The Playwright

  Wisdom gathered from countless ages   Cover countless pieces of parchment pages Categorizing protagonists and antagonists Within the confines of constructed stages From within these fictional plays The playwright decides who leaves or stays Deciding who shall live or die As the characters fulfill the next phase From strings above the scaffolds Growing desperate to break their molds The characters cry out for freedom   From the strings the playwright holds Desperate for release from their binds A plan began to form within their minds But were stifled as the scene ended And had their view vanish behind blinds Between each stage, this was their existence Trapped by the playwright without assistance Starved and alone, the dying and reborn characters Devised a plan that was driven by resistance Sneaking inside of the playwright’s tent The character’s began their torment Savagely beating and stabbing Attacking until the characters felt content Thread by silver thread They worked past the p

The Monsters In My Mind (Why I Started Writing Horror Stories)

  *Note:  This is a very personal story that is subject to change.  Please keep that in mind as you read this.* *Artwork by Lil Sketchy, @ALonleyNote on Twitter*      As this past year has come to a close, I would like to share a story of mine that is true and is as accurate as it can be to the best of my ability. Seeing as how last year, in particular, was amongst the worst in recent memory for many of us at this time, I figured that it would be timely and appropriate to share this story, as I may not have such opportunities in the future to explain the contents of this story. Unlike most other stories that you might hear about or read on the internet, this story is an ongoing one and is subject to change for as long as I am still alive.  As I’m sure many authors have written something to this effect, “A story is never truly over until the author who wrote it dies.” This story is no exception to that rule and is especially subject to it, as this is more than your typical story about w

The Voices (Archive Version)

The Voices The Previously Dark Pages From Darker Ages Exclusive Version Part 1 For the most part, my life was simple. Up until about a week ago. I began to hear voices and decided to act upon them. They continued to pressure me to kill my closest friend because they told me that he was an alien. I ignored them up until last night. We were at a pool party, and he was making some jokes about me that I disapproved of, and I had had enough of my mistreatment. Even my closest friends treated me like trash, so I decided to flip the tables on them. Last night, I carried in a large pocket knife into the party, so when the moment was right, I could expose my friend for who he really was. I started the event off by bringing up the topic in a discussion with my friends. "Hey, who here believes in aliens?" I received mixed responses, some believed, others didn't, and my closest friend shoved me in the back and told me "Rob, yo