work."

             My next question concerned the other girls, "Why do you hold all of these girls captive?'

             "They serve as my personal blood supply.  The spell says that I only need to bathe once a month to remain my youthful appearance and good health.  Plus, the bathtub that we just showed you is no ordinary bathtub.  This bathtub has been gifted with the ability to keep blood and other liquids that enter pass the lip of the tub itself from escaping.  This includes through evaporation."

              I was afraid to ask my last question, but I just had to know, "Why am I so special to you then?  Why do you have all of these other girls, but you still want me?"

              This is where she grew a bit more excited, "Ah!  You've finally answered the question I was looking for!  Your blood is very special.  Not only are you a confirmed O- recipient in terms of blood type, but you are young, beautiful, and intelligent, and that particular combination usually yields the highest results.  I will be bathing tonight in the blood of the others, but tomorrow, I plan on filling this tub with your blood and only your blood to cleanse me of the impurities that result from this process."  And it was then that I saw it. Under her right arm was a small brown spot that almost resembled an ulcer or hole on her skin.  She got irritated at me when she noticed that I was staring at it.  She walked over to me and smacked my right cheek, "Do not stare at me you filthy little bitch! Your blood is pure above all the rest, and only your blood can fix this!  Don't think I'll be so kind to you tomorrow after that."  And with that she left the room and let it close behind her.  The other girls then proceeded to bind me at the top of the steps and set me in chains that were on the wall facing out towards the rest of the room, and they made sure that I was seated just inches away from the bath full of blood.

               I began to break into tears and cry.  I knew in that moment that I was going to die, and that there was nothing I could do about it.  I was going to be used as an elixir for some evil witch who kidnapped young girls and drained them of their blood.  And now she was gonna take my life to prolong her own.  It wasn't fair, and I wanted nothing but to escape.  Lacroix's other girls left the room and let the door close behind them.  The other girls in the room continued to sob for some time afterwards.  After what felt like an hour, Lacroix came back into the room and had Serena following in closely behind her.  Lacroix checked the bathtub and deemed that there wasn't enough blood.  "There's not enough blood in here Serena!  Slash one of the girl's wrists and collect the blood in a tray." She did as her master told her and did it to one of the girls.  Quickly after having drained the blood, she took what appeared to be a fresh cloth and wrapped it around the girl's arm, hoping to stop the bleeding.

             "I believe this should suffice Madam Lacroix."  Lacroix then took the tray and poured the liquid slowly into the bath, the blood almost seeming like it was being pulled into the bath by the the tub itself.  There was no residue of blood left on the pan once Lacroix had finished.  Lacroix then proceeded to strip naked in front of me, showing her perfect body, with all of the ulcers on her otherwise perfect skin.  She then slowly dipped her body into the pool of blood and submerged herself her entire body and head underneath the blood for what felt like an entire minute before her head resurfaced.  The blood didn't cling to her body, but rather pulled and rolled off of her body back into the pool of blood itself.  Along with the blood, it seemed like wrinkles and other marks of aging were lifted from her face.

              "Ah!  Nothing quite like a fresh bath."  Serena nodded in agreement to her master's words.

               "Do you need anything else Madam Lacroix?"

                "Just a fresh towel and some peace and quiet."

                Serena did as her master wished and presented the towel at the edge of the bathtub.  Serena then proceeded to walk off of the steps and leave Lacroix to close her eyes.  As Serena opened the door to leave I saw her mouth the words, "I'm sorry" to me.  I couldn't stand either one of them.  They were vile human beings who kidnapped and killed young people for their blood.  I wanted nothing to do with them.....or so I had thought.  Lacroix finished her bath much later after a few hours had passed.  She ran the towel across her jet black hair, and wrapped her body in it afterwards.   She proceeded towards me, rubbed her thumb across some blood that was on the floor, and ran her finger across my cheek.  This is when I heard those dreadful words escape from her mouth.

                "Don't feel rushed, miss Springs.  I'll see you soon enough."  She then left the room and closed the door behind her.

                After what felt like hours and spanned well into the night, I heard the door open, and I saw someone emerge into the room.  It was one of the last people I expected to see.  It was Serena.  She proceeded around with a set of keys, indicating to all of the girls to keep quiet as she went about freeing everyone.  She approached me last to free me from my chains.  I wanted to both hug her and hit her at the same time, but instead of doing either, I just asked her a plain question.  "Why are you helping us escape?"

               Her response was less cheerful than her responses normally were.  "Lacroix is a tyrant, and she has the ability to heal herself whenever someone tries to hurt her, making her almost invincible as long as she has fresh blood.  I've worked for her for three years, luring in new girls for her to end up torturing and killing to obtain her life-extending elixir.  I've had enough of seeing young girls end up becoming the potion that keeps that old witch alive.  It's time that she faces the music and that she finally accepts her resting place in a coffin."

               I was in shock.  Here was this beautiful woman who, up until now, I had thought was completely loyal to Lacroix.  No.  She was just one of Lacroix's pons, forced to do as her master commanded her or face a fate worse than the other girls.  I understood everything now, and I understood what I had to do.  We slowly began our way out, trying to escape out silently through the front door, but as we made our way into the main room, one of the girls accidentally bumped into one of the food tables and knocked a glass onto the floor, where it shattered into hundreds of pieces.  It was then we heard the loud scream of Lacroix, who realized that we were awake, and that we were trying to escape.  We began to panic.  We knew she was coming, but didn't know what to do.  Serena quickly grabbed a cake knife from the counter and pushed us all towards the door.  "Go, I'll hold her off for as long as I can, run to safety and call for help!"  It was then that I saw the horrifying figure of Lacroix, her face maddening with rage, rushing down the stair in a white night gown and wielding a large dagger in her right hand.

             We rushed out of the house, and ran for our lives, the other girls called for help and screamed in bloody terror, but I knew better.  I ran as fast as I could back to the university.  I went back to the original spot where I had met the janitor.  And just as I thought, there he was, mopping the floors. "Help!  I need help!"  My appearance took him by surprise, but he immediately understood the danger I was in.  He proceeded to pull out his phone and dial 911.  Police arrive on the scene at the university, and also arrived at the Xi Omicron Iota house.  The police investigated me on what happened and I filled them in on everything.  They concluded that my case was too altered by insanity that it was safer for them to place me in a mental hospital while they continued to investigate the situation.

             And.....that's how I ended up here.  I slowly began to receive updates on the case, and what had happened.  Serena was found dead at the scene, having been stabbed four times in the chest and once in the neck.  Only seven of the eight girls who escaped with me that night were ever found.  I heard rumors that one of them would be staying at the same institution that I was, so I was a bit relieved to hear that, but there was one piece of evidence that was missing.  The police weren't able to find fingerprints or anything related to Madam Lacroix, or her whereabouts, and her eight other helpers did not know of her whereabouts.  Two of them were charged in aiding a kidnapper, however, the charges were dropped, as the police were unable to find Lacroix.

            You see, this is what I've feared all along.  Lacroix may be alone at this point and still at large,.....but she's a powerful woman.  She can heal from almost anything that could happen to her, and she could live forever as long as she had fresh blood.  This is what sickens me, and makes me fear for my safety.  I know that rush week won't be over until that woman is found.  If you have thoughts of joining a sorority, fraternity, or any group for that matter......, think twice about who you want to join.  You can never be too sure about whether the price of exclusivity and feeling valued is really worth it.  I........I still don't feel like I have escaped Lacroix.  I feel like I can see her shadow outside of my window.  Whatever you do, don't try to fit in somewhere you don't belong, because you never know what monster's you'll awaken to.

End of Part 3

The End

Be careful out there.  


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