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         I lived a fairly decent life, decent as it would be for someone of my stature.  During my time as a plague doctor in my native country of France, I have had a fairly fruitful venture as a healer of the sick.  But, not everyone appreciated my services.  As much as my venture as a healer was fruitful, especially after having been only a fruit trader before, there was always the critic.  Those few people ever questioned my methods never thought beyond the simple expenses I charged.  I did not always charge money for my services, but the purse of the city was only willing to provide me with a certain amount of coin for my services.  And unlike the other deceitful and outlandish plague doctors who serviced other cities and towns, I took great pride in protecting the people from disease.  Of course, I deserved money for my services.  Not only did I help to isolate the sick from the healthy, but I helped to heal those with wounds and people who were rotting before


          Hello, reader.  You've taken the first dive into understanding one of the largest mysteries that is still unknown to the human mind.  I may sound like I am boasting about my knowledge, but in reality, I am more powerful than you realize.  I am a level of consciousness that extends beyond the three levels of ego.  Humans have their animal instincts, then they have their superego (their limits), and then they have their ego (a bridge between the two).  I am the matrix that bonds those three together and creates a consciousness that extends beyond human mental and social constructs.  If you wanted to put a label on me, you could call me the human spirit, for I writhe within every human, large and small, and help to dictate the choices that humans make.  Many humans are born inherently good and have a mental basis of super ego that helps to prevent them from making costly or terrible decisions.  On the other side are the animal instincts, the human id if you will, that

The Voices (Original Version)

Here is the collection of "The Voices".  I hope you enjoy.     Part 1         For the most part, my life was simple.  Up until about a week ago.  I began to hear voices, and decided to act upon them.  They continued to pressure me to kill my closest friend, because they told me that he was an alien.  I ignored them up until last night.  We were at a pool party, and he was making some jokes about me that I disapproved of, and I had had enough of my mistreatment.  Even my closest friends treated me like trash, so I decided to flip the tables on them.  Last night, I carried in a large pocket knife into the party, so when the moment was right, I could expose my friend for who he really was.  I started the event off by bringing up the topic in a discussion around my friends. "Hey, who here believes in aliens?"          I received mixed responses, some believed, others didn't, and my closest friend shoved me in the back and told me "Rob