The Voices (Archive Version)

The Voices The Previously Dark Pages From Darker Ages Exclusive VersionPart 1
For the most part, my life was simple. Up until about a week ago. I began to hear voices and decided to act upon them. They continued to pressure me to kill my closest friend because they told me that he was an alien. I ignored them up until last night. We were at a pool party, and he was making some jokes about me that I disapproved of, and I had had enough of my mistreatment. Even my closest friends treated me like trash, so I decided to flip the tables on them. Last night, I carried in a large pocket knife into the party, so when the moment was right, I could expose my friend for who he really was. I started the event off by bringing up the topic in a discussion with my friends. "Hey, who here believes in aliens?" I received mixed responses, some believed, others didn't, and my closest friend shoved me in the back and told me "Rob, you dumbass! Nothing like that exists!" One of my ot…


Pain, purgatory, penance, for a pension To ease the worry and strife of those Plagued by many a transgression Both your allies and your foes
Plagued by the convention of peace Torn to threads by the remnants of war Eras of bloodlines to arise and then cease As the prophets proclaim of the forbidden whore
Lust swallows and consumes the masses Sexuality and sensuality become blind attachments As the pleasure rises, life begins to burn to ashes Leaving nothing but ripped flesh and broken fragments
Greed consumes not the flesh, but the heart Both in the soul of man, as seas of blood part The taste of money tinged with a metallic tart As the coldness of it buries life before it can start
Sloth paints a picture of peace and slumber As the winds of the night carry your soul away But when one stays forever, they become a number One of many, who’s lack of action has a price to pay
Wrath that tears apart families and societies Is often accompanied by the highest of impropriety As the heart and soul harden, consuming…

Last Kiss Goodbye

The clash of bitter rivals, both guns blaring With misty eyes, confronting each other staring Into the bleak mist, gazing at the past they left behind As they made mistakes too numerous to take in kind
They were once partners, lovers even As they partook of the fruit of Eden Their world crumbled around them As the Father could do nothing but condemn
The actions of the many influence the few As the bullets could never seem to stay true True to course, true to one another, true Until both of them were truly through
Through with the world they left to die The many depraved with no tears left to cry As the destruction of their home leaves them empty Making the conflict of the partners seem petty
In tandem, they confront one another Reaching across the aisle, from sister to brother Their conflict had been left behind in a bloody mesh The conflict being fueled by more than mere flesh
The two once-lovers warred for years As the many were torn from their homes in tears Pain unlike anything t…

A Ripple In Time

*Inspired by a poem by a friend of mine*
The air around me feels faint.  The smell of freshly fallen rain on old cobblestone roads as the glistening walls of the nearby homes struggled to stay out of the shadows as the street lamps struggled to keep their flame.  It was a summer evening in London, only the air was thick and difficult to breathe in.  I looked around me as people passed by with their umbrellas.  Women, men, and yes, even the foolish blokes happened to be crossing the street.  This was just like home, only something about it was different and felt…wrong.  All of the people that passed me by were nothing but skin and bones and walked in silence, all except for one.  I was approached by a man who crossed the intersection.  He happened to look in my direction, tipped his hat, and say to me “G’ day, ma’am.”  After that brief cut through the air, the thickness returned, the sky growing darker, the clouds growing thicker, and my sight becoming bleaker through the oncoming fog. …