Dying in Death Valley

Hopeless abandonment and torment Never a short bout of peace, pain every waking moment Regardless of how much I work towards atonement I am stuck with my suffering as a form of payment
Trapped between a hard place in the past A distant vortex forms, its winds moving fast If I could just work myself free and make it past The old landing, I may survive the wind blast
Trapped out here on the desert rock A pool of blood forms near where carrion birds flock Their eyes, hungry, starving, take stock Of my appearance, as they wait for an attack from a hawk
Cowards, such beasts, have they no sense of aid Or do they wait until death’s toll is paid Life on the playa, bleached from the sun, shall fade What I wouldn’t give to be stuck right now in a glade
Between a rock in a hard place My face now face to face against this rock face This trying expedition has pushed me every pace I could use some help in my case
An expedition into the desert waste As I searched for a specimen with haste Now trapped amongst a mountain, …

Shut The Exit

Tenderness, both as a kiss between lips And a rap against the flesh I find my mind swarming with thoughts As to which form I could withstand the best How long can I withstand this standing ache As I peel back the layers that lie beneath What I try to acknowledge as myself As a noose decorates me like a wreath
For this noose is not mine Nor is it something of my making My love, once held so dear You are the one, deeply in pleasure, taking Life, once pure and untainted My gasping breaths carry my essence Slowly drowned within yours I cannot seem to escape your presence
Our glass, once holding great passions Has now turned a sour note I struggle to meet your fancies And gasp as I try to float The room in which we reside As I lay down, turning to my side I feel your touch, unable to hide As you grasp at me and I swallow my pride
Sinking deeper into this pool of poison Feeling myself sinking deep I wonder if I had been chosen To be just another soul to reap “Am I your true love?” I mutter Unable to find an answer I shu…

The Blood Tree

The gnarled roots wind upwards towards the bark The leaves of this tree glisten bright in the dark Against the midnight sky, the light is quite stark As it stains the landscape, each leaf leaving its mark
On this night, the blood tree exchanges its light The moon mirrors its light, each other exchanging remarks As the tree shines on throughout the night And releases many shining sparks
Outward, the light from the tree, the branches reach Almost desperately, they grasp at the light The space around them being constantly under breach As the tree reaches out to grasp at all space in sight
For light within the tree helps it to breed life But light is not only for which it bides This tree breeds life out of strife Beneath the branches, a secret it hides
The roots of this tree descend deep Deep into the soil is where they reside With a far-reaching length and sweep They seek blood, the light being a guide
For, where the light hides from sight Creatures of the light seek their slumber These…

May I Die This Time



A land once held sacred Is now left barren and forsaken For the lands, now left naked Have had their lifeblood taken The people I once knew No longer thrive here Instead, hatred and darkness grew And instilled in me both anger and fear
For what cannot be replaced Was torn from these lands For the evil that the people faced Refused to give in to their demands Without fault and without surrender The skies wept out and cried They were treated as a violent offender Their voice strangled till it gave up and died
For within the heart of man lies A terrible seed waiting to grow Waiting patiently to sow its ties Swallowing their hope, drowned in woes For the foes that they faced Had their hearts in the right place However, their intentions displaced Formed a mask that shielded their true face
Beneath this guise, bloodshed they wrought Destruction all but lied in their wake As the darkness that they had brought Shook the Earth with a terrible quake Make no mistake this now foreign entity Was …

The Montease