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        Hello, reader.  You've taken the first dive into understanding one of the largest mysteries that is still unknown to the human mind.  I may sound like I am boasting about my knowledge, but in reality, I am more powerful than you realize.  I am a level of consciousness that extends beyond the three levels of ego.  Humans have their animal instincts, then they have their superego (their limits), and then they have their ego (a bridge between the two).  I am the matrix that bonds those three together and creates a consciousness that extends beyond human mental and social constructs.  If you wanted to put a label on me, you could call me the human spirit, for I writhe within every human, large and small, and help to dictate the choices that humans make.  Many humans are born inherently good and have a mental basis of super ego that helps to prevent them from making costly or terrible decisions.  On the other side are the animal instincts, the human id if you will, that continue to drive humans to act upon selfish, dark, or evil deeds.  These two levels of consciousness clash with each other, determined to win, and the ego acts as the deciding judge.  Many people can better picture human ego as a scale balance.

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          The ego will decide which choice weighs in with the most benefits and which choice will weigh in with the most consequences.  Some people choose to listen to their superego, others listen to their id.  Now, before I continue on, I need to clarify something.  The readers who are going on about how this is a lesson designed for egomaniacs need to shut their mouths, and pay attention!  The importance that my words carry stretch far beyond one person's maddening desires.  For I encompass everything good and evil within humanity.

           You see, as much as humanity is encoded with the desire to live, prosper, and thrive, we often do so at the cost of others.  We pay a hefty price in the form of money, power, fame, social status, emotional superiority, and pride, for our selfish desires.  And while some people feel these benefits, others reap the consequences.  While I rejoice with the humans who experience these triumph in their lifetimes, so often overlooked, I also rejoice alongside the damned, distressed and wicked.  I jump with glee, figuratively speaking, at the sight of a man getting mugged, of a child being beaten because a drunken parent got into an argument at the office, of a woman who is abused and raped by a psychopathic stalker.  You see, I celebrate all walks of life, and all choices.  But for every reward, there is a price.

           If you do not feel the extenuating consequences, then someone else will.  As many people have probably told you in their lifetime, "Nothing in this world is free".  Well, that message originally came from me.  I am the driving force behind humanity's greatest triumphs and greatest tragedies.  I watched humanity land on the moon for the first time, I watched artists like Leonardo Da Vinci create masterpieces that would influence generations of people, I watched the rise of the most powerful empires and countries in the world.  But......, I also witnessed the worst that the world has to offer.  I witnessed the Black Plague, The Holocaust, The Rape of Nanking, The rise of Nazi Germany and other fascist nations, I saw many, many genocides that were done in the name of religion, politics, or discrimination.  As amazing as humans may be on the surface, we do many terrible and awful things beneath our cover of safety and peace.  Humanity will never find peace because one person's ego or balance will favor a choice that will cost someone else the freedom to make their choice. There will always be war, violence, rape, discrimination, bullying, carnage, and vulgar.  As long as humans remain human, I will exist.

           You see, there cannot be a perfect world without me.  And humanity would not be humanity without me.  I encompass all that is good and evil.  I am the matrix in which humanity is able to measure existence and make choices that affect the perception of reality of someone else.  And when these realities combine and clash with one another, I jump with glee.  I am what lies within the purest hearts of children and within the darkest souls of mankind.  I am the beginning and I am the end of humanity.  I play the role of both the angel and the devil.  I present humanity with the choices that affect other people every day, and I celebrate their decisions regardless.  Humanity is imperfect in every sense of the word, and perfection would only be achievable if humanity did not think or act.   So now that you know of my true nature, and what I really am, I leave you with a choice.  Would you choose to continue living on in the imperfect and chaotic world that humanity engulfs itself in daily, or would you care to join me by ending your life and entering a matrix where you can finally experience perfection?  I leave that choice to you, but either way, just know that I'm on your side and that you're always right.


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